Time Flies When You’re Living Life

Time Flies When You’re Living Life

Ahhh, no post for about two weeks! I kind of needed the break, and life has been “much too distracting” to find the time and patience to put a post together. I haven’t even been perusing through the ‘gram much lately either. It makes me happy that I’m busy/engaged enough with life right now to not be glued to a screen.

I didn’t even go out for lunch or dinner over Easter weekend. That Saturday, I was extremely exhausted and ended up taking naps in the afternoon in addition to “sleeping in” until 7:30am. I did get some new flavors of bars to try and a jar of D’s Naturals spread…

Post run noms from this morning! Got around to trying the Salted Caramel Oh Yeah! One bar and thought it tasted fantastic! Definitely has a salty kick, but the caramel-flavored shell coating and fudge-like center of the bar helped to balance it all out. And there’s something about that purple-colored wrapper that’s just so eye-catching. 😜👍🏽

I did force myself to get out of the house to go see a critically-acclaimed anime movie called Your Name. I went to a late afternoon showing at an indie film place in Santa Monica, and did not regret it! The movie was fantastic—the animation, storytelling, plot twists—critics say the director of this movie is the next Hayao Miyazaki and if they are coming to that conclusion based on this movie alone, I feel they are right on the money!

This Maple Glazed Donut Oh Yeah! One nutrition bar definitely hits you with the scent of maple syrup when opened, but the flavor is quite bland in comparison to the other new flavors I tried in my previous recent posts. Be wary of delicious sounding flavor names!

Because I felt so exhausted on Saturday, I moved my long run workout for the week to Sunday. My coach usually has me doing Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday workouts as my “key” workouts, while the rest of the days are easy aerobic recovery days. So on Sunday, I set out to do a mix up long run that was 30k in distance, with fast intervals thrown in. Since the workout was broken up in 5k chunks, it was mentally manageable.

This Blueberry Cobbler Oh Yeah! One nutrition bar may be one of my new favorites. Served cold, it tastes like a blueberry ice cream bar. 🍦

Obviously, I was ravenous and smelly by the time that was over. I quickly showered and took the train over to E’s place since she invited me to her landlords’ Easter brunch. I didn’t have pics from the event since I wasn’t in a phone picture-taking mood, but we were fed well. I was also introduced to the delicious treat that is a Ferrero Egg. Where can I get more of them??

On Saturday, I felt dead exhausted 💀 sleep 😴…the kind of tired that makes you feel like staying in bed ALL DAY is a very good idea…but I did manage to have this Cocoa Glazed Cinnamon Roll @dsnaturals Fluffbutter from Vitamin Shoppe. After snacking on this, and taking yet another nap, at least I had enough energy to go see @yourname.movie ! Loved this cocoa scented jar that had a soft butter texture just as much as I loved the movie 💕

Afterwards, E and I spent the rest of the day in downtown SaMo, walking down the pier and laughing at a sign that said “Weed Week” that was flying through the sky attached to a plane. We then walked in circles around the promenade only to sit down for coffee and later Pinkberry. When I got home, I crashed and fell into a glorious night’s worth of sleep!

The following week kept me busy—I honestly can’t recall all of the things I did, but there was so much done, yet so much left to do! #LifeofAResearcher . I was so exhausted by Friday night, and a new pint flavor was exactly what I was craving:

justlike a milkshake
This legit tastes like a {vegan} melty chocolate milkshake with cream-filled cookie chunks. Sometimes it pays off to try a new flavor—I was about to buy Snickerdoodle (which I know I love), but felt a little daring on a recent trip to Ralph’s. Now I think I may have another new So Delicious favorite…

It was also an interesting week for my training program too! My coach had me try a double run on Saturday…15.5 miles in the morning and 10 miles in the PM. It sounded daunting at first, but I was also looking forward to the challenge! I ran the morning run with one of my marathon team teammates, but the weather was not in our favor. It got hot really quickly, with temperatures reaching the 80s by 8AM. It was a tough workout for sure, but having someone to run the longer run of the day with certainly helped!

I noticed that my upper left calf started to feel sore, so I made sure to spend some time rolling it out/massaging it when I got home. Before getting in some hours of rest and recovery, I stopped in Culver City to address the other “R”: REFUEL.

Tender Greens seems to have locations all over So Cal, and in my two and half years living here I had yet to visit…somehow a Saturday that got into the 90s persuaded me to walk through the doors of their Culver City location…

Tender Greens, Culver City
Tender Greens, Culver City

The set-up was ordering at the front, and then walking towards the back to pay and get your meal. I found it odd that you had to pay in the back, and then even more awkward waiting around the front to pick up your meal, since they could have easily handed you a number placard to place on your table and have them find you. At least there was ample, spacious seating at this location, and some spots out on the patio as well.

Very spacious

The unusual set-up didn’t bother me too much in the end though, because the giant Falafel Plate I ordered hit the spot and vanquished my hanger.

falafel plate
Falafel plate with side kale salad (garlic dressing + parmesan), a green dollop of hummus that looked like guacamole, tahini sauce, and a crisp crostini bread.

After eating everything though, I wondered how it would affect my PM run. When I did go out for my 10 miler in the evening, I was relieved that the temperature was much cooler. It helped that it was a beach run and that the sun was setting. I felt great for the first half, but then tummy issues slowed me down for the last half. I did make it home in one piece though, and was proud of myself for conquering my first long run double.

Close-up of everythang.

After talking to my coach, he affirmed that practice makes perfect and that I’ll get used to these the more I do them. He also recommended that I try refueling with foods that are simple in carbs, some fats, and low protein no more than two hours before the PM run—recommendations that I’ll definitely put into practice for the next time!

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Race Recap – Santa Monica-Venice Christmas Run 2016

Race Recap – Santa Monica-Venice Christmas Run 2016

My last race for this year was one I actually ran two years ago—this time fortunately fared much better in pacing! I also did not have to wake up early in order to have enough time to take a bus or train to get to the race start. I just had to wake up, go out for a “warm-up jog”, and within a half hour I was there!

Santa all smiles at the race start.

There was no bag check (of course), so there was no place to keep my race shirt, even though I wanted to keep it because it was a long-sleeve and actually pretty cute! The 10k and 5k race starts were staggered so that the 10k race started at 8am. The 5kers had a head start at 7:30am, and so the majority of the runners from that race were done by the time we started.

Santa cheered us on as we dashed across the starting line. I was able to keep a steady pace between 7:40-8:20 throughout the entire run. At first it felt my lungs were burning from the cold air, and my feet also began to feel numb through my socks, but after ~2 miles in, it began to feel easier to stick to a faster pace the rest of the run.

Bunch of people wondering what to do after the race has finished…and the DJ rockin’ out to his own jamz.

I finished at an average pace of 8:12/mi, and it felt so refreshing! I managed to guzzle down a half a bottle of water, and proceeded to walk by the small number of booths that were present. I also couldn’t help but notice the DJ who was there—he was very much into the music!

Yay…okay, now I’m bored…

I couldn’t find much in terms of samples and post-race freebies…I even had to pass on some intriguing-looking marshmallows because they contained gelatin 🙁

Why is there gelatin in you?!

Since there was nothing much left for me at this point, I ended up walking from the finish point in Venice back to Santa Monica…really it was only a 25 minute walk, and from the beach, it was another 30 minute walk to lunch.

I actually ended up at a Medditeranean/Lebanese restaurant on Pico—Z Garden.

I see you…

When I stepped inside, it was as if I stepped inside my best friend’s family’s house. There was a TV playing Arabic music videos and a whole glass counter full of baklava and other Middle Eastern sweet treats.

Such ample seating!

There was a handful of vegetarian items on the menu, and I decided to get the veggie kebab plate.

The dining area was in a expansive space, but I was their lone diner at the time. A few people came in for take-out orders while I was there though.

My plate came with a generous portion of Lebanese rice, a side salad, smooth, finely-ground hummus, a sour cheese I’m assuming was labne, pickled radishes, and of course my roasted veggies.

Veggie Kebab Plate—-fit for a vegetarian ready to feast!

ALso had to have pita bread on the side!

Can’t forget the pita!

I was the ultimate fan of this hummus…and cheese side.

Hummus (and labne)?

I was finished by noon, and continued my walk home. I immediately did some laundry and organizing before crashing into a two-hour long nap. I didn’t leave the house until later that evening to visit a friend, since she’s moving from LA this week with her lab to a different university. It was bittersweet having to send her off, but I have to say I’m proud of myself for going out on a Saturday night for once. I even stayed out late enough to call for an Uber back home, haha.

In good time 🙂

Are you a fan of holiday-themed events?

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A Visit to Novel Cafe (Before Writing My Own Novel…)

A Visit to Novel Cafe (Before Writing My Own Novel…)

I have a huge 12 page proposal due soon, and with this on my mind the weekend before Thanksgiving, I was anxiously-driven to put in some concrete hours working on it.

Tried a new RX Bar flavor from Trader Joe’s—Maple Sea Salt! I love how it has salt speckles that sparkle like diamonds!

Fortunately, I didn’t have to go into lab that weekend, so it also gave me plenty of time to sleep in for a bit, and then set up shop at a local library.

Tried this interesting new seasonal greek yogurt flavor —> Apple Caramel Greek Yogurt? Tastes more like cream cheese with apple pieces…uh, I guess that could be appetizing but when you expect yogurt and taste cream cheese, it’s quite a surprise 🤔 .

I also had a hankering for pizza, so I made it my first priority to get myself a warm, hearty tomato-based pie before working. This meant waking up around 8 (because that’s my definition of sleeping in) and then heading over to Novel Cafe because I heard they had pretty good pizza, among other things.

Novel Cafe

The outside was covered in calligraphy and murals, while the inside had an interesting layout. There were one (or two?) shops within the restaurant selling what I assume was jewelry, but they also didn’t seem to be affiliated with the restaurant.

Casual seating area

I sat at a table in the center, and in my view was an empty juice bar, and bakery cases full of pastries and bread. I was handed a long, laminated menu and my eyes immediately gravitated to the pizza section. I had to go for the organic vegan topped with zen buddha cheese…


…it also came with other goodies like rich tomato sauce, zucchini, and mushrooms!

That melty “cheese”

My pizza was a medium, but it was the perfectly-sized personal pizza. It took me a while to finish, but that’s because each bread-y bite took some work to chew. Each slice was thin enough to fold NY style.

I left with a full tummy and gathered enough energy to get to work on my paper for the rest of the morning and early afternoon. I spent a good three hours at the library, hard at work, before I decided to venture home and crash into a carb-induced coma of a nap.

The next day, I continued to put those carbs to use when I ventured out for a fourteen miler with my marathon team. My running buddy and I kept a consistent pace the entire time, making us enthusiastic about our marathon prospects. If all goes well, I may be significantly PR’ing come March 😉

Trader Joe’s Veggie Wrap w/ Hummus – The wrap itself is so soft…and each bite is chock full of hummus!

I did some grocery shopping after the run and before heading home, all on now-tight quads! I picked up a new-to-me wrap from Trader Joe’s for lunch while watching the latest SNL episode.

What I had to say about this wrap —-> Is it actually raining in So Cal today 😱?? I thought it was pretty good timing on my part getting back home after a 14mi run JUST before the downpour. I wanted to get a lot of my written proposal done, but a lot of napping, SNL watching, and veggie wrap with hummus eating happened instead 😛 But at least I did catch up in the sleep department 👍

I had my fair share of hard work and relaxation in the weekend immediately preceding Thanksgiving, but I am more excited to type out my Thanksgiving recaps! That is…if I ever finish this proposal 😛

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Fala Me to Fala Bar (Again)

Fala Me to Fala Bar (Again)

I’m wondering if I should rename this blog “Will Study for (Mediterranean) Food” because that pretty much seems to describe what I eat when I go out on the weekends…but I mean, what’s there to be defensive about? The cuisine speaks for itself—it’s balanced, wholesome, flavorful, and pretty much can be found anywhere you look in LA.

Fala Bar, Venice
Fala Bar, Venice

Moving to Santa Monica has made it much easier for me to check out all the places (by foot) that were inaccessible to me before, due to the long travel time of public transit or, in some cases, because public transit did not pass through those areas. The row of shops and restaurants on Abbot Kinney was one of those areas. When I had a sudden craving for Medi-food on Saturday, but I didn’t want to venture too far east of West LA, I decided to stop by this hidden gem of a neighborhood for a late lunch.

I first tried Fala Bar >back in April at their Melrose location. Since I was in the Fairfax/Grove area most weekends when I lived in DTLA (DTLA to Mid-City is easy to travel back-and-forth by bus), visiting this location was not a problem. Now that it’s a little out of the way and the Venice one isn’t anymore, I was eager to dig into some familiar food in a new locale.

Need help deciding what to get?

I have plans to explore Abbot Kinney more in the future, as there are so many cute shops and eateries lined up side-by-side. The area reminded me of a small district in Disneyland—the sidewalks were small, and the buildings were close together as if it was a movie set for a small town.

Abbot (Kinney) that Fala Life 😛

I found Fala Bar nestled between Blue Star Donuts and a cafe serving up acai bowls. Last time I visited Fala Bar, I proposed to have one of their burgers if I ever visited again, but I truly wanted a hearty plate. I ended up getting the Baba Plate, which didn’t come with falafel but instead a fluffy, round piece of soft pita bread.

Unpictured Tahini and Babaganoush -> Cucumber&Tomato Salad + Cabbage + Tabouli -> Pita Bread

I carefully carried my compostable tray outside, and sat at the counter positioned just in front. It was an awkward seating arrangement because it was literally on the sidewalk, and my back was facing those that were walking by. Funny thing was, people would slow down their stride to take a look at what I was eating. Some even went inside Fala Bar after seeing my plate of colorful cabbage and creamy tahini.

Plate of beauty in full view!!

Everything was eaten until only drops of lemon juice colored purple were left on the tray. I could have spent the rest of my afternoon checking out the shops, but the heat/crowds got to me, so I chose to save that as an adventure for another day. I also wanted to get home and just completely relax since I didn’t have to make plans to go to lab (for once!) for the remainder of Labor Day Weekend! I needed to make time to plan my adventure on Monday…;)

What cuisine do you tend to mostly gravitate towards when eating out?

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Recruitment Recap #1 – Interview in the Big Easy

Recruitment Recap #1 – Interview in the Big Easy

This post is the first in a series regarding interview recaps of PhD programs I applied to. The series will only cover a select amount of interviews (only the ones I have enough pictures for a post!), and I will leave out the school names for privacy reasons. Although, given the location, you may be able to guess ;).

My first interview for grad school (Ph.D. programs) took place in New Orleans, Louisiana—fondly referred to as NOLA.

I woke up around 4am on a Thursday morning in order to catch a 6:40am flight. I had a flight that stopped in Houston, and then made its way to New Orleans soon after. I had window seats on both flights, and despite unavoidable neck cramps from sleeping against the wall next to my seat, I managed to catch up on the sleep I forwent earlier in the day.

I arrived around 2:30pm CST, and had decided prior to the trip I would save money by taking public transit (via the bus!) from the airport to the hotel. It only cost me $2 for a 35 min trip from the airport to downtown New Orleans. Fortunately, my stop was a main stop for the route, so I didn’t have to worry about pulling on the wire and getting off in the middle of nowhere.

After checking in to my room, I admired the furniture and fun décor.

NOLA Hotel Room.

As well as the view. Not exactly sparkling beaches or heavy on sunshine, but the city boasts its own version of beauty.

View of NOLA from Hotel

I decided to go for a walk before the sun set, mainly to know where to go for my interview the next day. I originally had plans to find a vegan restaurant (yes, there is one to my knowledge that currently exists in NOLA!) or a place serving vegetarian gumbo, but since I was on my own and wasn’t sure how safe the area was once dark set in, I settled on a veggie Subway and vending machine snacks. Somewhat disappointing, but at least I got to enjoy my mini feast in my room while spending the rest of the night watching Cupcake Wars/Chopped, until I turned in at 10.

Veggie Delite Subway Sandwich (purchased in NOLA)

I woke up the next morning at 7am in order to have enough time to get ready. I wore a pair of skinny khaki pants, a peplum top, a pair of black modest-height heels with comfort soles, and a blazer—because blazers raise any outfit to a professional level ;).

The walk was less than 10 minutes, but longer for me because my shoes kept slipping (the problems of breaking in a shoe…). When I got to the room that applicants were to report to, I was able to sit down and munch on some fruit while chatting with two of the other applicants. We were the only ones interviewing that day, since I guess the others opted for a later interview date.

Soon after I arrived, we got the chance to meet with one of the deans of the program, two graduate students, and the program coordinators. We got a general overview of the program, and an overall feel of what it’s like at the school from the graduate student’s perspective.

Each of us interviewed with three faculty members who shared similar research interests to ours, and the interview was more like a conversation than a grilling of questions.

After our interviews, we were treated to a catered lunch of pita bread and hummus, salad, and freshly-prepared sandwiches. I helped myself to some pita bread and hummus, as well as a portabello sandwich on foccacia bread. Along with discussing more about the school, program, and New Orleans life with the dean and current grad students, our conversation could not help but drift to the topic of food. Apparently there was a previous grad student who lived on free food from seminars, and ended up buying a Ford Mustang at the end of his graduate school career from the money he saved on groceries. A most comical and inspirational anecdote, for sure ;)!

And that was the end of our interview day! We had the rest of the afternoon/evening to explore New Orleans, but since the three of us applicants didn’t want to venture out alone, we decided to meet up later in the evening to explore the French Quarter.

I spent the rest of the afternoon taking a cat nap, making phone calls to my Dad and sis, reading magazines, and counting down the minutes till evening. Around 5pm, we met in the lobby and headed over to the French Quarter.

Magazines to Read When You're Bored...

Now even though I am of legal drinking age, I’m not a drinker nor do I ever plan to be—out of personal and cultural reasons. The two other people I was with did drink, but they did not pressure me at all and there was a mutual understanding with each other which was nice.

All I can say is, though, is that French Quarter is crazy, to say the least. Whether that’s a good or a bad thing is up to whoever you ask. Since we were approaching dinner time, and since nothing obviously vegetarian was in sight (even the rice and beans had sausage!), we all agreed on a Mediterranean place. Most people come to NOLA for the seafood, and by default, I come for Subway (cause not even the Po’ Boys are veg. friendly, apparently) and Mediterranean food. I can’t complain though, since I did get to have babaganoush for dinner!

After dinner, my companions kept their cups full with drinks while we looked for places to check out some music. We stopped at The Spotted Cat first, and listened to some fun rock’n’roll/blues played by a band that showcased a washboard and harmonica. Fun times! The second stop was d.b.a., where I got carded for the first time ever even though I didn’t drink. Actually, I was kind of happy I was asked for my ID, since it is validation for how young you look, right ;)?

After checking out the indoor music scene, we noticed a street corner brass band that really shook up the air. The members were probably not older than 21, and as young as 16, but they were playing like well-seasoned professionals. They had to be my most favorite music group of the night.

I was ready to call it a night at 8pm, but my companions had other plans. They were able to keep the conversation going until 9:30pm, when we finally decided to head back to the hotel. I had to get up early the next morning to catch my flight, so that’s why I wanted to head back sooner.

Walking through French Quarter after 9pm on a Friday night is certainly an adventure! Within two blocks, my leg got kicked (on accident, but I felt a sting), a girl in my face yelled, “put on a Texas smile” (??), and a float come by throwing out beads like crazy. Only in New Orleans…

I got back to the hotel around 10:30pm, and opted for some rest while the other two decided to have another drink at the hotel bar. Since I had to wake up at 4:30am the next morning, I was yearning for all the minutes of sleep I could get!

Getting home was a rather mundane experience, but a highlight was coming back through Salt Lake City and exiting out of a gate that happened to be right across from Pinkberry! You know I stopped for some coconut froyo with mochi and strawberry topping! It was the perfect brunch—depending on what time zone you’re in 😉

Coconut Pinkberry with Mochi Pieces and Strawberry

I arrived at the airport around 12pm PST, and home around 2pm. I surprisingly had enough energy for a run, but not surprisingly, fell asleep soon after dinner because I was exhausted!

This trip brought with it a lot of firsts for me: my first interview for grad school, my first solo plane trip, and my first time exploring French Quarter with two people I barely knew (other than the fact that they were applying to grad school!). The school was welcoming and the students/faculty were caring as a whole—it was the most wonderful way to kick-off my interview season!

Have you visited NOLA?

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