After 22 Miles

After 22 Miles

I honestly do not know what would have gotten me through the last two grueling miles of my 22 mile long run if it was not the thought of rewarding myself with a cupcake sundae from Sprinkles hours after the run. I fortunately was able to power through, and see the light cupcake at the end of the tunnel. 

Of course, by the time we finished the run, it was already nearing noon. After assembling back into cars and returning back to our team’s carpool meeting spot, I hobbled home and got ready to celebrate my longest run of the training season! I felt like chowing down on something chock-full of carbs, cheese, and lots of guac—NACHOS!

And even though it took forever and a day to reach Century City via bus, I made it, and was greeted by Chinese lanterns at the steps.


I was surprised at my ability to not be out of breath/feel pain in my legs after climbing up the stairs, and once I was on level ground, I tried to navigate around the pink walls of Pink Taco and find the entrance.


I ended up entering through the back entrance, but one of the servers pointed me towards the front of the restaurant so I could ask for a table.


The restaurant was quite spacious, with a floor upstairs as well. I was given a booth seat right across from the bar.


As soon as I sat down, a waiter came by with a basket of chips and salsa, while a female server came by to get my “drink” order (um, just water please 😛 ). She also kept ending her sentences/questions with “babe”, which got old right after she said it the first time, haha.


Since my plan was to attack a plate of nachos, I ordered the vegetarian version of their nachos plate, with black beans. And it seriously came out in ten minutes flat. Yeah, it was 3pm on a Sunday, and the restaurant was pretty barren, but still! Not complaining though 😀


Even though I didn’t feel super hungry, I managed to wipe the plate clean. I asked for the check soon after, so I could have some time to walk back over to Beverly Hills and get me some ice cream!!

It started to rain by the time I started walking, but it was one of those days I happened to have an umbrella tucked away in my handbag, so I was in luck! Google Maps wasn’t loading in my favor though, so I ended up circling the area where Sprinkles Ice Cream, and at one point I was walking in the opposite direction. But I eventually found my way around after seeing some familiar visual cues, since I was in the area before when I paid Ice Cream Lab a visit. 

the menu's on the wall

The menu for different ice cream combinations was on the wall, along with cupcake flavors that could be mixed and matched to make the perfect cupcake sundae. There was also an ice cream sandwich and just plain ice cream on a cone option.

 The script is a recipe for ice cream written by Thomas Jefferson!
The script is a recipe for ice cream written by Thomas Jefferson!

I had to wait in line for longer than planned, but I eventually found my way to the center and put in my order for what I think was the perfect cupcake sundae combo (at least for the first time around…)


Sprinkles’ signature red velvet cupcake stuffed with cap’n crunch ice cream—how can you go wrong?


All I can say is frosting + ice cream = how come there isn’t a product or dessert made like this much more often?!


I had to enjoy this beauty inside since it was beginning to pour harder outside, but I still had to trek on towards the nearest bus stop to get home.

Even though I feasted well, by the time I reached home, I started to feel serious stomach pains. I ended up vomiting, and I think it was due to reasons I explained in this MTR post. Thankfully it was a one-time thing, and most likely running-induced, but for a while there, I almost couldn’t think about nachos or cupcakes without feeling nauseated. I’m glad that’s over!

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6 thoughts on “After 22 Miles

    1. Thank youuuuu! I can’t believe it’s almost here…and before I know it, the moment will be gone! It’s one of those things I’ll probably hate as I am heading towards the finish, but then terribly miss once the post-race festivities are long over.

      But for now, I’m all about celebrating the taper and getting ready for the big day!!!

  1. So sorry to hear about your sudden stomach woes 🙁 at least it didn’t happen during the run! But that cupcake though…

    Interestingly enough, the thought of coffee usually gets me to the end of a run. It’s probably because of the freezing cold weather (and partially because of my secret addiction), but not much other food can get me more motivated to finish a run other than a steamy strong cup of coffee.
    Irina recently blogged…My Favorite Single Serving Sweet Potato Skillet (recipe)My Profile

    1. That’s interesting! I notice that during the summer, I crave ice cream of ice, ice cold water, which is more than likely due to the influence of the weather as well.

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