Baagan Review

Baagan Review

The last restaurant I had to eat out at for 2013 happened to specialize in vegan cuisine. Go figure.

It all started with plans to check out the after Christmas sales at Roseville Galleria. I stumbled upon Baagan while perusing through Yelp, and realized it was about 10 minutes away from the mall! I knew immediately that I had to drag my friends here ;).

Baagan Storefront
Baagan Storefront

Their standing as a local business was another huge plus. After ordering and paying at the front, we helped ourselves to some chia powder samples, chili sunflower seeds, condiments, and water. Samples Water Condiments Galore... My sister and friend got sandwiches, but even though one was Veggie Hummus and the other Tomato Basil Pesto, they looked very much alike.

Which 'wich is which?
Which ‘wich is which?

I had the Trio Boat, since I felt like sampling a little bit of everything (a quinoa dish, warm veg dish, and a salad of some sort). They change it up every week, and this week, they had a beet salad, quinoa with craisins, and brussel sprouts mixed in seasonings and olive oil.

The mmmazing Trio Boat!
The mmmazing Trio Boat!

My dish was definitely the prettiest of the three ;). Despite eating outside in the cool-ish temperature, I was craving a smoothie to pair along with the sampling dish. Enter the Dark Velvet, a smoothie comprised mostly of banana and a lot of dark cacao. Also some other greens mixed in, but my sister nor I could distinguish anything from the strong cacao flavor—it seriously bit back!

Dark Velvet

For the majority of the time we consumed our meals, we were a quiet bunch. We had to devote all of our attention to demolishing every morsel in sight ;).


While I thoroughly enjoyed my meal and thought Baagan offered some excellent foods, my sister’s reaction was so-so. She thought the food tasted fine, but after the first few bites, the novelty began to fade away. Our opinions didn’t matter though, as the place was packed even on a Monday afternoon! I also noticed a lot of elderly folk were fond of the place :P.

After our nourishing lunch, we made our way to the Roseville Galleria for some after Christmas shopping. My sister was on a quest to find a new pair of jeans since a pair she’s had for just about five years was beginning to wear down.

Waiting outside the dressing room in a store where my sister was trying on jeans. Notice the cute fox purse?
Waiting outside the dressing room in a store where my sister was trying on jeans. Notice the cute fox purse?

After several loops of walking, my sister got some Zebra Popcorn at Popcornopolis, but we didn’t leave before sampling some other flavors.

Cupcake Batter Popcorn sample at Popcornopolis.
Cupcake Batter Popcorn sample at Popcornopolis.

After some more browsing and dressing room visits, each of us bought something from American Eagle (my sister found a nice pair there :D), and I managed to pay for my items solely through giftcards. The perks of after Christmas shopping!

Baagan on Urbanspoon

Do you like getting a dish with a sampling of different foods, or do you prefer sticking with something you know?

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8 thoughts on “Baagan Review

    1. Going out with other people is the best for that reason alone! Family-style is the best way to get a real restaurant experience 😀

  1. I always go for variety!! Often when I go out to eat with my mom or my family, we order several different items and all end up splitting them so we can try more things. Variety is indeed the spice of life. 😉
    Cupcake batter popcorn?! Okay, I MUST go to Popcornopolis!!!

    1. If my sis wasn’t so adamant about getting the zebra popcorn, I definitely would have pushed for the cupcake batter flavor ;).

    1. I’m exactly the same way. That’s why I get overwhelmed at certain restaurants that have a bajillion things on their menu that all sound delicious.

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