Oklahoma City, OK

Oklahoma City, OK

We decided to take a day trip to Oklahoma City (OKC) since it was a drive, but local enough to call it a daytrip.

It was a cold morning, like all the other mornings that week, and after some morning coffee and a shakeout run (my muscle soreness seemed to calm down three days post-marathon), we left for OKC around 10am. From Tulsa, it was an one and a half hour drive.

Classen Curve
Classen Curve

I didn’t have much of an appetite when we left, but when we reached OKC, my head was aching and my hunger levels were increasing.

Apparently OKC is the the eighth-largest city in the U.S. by land area. And it was apparent..sure there were shops and infrastructure, but there was a whole lotta uninhabited land in between.

For lunch, we paid a visit to Green Goodies in Classen Curve.

Green Goodies Interior
Green Goodies Interior

It was primarily a cupcake shop, but they had some savory lunch options available.

Green Goodies
Green Goodies

I had their Southwest Quinoa Bowl since the avocado and spicy cream sauce sounded most appetizing to me at the time. My Dad had some more soup (lolol) and a veggie wrap.

I just loved the cream sauce and avocado of my bowl.
I just loved the cream sauce and avocado of my bowl.

The bowl was small, but definitely flavorful, warm, and filling for its size.

Veggie wrap & tomato soup.
Veggie wrap & tomato soup.

My dad’s soup and wrap looked like too meager to me, but he was alright with just that. He was starting to feel warm (later he ended up getting sick with a fever ๐Ÿ™ ), so it was just enough for him.

After lunch, I noticed that my headache still seemed to linger around, and I feel like it was made worse thanks to the car drive. I tried to nap it off, but I didn’t want to leave the car and brace the wind chill once we got to the OKC Memorial.

But I eventually did get out…

OKC Memorial
OKC Memorial

The memorial was a bittersweet, but beautiful display. There were two large gates guarding two opposite sides of the memorial, marked with the relevant times the bombings took place. Chair statues on the lawn represented the lives that were lost, and there was a reflecting pool in the middle.

22 years ago.
22 years ago.

My dad and I went inside the museum after walking around the memorial grounds, where it was much warmer. Once inside, we walked through two floors of exhibits, organized from the day of the event all the way through the investigations, aftermath, and the influence this tragedy had on the events in years to come.

It was an extremely cold day outside, but the fall weather made the trees turn such a beautiful orange color.
It was an extremely cold day outside, but the fall weather made the trees turn such a beautiful orange color.

I definitely walked out with an understanding and empathy for those that suffered, even though I was just a toddler when the bombings happened. After spending about two hours at the memorial, my dad and I stopped for some coffee before going for a walk at one of the nature parks. Soon after, we made the long-ish drive back home, just before it got dark.

Thanksgiving was the next day, and I did my best to enjoy and relax in each and every minute. I started off the day with a shakeout run, taking in fall views of the Arkansas River.

Riverside Trail
Riverside Trail

We had a Thanksgiving potluck at a friend’s house, and I surprisingly wasn’t super hungry. I ate what I wanted, but I didn’t have the desire to stuff myself completely.

We left our friend’s house around 4pm, and my Dad wanted to check out Best Buy for the beginning of Black Friday sales. Even after having pumpkin pie, I had a hankering for some Halo Top, so I grabbed a pint from Reasor’s and snacked on it in the parking lot, haha!

"I didn't just have pumpkin pie last night ๐ŸŽƒ but happened to find the limited edition @halotopcreamery Pumpkin Pie flavor at @reasors as well! Had this in the parking lot while my Dad braced the Black Friday (or should I say Thursday??) Best Buy crowd ๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿ˜…"
“I didn’t just have pumpkin pie last night ๐ŸŽƒ but happened to find the limited edition @halotopcreamery Pumpkin Pie flavor at @reasors as well! Had this in the parking lot while my Dad braced the Black Friday (or should I say Thursday??) Best Buy crowd ๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿ˜…”

It had small chunks of what seemed to be similar in taste and texture to pie crust, all mixed in a soft pumpkin ice cream base.

I went to sleep soon after returning home, and the next day was mostly spent running around to some more stores with my dad (on actual Black Friday, lol), and stopping by GNC for some bars to snack on on my flight back home.

Got to try two, new-to-me Fitjoy bars, and while I like the soft, chewy texture of Grandma’s Lemon Square, I couldn’t get behind the Raspberry Chocolate Truffle flavor much…I mean, if it’s dark chocolate? No thanks…

"Looking for a protein bar that packs a sour punch, while still maintaining a delicate balance of sweetness? @fitjoy Grandma's Lemon Square seems to fit the bill ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿฝ ๐Ÿ‘ต๐Ÿฝ ๐Ÿ‹"
“Looking for a protein bar that packs a sour punch, while still maintaining a delicate balance of sweetness? @fitjoy Grandma’s Lemon Square seems to fit the bill ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿฝ ๐Ÿ‘ต๐Ÿฝ ๐Ÿ‹”
"Eh, didn't like the Raspberry Truffle flavor that much. The raspberry flavor was somewhat overwhelming and the dark chocolate wasn't too appealing ๐Ÿ˜•"
“Eh, didn’t like the Raspberry Truffle flavor that much. The raspberry flavor was somewhat overwhelming and the dark chocolate wasn’t too appealing ๐Ÿ˜•”

I made it back to LA close to 6pm, and grabbed some Subway for dinner since I was extremely exhausted. It was a chore just to unpack, but once I hit my bed, I was able to fall asleep so easily and peacefully ๐Ÿ™‚

Green Goodies OKC Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Race Recap – Owasso Marching Band Run to the Beat 5k

Race Recap – Owasso Marching Band Run to the Beat 5k

For about five weeks, Iโ€™ve been frustrated when it comes to running. After beginning to see improvements in my pace, and after finally getting into the 35-40 mi/week range, I began to feel posterior shin pain in my left leg. At first it was mild, and it came about during a week I was feeling tired all over, so I dropped my mileage substantially and took it easy. When the pain didnโ€™t go away right away, I knew it must be an injury, and as much as I hated having to do so, I lowered my mileage for a few weeks after, and slowed my pace in order to not exacerbate the injury.  I even ended up sacrificing $45 that I paid as a registration fee for a 10K I was planning on running at the end of July, since that was when the pain really started to kick in and I decided it was best not risk making the injury worse.

Itโ€™s been something Iโ€™ve had to figure out on a weekly basis, and itโ€™s something I wish would go away ASAP. I first had it checked out by a chiropractor at the IDEA expo as an area I could get free KT tape for. I then went to a running store to replace the Newtons I had run 500+ miles on, and got some suggestions from the sales clerk there on what I could do in the meantime to help my shin heal faster. This was about three weeks before I made the trip to Oklahoma, and with the pain still there (less intense on some weeks, and more intense on weeks I tried to increase mileage), I tried Graston for the first time. Iโ€™m not sure if it really helped, but the PT who conducted the procedure advised that I should notice the effects 72 hours after the procedure was administered. Iโ€™ll be keeping an eye on it as this week continues, but dealing with this injury (though now healing) has really dampened my enthusiasm even though at the back of my mind, I know that it is a temporary set-back.

Since I was in Oklahoma for a week, I did want to participate in a race since my Dad could attend as well. The Graston Guy (lol) said running on Saturday would be okay, and so I was able to participate in the โ€œRun to the Beat 5Kโ€ in Owasso. The race was benefiting the Owasso High School Marching Band, and being a band geek myself back in the day, I was glad I was helping out a local band attend marching reviews, purchase instruments, and refurbish uniforms.

Owasso is a town about 20 minutes north of metropolitan Tulsa, and the drive reminded me of the drives I used to take on the way to Sacramento when I lived in Nor Cal just a few years agoโ€ฆ

Sunrise and new running shoes to help with my pronation.
Sunrise and new running shoes to help with my pronation.

The race, and race-check-in, was taking place at Owasso High School, home of the Owasso Rams. The weather was about 20 degrees cooler than predicted, with gray clouds looming overhead and with rain being in the new forecast as well.

Race Check-In
Race Check-In

Packet pick-up was underwhelming, but I did get a new race shirt along with promo cards for other local races I knew I would not be able to attend, since they would be taking place from September-November.

Packet Pick-Up
Packet Pick-Up

A fun run took place on the football field starting at 7:00am, which I assumed was about a mile based on the times people were finishing. By the time the last person was in from the fun run, everyone else began to assemble for the 5k race. I positioned myself close to the front, since I wanted to set myself up to run between an 8:20-8:50/mi pace.

Getting ready to begin
Getting ready to begin

One thing that distinguished this race from all of the Cali races Iโ€™ve run was that an actual hunting rifle was used to signal the start of the race, rather than a blow horn orโ€ฆsomething less intense? Haha. A few girls in front of me covered their ears with their hands, knowing that the rifle was going to be LOUD. The guy holding the rifle looked so serious, as if the sanctity of the race depended on his ability to shoot the rifle, which I thought was absolutely comical.

Do you see the hunting rifle in his hands?! (Okay maybe not...the picture is blurry, haha)
Do you see the hunting rifle in his hands?!

When we were given the motion to take off, I could feel my shin slightly act up when I initially pushed off, but once I got going, the pain subsided. I was averaging a 7:45 pace (!!) for the first 0.6 miles, and for the first mile, ended up with 7:56 or something like that. As the race continued, my pace slowed slightly, but I was able to maintain within an 8:20-8:30/mi pace for the rest of the time through. I was pushing, but not so hard that I was going to keel over.

The last turn had us go around the football stadium bleachers in order to cross the same finish line the fun run runners crossed, which was next to the football field and on the track. I finished with an 8:23/mi pace according to my Garmin, and while it wasnโ€™t as speedy as my last 5K back in June, I was very ecstatic with my performance and time, given my shin troubles in the past weeks.

Start/Finish on the Football Field
Start/Finish on the Football Field

There wasnโ€™t much in race freebies other than water bottles, bagels from Panera (though they did have a wide variety of flavors available), bananas in the raw (ugh), and one table for an energy drink whose name I already forgot.

My Dad was patient enough to wait until everyone crossed the finish line so that the โ€œaward ceremonyโ€ could begin. Small medals were given to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place finishers in male and female age groups. With my time, I ended up getting second in my age group.

After the race, we drove back to Tulsa for some breakfast since it was 9:00 and all we had that morning was some coffee. We went to an old favorite, Old School Bagels, and it was just as lively as I remember from last December.


It was warm enough to sit outside this time around though (even though the clouds above begged to differ), and my Dad and I split the same two bagels as we did last time: a savory honey wheat bagel with egg and cheese, and a sweet cinnamon bagel with Nutella. I also had a couple sips of his black coffee. They were playing the womenโ€™s Olympic triathlon on one of the TVs they had outside, so all of us on the patio had our eyes glued to the screen as we ate.

Love this.
Love this.

After breakfast, we proceeded with our Saturday wrapping up some errands, napping, and getting food ready for a dinner we were having with some family friends later that evening. The rest of my Saturday seemed to go smoothly since my mind was put at ease from the results of the race. Even though the pain isnโ€™t completely gone yet, I was still able to run at a solid pace despite it. I think that mentally gave me a confidence boost, as well as assurance that it will eventually heal.

 I was also grateful that I was able to run a race with my Dad in attendance after almost a year! The last race he saw me run was the RNR Las Vegas in November, so having him waiting for me at the finish line was a great motivator as well. Hopefully Iโ€™ll be able to find a local race taking place around the holidays so he can attend again, but until then, Iโ€™m looking forward to a fun and challenging fall racing season (if my shin continues to cooperate of course)!

Have you ever had an annoying exercise-related injury?

Keeping Warm in the Snow

Keeping Warm in the Snow

My final few days left in Tulsa were spent staying close to home, mostly due to the weather, but also due to the fact that I probably wouldn’t see my family for quite some time. On Sunday, the rain got so bad, that we ended up having dinner in. My dad made chapatis and all the side fixings.

Plate 1 of home-cooked family dinner

After dinner, we ended up watching a movie that ended up being super boring by the middle, but we were to invested to quit watching. We made it through the end, and promptly went to bed!

On Monday, we woke up to find some fluffy white stuff everywhere…

What is this white fluffy stuff? Snow you say?

The last time I saw snow was in Chicago, so it definitely has been a while for this Cali girl ๐Ÿ˜‰

For my last meal with the fam before leaving for the airport, we chose to go to Ri-Le, a Vietnamese restaurant with vegetarian and vegan options.

Ri-Le Restaurant

The menu was abundant with choices, but my Dad insisted we have their vegan soup special as an appetizer. My sis picked the sweet and sour dish, and I picked the soy ginger chicken, for all of us to share.

Menu and interior.

The absolute star was our appetizer soup though. So warm and flavorful…basically the perfect bowl to combat the cold, frosty weather outside.

A warm bowl of pho for all of us to share!!

When our entrees came, I helped myself to many plates.

Servings from lunch.

The sweet and sour dish was served with sauced veggies and fried soy balls of some sort. I wasn’t a fan, so I let my sis finish off that one :P. I did enjoy my pick though ๐Ÿ™‚

Sweet n Sour + Ginger

The best part of the meal was getting fortune cookies afterwards (even though they aren’t Vietnamese, let alone Chinese!)

Hmm…pretty accurate after all?

My fortune ended up being accurate since my second flight from Phoenix to LA that night was delayed by almost an hour!!

At least it gave me plenty of time to enjoy this $13 airport pizza?

Margherita pizza at the airport.

I ended up getting home at 11pm California time, and had just enough energy to put this jar of edible cookie dough away in the fridge (my Dad knew how much I was enjoying this during my trip, so he encouraged me to grab one to take home since they’re hard to find ๐Ÿ™‚ ).

Peanut Butter edible cookie dough ๐Ÿ™‚

I felt sad about the fact that my time with family was kept to one week only, but since I had plenty to do in lab the following week and a time-sensitive experiment to fulfill, I had to cut my “vacation” short. Funny thing was, I was literally the only person working since this week was “officially” break for everyone else. It wasn’t too big of a deal though… after all, I had me, myself, my experiments, and this PB cookie dough to keep me busy ๐Ÿ˜‰

Christmas and Chimera

Christmas and Chimera

My family and I spent a busy Christmas Eve shopping (yes, but at least I got my sister exactly what she wanted ๐Ÿ˜‰ ), and cooking dishes for a dinner we were attending that evening at a friends house. The dinner was a success, but we got home pretty late and all of us wanted to go to sleep right away. That meant gift-opening would be postponed until Christmas morning…which is the norm for lots of folks, but we got into the habit of having our gift exchange on Christmas Eve, so it was a little change for us ๐Ÿ˜€

On Christmas morning, I felt like having some Talenti, and so that’s exactly what I did.

Talenti Gelato – Caramel Apple Pie

Since we didn’t have any dessert for after our Christmas dinner, it was fitting that this flavor of Talenti was Caramel Apple Pie. It had chunks of dried apples and gobs of cinnamon swirl! I didn’t eat this whole pint for breakfast, thinking my sis would wake up and want to try some, but I did finish it off later in the day when she expressed her disinterest in this flavor. Oh well, more for me!

Our dinner spread was just enough for all of us, and was pretty much like our past Thanksgiving meals. Our Tofurky ball with rice stuffing was the star of course, and it was what I helped myself to the most…and the roasted brussels sprouts.

Christmas Dinner

The next day, the weather took a sharp turn. It had been sunny (if not warm) for the first few days of my visit, but by Saturday, it was pouring. We had to make a quick dash inside to our late lunch destination in order to avoid getting drenched.

Chimera Cafe, Brady Arts District

Once we were inside, we picked up some menus, and tried to decide what vegan dishes sounded appetizing in this Tulsa establishment that reminded me of a West Coast coffee shop.

Chimera sweets and decor.

After making our orders at the front, we found some seats by the window and chatted while we waited for our food.

Sitting by the window, and admiring the rain.

My plate was the Daydream Nation, a hearty plate filled to the brim with greens, tofu, avocado, adzuki bean strips, vegan cream cashew sauce, roasted potatoes, and other fun vegan delights I can’t particularly remember. The bean strips were my favorite though!

Daydream Nation ๐Ÿ™‚

My sister happened to be craving a vegan caesar salad this entire time, so when she saw it on the menu, she chose to get it right away. Her bowl was more crouton than salad, but she enjoyed her bowl. My Dad got the tofu scramble plate, which featured all of the fixins of my plate, plus a side of toast that came with jam.

Vegan Caesar Salad & Tofu Scramble

Our rainy day lunch kept us warm and nourished as we drove home in the rain. The downpour got even worse, and the roads we drove on to get back home were starting to get muddy and flooded. That meant only one thing: changing into pajamas and wearing some cozy bunny slippers.

Cozy in my slippers on this rainy day!

My sis and I also tried another cookie dough cafe flavor, which was ‘Monster’. It was a chunky flavor mixed with M&Ms, peanut butter, and oats. It wasn’t our favorite, especially when compared to the cookies and cream flavor, but it was something worth snacking on as we passed the rest of the rainy day away.

MONSTER Cookie Dough

Do you miss the holidays now that it’s 2016??

Chimera Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Pre-Christmas Bagels

Pre-Christmas Bagels

During my visit to Tulsa, my Dad insisted we pay a visit to his favorite bagel place. By the end of the trip, we had eaten there three times—two of which were in the same day!

We stopped at Old School Bagel Cafe after spending an hour at the gym, for a late breakfast.

Old School Bagel Cafe

My Dad and I split a savory and sweet bagel. For our savory bagel, my Dad insisted that I try his go-to combo: a jalapeno bagel with melted cheese and egg. Sounds delicious, right? For our sweet bagel, we opted for a cinnamon raisin bagel with melted Nutella spread.

The cafe was warm, cozy, and obviously a popular spot with the crowds all around. We had a hard time finding some place to sit, but we found a small table to enjoy our bagels at soon enough.

Inside of Old School Bagel Cafe

My Dad was absolutely right—the jalapeno bagel with egg and melted cheese was absolute perfection. It had a mild spicy flavor, and it hit the spot!

Jalapeno bagel with melted cheese & egg ๐Ÿ™‚ !!

The cinnamon raisin bagel was toasted just enough to make the minimal-coat of Nutella melt to the point that it looked like there was more of it than there really was!

Nutella in a Cinnamon Raisin Bagel!

After breakfast, we picked up my sister and we all ran some errands for the rest of the morning/early afternoon. We had plans to see a play later that afternoon, and it got to the point that our stomachs were rumbling for lunch.

Off to Old School we went…my sis hadn’t experienced their bagel finesse yet, so we had to fix that! ๐Ÿ˜‰

This time around, I decided to get a salad + sandwich plate instead of a bagel. It might have not been the best choice however…

For my salad, I got the Asian salad with orange slices and almonds thrown in (and chicken taken out), my sandwich was the veggie on sourdough, with cheese, avocado, and fig jam. The fig jam was a unique add-in, but perhaps another bagel would have been more satisfying?

Veggie sandwich with asian salad.

After this lunch, we saw Beauty and the Beast in downtown. Later that evening, we caught up with an old family friend and dined out at Olive Garden. This bread-ful day was a great way to begin pre-Christmas festivites, since in the days that followed, home-cooked meals and meeting more family friends took precedence.

Have you visited a restaurant more than once in the same day?

Old School Bagel Cafe Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Night Out with the Fam

Night Out with the Fam

Over the summer, my family made the move back to Oklahoma, leaving our Nor Cal abode behind. Even though Nor Cal was where I did most of my growing up—elementary through undergrad—my baby/early childhood all took place in the middle of the country…the humble heartland.

It was so nice being able to spend a week full of laughter, company, and of course great food, with my family and our close friends. Yeah, I felt like I had to leave too soon (#responsiblegradstudent), and even though I wasn’t able to spend NYE with them, I’m grateful I was able to spend the most important part of the holiday season with them.

I arrived on Monday evening, and after getting picked up at the airport by my Dad, I was introduced to our new home and had a home-cooked curry stir-fry for dinner. I caught up with my sister since last seeing her during our Thanksgiving break.

On Tuesday, I went for a 6 mile run, and ran some errands with my Dad. For dinner, we ate out as a family at something we all were able to agree upon—Mediterranean food!

Leena’s Mediterranean Grill ๐Ÿ™‚

The layout was similar to a place my sister and I ate at back in September.


At the counter, there is a large menu on the wall, and everything starts out with a variety of hummus. 

Starts out with the hummus bar.

When you order the veggie plate, you can pile on the plate with anything offered down the line. Start with hummus/babaganoush, add some of the salads, and then rice/grains or pita bread. By the time I reached the cash register, my plate was packed with babaganoush, spicy harissa hummus, fattoush salad, cabbage slaw, tabouli, italian squash, and roasted veggies…with falafel + tahini and pita on the side. 

One note about the pita though…they forgot to give it to us, and by the time we reminded them the second time, we were practically finished with our plates…meaning, what was there to dip the pita in? And the falafel was less than stellar. Even though it has a nice crisp texture, the inside was chewy, dry, and NOT green. When a falafel isn’t green on the inside, I doubt it’s gonna be a good one ๐Ÿ˜› !

Veggie plate with falafel and pita bread.

But I suppose the plate itself was good enough!

Veggie plate goodness!

After dinner, we drove by the Rhema Christmas Lights: a grand display of holiday lights that people from all over Oklahoma make the trip to see. We were too lazy to get out of the car, but we enjoyed what we were able to see from the car. 

Rhema Christmas Lights

When we finally got home, I introduced my sister to the beauty that is edible cookie dough, and we tore into the cookies and cream flavor that I found at a local grocery store while running errands earlier in the day.

Coming home to cookie dough!

The cookies were perfectly swirled into the cookie dough, and meshed with the dough quite well. This made up for the overwhelming, chunky chocolate chip flavor I had a few days earlier, and hopefully the other flavors left to try will be just as good ๐Ÿ˜‰ . But when I think about it, this flavor may have tasted 10x as good only because I was sharing it with family, haha.

Leena's Mediterranean Grill Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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