A Weekend in LV, Part II

A Weekend in LV, Part II

My second full day in Vegas started off at a steamy 95 degrees. I kept waking up throughout the night due to the heat/constant shuffling in and out of the bathroom of the other guests, and so I decided to actually wake up at 6, since sleeping in just wasn’t going to work out.

View from the convention center
View from the convention center

I told my friend to pick me up from the convention center at 9, and so to kill time, I tried to find a session or two to join in. I didn’t find anything too remarkable, so I just participated in a yoga class that was going on. It made me quickly realize that as a runner—I need to stretch more.

When my friend arrived, she looked tired due to her long working day on Friday, but we still followed through with our plans and headed out to Red Rock Canyon.

Driving to Red Rock Canyon
Driving to Red Rock Canyon

But just soon as we stepped out of the car, we stepped back in. The heat was unbelievably unbearable, but we couldn’t leave without a selfie, haha.

Red Rock Canyon...so hot!
Red Rock Canyon…so hot!

She was hungry and had a craving for eggs, especially after hearing about a chain of brunch-type restaurants called Egg Works. We stopped by one of them on her way to work.

Eggworks in Summerlin
Eggworks in Summerlin

It definitely had a mom-and-pop vibe, and even though we were offered seats at the bar, we were able to snag a cozy booth and enjoy our meals without background kitchen noise.

Their menu was extensive, with not only egg dishes, but the sweet breakfast stuff too. But since it was practically noon, I was all about something savory and eager to get some protein in me.


The Veggie Benny was mine, while my friend ordered a Benedict as well, with extra bacon on the side.

Veggie Benny ♥
Veggie Benny ♥


A working girl's plate...
A working girl’s plate…

I pretty much wiped my plate clean, except for the tomato slices I had on the side. Maybe I should have been like my friend and gotten some cubed potatoes for my side…

After finishing up brunch, we drove around for a bit on the way back to Town Square since my friend had a shift a work starting at 2pm. I found a spot in Whole Foods to work on some things via laptop to pass the time. I grew restless about two hours in, and decided to spend the rest of the time doing some window (and real) shopping.

Haha, of course this statue would catch my eye. There are a variety of these around Town Square, painted for different themes.
Haha, of course this statue would catch my eye. There are a variety of these around Town Square, painted for different themes.

I met up with my friend again after 6pm, and from there we drove our tired selves over to The Strip. It was still blazing hot outside, but we managed to find free parking at Planet Hollywood, and after going down five flights, walked inside the hotel casino before stepping out and walking in the southern direction of The Strip.

For dinner, we agreed on burgers and Bobby’s Burger Palace was on the way.


Of course it was packed, like any other restaurant on The Strip on Saturday night. Everything was also very meat heavy, except for two veggie options: a Veggie Burger and a Grilled Cheese.


I went for the veggie burger, and even though my friend and I ordered back-to-back, her plate came out a good fifteen minutes before mine did. We blame it on the party of ten who ordered at the register next to us…we think their orders got mixed in with ours and caused the delay, haha.

My Veggie burger was alright thought! I mean, even Bobby is looking adoringly at it on that napkin holder. There was a good ratio of sauce to burger, so it didn’t taste too dry or soggy. It also came with a huge pickle on the side, all of the burgers did actually.


After getting food in our systems, we were in a chattier mood. The sun also went down so it was a bit cooler than an hour before. Our next destination was Sambalatte, right outside Monte Carlo.


It was a cozy little coffee shop, and while it didn’t make much sense to get coffee at night, I had my reasons…


I would drink coffee at midnight if it meant having a mug of this Unicorn Latte. For the ‘gram, if nothing else.

Unicorn Latte ♥
Unicorn Latte ♥

TBH, it’s taste didn’t match it looks. While it looked like it was a coffee made out of rainbow rays, it needed the help of some sweetener. My friend and I took turns sipping at the mug, and then walked into the casino next door. We quickly turned around when her BF texted her to come home since the were meeting family for a late night get together. The abrupt change in plans was a slight disappointment, since I didn’t know the next time I’d be able to see my friend again, but she offered to drop me off at my BNB before heading out.

The next day was nothing momentous. I was glad to finally leave that weird BNB and head back to LA. Of course I wish I could have spent another day or two with my friend, but she also looked like she needed some rest. I guess as long as she’s there, I’ll have a reason to come back to LV.

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Race Recap – Rock ‘n’ Roll Las Vegas Half Marathon

Race Recap – Rock ‘n’ Roll Las Vegas Half Marathon

Once 2pm hit on Sunday, November 15th, 2015, it was time to meet up with my Team Challenge crew in the lobby at the LINQ. From there, we would assemble onto buses and head off to the starting line of our 13.1 mile journey running the Strip at night!

Race underway!

After taking pictures we anxiously waited on the buses. Team Challenge had a special deal with the race organizers: we were the only ones allowed to drive on the blocked-off course in order to be dropped off at the starting line.

team challenge crew
Team Challenge!

We were dropped off a little after 3pm at a giant parking lot across from the Luxor. All Rock ‘n’ Roll Series races have a headliner concert, and for Vegas, they managed to get Kid Rock…erm, not my style, but ok.

The race was aimed to start at 4:30pm, and I actually had to run over to my corral (5) after realizing the parking lot was only next to corral 40…

Needless to say, I got a warm-up in without even planning for it! It probably was necessary though looking back at it, considering that it was COLD.

Because I was able to change to corral 5 at the expo, I didn’t have to wait an insane amount of time to actually start! I remember almost waiting 40 minutes when I ran Nike Women’s two years ago, and now I’m more knowledgeable about how to avoid that!

Most of the race was run on the Strip, but it wasn’t until a little after Mile 1 that we “entered” Las Vegas (we made a loop around so that we passed the “Welcome to Las Vegas” sign!)

From there, we passed all the Strip landmarks—Mandalay Bay, Luxor, Bellagio, Paris, Wynn, Palazzo—and continued on north to Downtown. Actually, most of the route was familiar to me, since we were just in that area the day before. In fact, we even ran by Vegenation, haha!

This race also ended up being one of my toughest. I was putting in a hard, race-pace effort, but the elements were burly too. There were bouts of rain and gusts of strong winds. I thought I would overheat as the run progressed since I was fitted with my armwarmers, but I stayed relatively cool the whole time.

I felt slight sorness in my hips and shins, but I was able to push through, and surprisingly, the time seemed to fly by! Miles 8-10 were probably the hardest, since it was on the way back from Downtown right before hitting the Strip again…a “so-close-but-yet-so-far” zone, so the fact that I had those feelings was not surprising!

Staying warm!

When I did cross the finish line, I was excited to have scored a new half PR, running at an 8:49/mi pace! Other than sore hips, I felt fine. My hands and face felt cold, but a mylar sheet quickly fixed that! My arms were stuffed with chocolate milk, powerbars, snap peas chips, and water by the time I exited the recovery zone and made my way to the Team Challenge tent.

Team Challenge tent staying strong against the wind.

After I signed out, I received a Rock ‘n’ Roll charity medal to wear along with my race medal, which included flip-able slot charms (so cute!)

I met up with my Dad at the tent, and we quickly made our way to the closest casino to warm up and get away from the wind that was still howling at runners outside.

It took us a while to find something to eat, since all of the restaurants were packed and finding a place to sit down and eat was a maze in itself. We settled on a food court in the Venetian, and I ended up having another Mediterranean dish for the day.

dinnerand medals
Falafel plate for dinner, and medals from the race!

But what I really was craving was a piping hot cup of HOT CHOCOLATE (and maybe something sweet on the side 😉 ). We thought we’d be able to find something suitable at the Wynn, and while it was a gorgeous hotel on the inside (and oh so fancy), there was no proper bakery/chocolatier/coffee shop in sight.

Wynn beauty!

We made our way back towards the Palazzo, and luckily found something even better—Carlo’s Bakery! Yup, the place of Cake Boss fame (I was never a fan of Cake Boss as I preferred Ace of Cakes, but a bakery in a bakery in the end, despite who owns it).

carlos bake shop
Carlo’s Bakery!

The place was packed for a Sunday night at 9pm, and there were so many baked goods to choose from!

line after 9pm
Waiting in line!

Jam-filled powder cookies and layered cakes…what’s a girl who just finished a night half marathon to do?

baked goods
So many goods to choose from!

I happened to spot a small tray of cannolis at the very bottom of the display case, and immediately knew that THAT was what I wanted to accompany my hot chocolate.

eyeing those cannolis
Hidden tray of cannolis!!

I finished my large cannoli within five bites, but my 20oz. hot chocolate kept me warm as we walked back to the LINQ, walking inside through as many casinos as we could to stay warm. As we walked, we continued to see runners (and now walkers) make their way towards the finish.

hotch ocolate and a cannoli -- perfect!
Hot chocolate and cannoli!

By the time we made it back to the hotel, I was pooped! I still had to “pack” (meaning, stuff all of my things back in my rollerboard because I had a 6:45am flight the next morning…), and I had zero energy left to do anything. Nothing felt more right than snuggling under the cozy LINQ bedsheets and resting my head on the soft pillows. Even though I only got five hours of sleep that night because I had to wake up early (why you Monday afternoon class!!), it was a restful night’s sleep. Although to be honest, sleeping is probably the last thing a “normal” person would want to do in Vegas!

Have you ever run a night race?

Have you ever run with a charity organization?

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