Back Into the Swing of Things

Back Into the Swing of Things

I came back from Spain on a Thursday, but was heavily jet-lagged for a week. My mood and emotions were all over the place, and my sleep schedule definitely took a beating. I remember wanting to take a nap at 5pm on the following Sunday, only to wake up in my pitch dark room and glancing at my phone to see that it was midnight…needless to say, getting back to my routine was a challenge, but I was able to succeed and feel somewhat like myself by the time the next weekend rolled around.

Friday Night Cat-Stalking. That's one way to get used to being back in SaMo lol
Friday Night Cat-Stalking. That’s one way to get used to being back in SaMo lol

My sister was free to meet me on a Saturday, and so we made plans to head to Hollywood and check out the Museum of Broken Relationships. A good excuse to get out of my West LA bubble, and make it to the north central part of the city for once!

Since we were in the area on a Saturday afternoon, it was impossible to escape tourist traffic. We soon found the museum unassumingly positioned at the corner of Hollywood and McCadden. It was actually much smaller than we expected…

Museum of BR
Museum of BR

It was cute though. And surprisingly, there were a ton of couples walking about…weird, haha!

The “Wedding Dress in a Jar” and the minuscule “pay attention to me” note caught my eye…

Wedding Dress in a Jar // "pay attention to me"
Wedding Dress in a Jar // “pay attention to me”

There were also some zany and crazy displays of random objects, paired with some heart-breaking stories as well. Each item was paired with a description of who donated it, when the relationship ended, and the meaning of the item.

The mini love notes were bittersweet. Not sure about that pinata tho...
The mini love notes were bittersweet. Not sure about that pinata tho…

There was a second story to the museum, where we saw this weird sculpture (?), but other than that, the displays were limited:

Not sure about the meaning of this...
Not sure about the meaning of this…

So we were out in about an hour. Our next stop was a late lunch/early dinner at Pink Taco on Sunset. After raving to my sister about it (at least based on the experience I had at Century City years ago before that location closed), she was dying to check it out too.

Finding parking was a nightmare, but we found a street parking in a nearby neighborhood and walked over.

We made it just in time for happy hour, and made ourselves comfy among the already-settled crowds of “basic” folk, haha.

Pink Taco
Pink Taco

We devoured the complimentary chips and salsa as soon as the waiter brought them over.

Lesss eat!
Lesss eat!

I already knew I wanted nachos, especially since they were cheap off the Happy Hour menu. The sis went for the tacos, and was not disappointed.

The nachos were just as magical as I remember them being. The cheese wasn’t queso-like, but there was so much guac and jalapeno peppers so it balanced out in the end.

OMG NACHOS. "Pink Taco "Mini" Nachos. Only way this happy hour $8 plate could have been better is if the cheese had been vegan 😍 but considering my voracious appetite yesterday afternoon, this did just fine 😊👌🏽"
OMG NACHOS. “Pink Taco “Mini” Nachos. Only way this happy hour $8 plate could have been better is if the cheese had been vegan 😍 but considering my voracious appetite yesterday afternoon, this did just fine 😊👌🏽

Our portions were just right, but when my sis suggested we get dessert close to my place before she headed home, I agreed!

So after getting through traffic, we drove down Santa Monica Blvd. until we got to Downtown SaMo. I suggested we check out Creams & Dreams.

Creams & Dreams
Creams & Dreams

I’m not sure why C&D was on my foodie list to begin with, since after stepping inside, nothing struck me as it being unique in any way. There are a number of liquid nitrogen ice cream shops now in So Cal, so I’m not sure why I had bookmarked this place…

Regardless, they had Speculoos and Nutella ice cream, so I caved and went for that (despite their offering of avocado or creamed corn)!

"Yes, there were unique-sounding liquid nitrogen ice cream flavors like avocado 🥑 and creamed corn 🌽, but my mind is pretty much made up whenever Speculoos or Nutella is concerned!"
Yes, there were unique-sounding liquid nitrogen ice cream flavors like avocado 🥑 and creamed corn 🌽, but my mind is pretty much made up whenever Speculoos or Nutella is concerned!

My sis stayed to true to her main love of chocolate, and topped it with fruity pebbles.

No surprise with her, always getting chocolate :P
No surprise with her, always getting chocolate 😛

We walked back to the car with ice cream in hand, feeling sticky from the ocean breeze. This particular weekend helped me get back into the swing of things, and ready to take on October!

Pink Taco Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Fitness Recap – February 2013

Fitness Recap – February 2013

Wow, February seems to have whizzed by, yet it also seems like it took forever to end. The beginning of the month was cold, cold, cold, but now it’s all sun and clear skies (at least in California!).

With the weather clearing up, I was able to step out of the confines of the gym and get some more mileage outdoors. I did attend a couple Zumba classes (mostly earlier in the month, not so much recently) and have focused more on my arms when it came to weights. I even squeezed in a few outings of tennis with my Dad.

As for my monthly fitness recap calendar, I focused on my runs and weekly mileage, and decided to leave other workouts out of the calendar recap:


Week 1 was great since I was coming off a 10k race and was motivated enough to get in 30.2 miles for the week. Week 2 was the complete opposite, since the weather wasn’t the best and I had absolutely no good enough reason to get out there and run. The one mile I did run was done indoors on the treadmill, though it felt incredibly longer! I was able to make it up Week 3 with 26.8 miles, but it wasn’t so easy with my mental fatigue and waning motivation. So far, Week 4 has been going great. I didn’t think I would be on track to reach my 30 mi/week goal since I didn’t run on Sunday, but running in the mornings has really helped with keeping my mileage up for the week, so hopefully I’m able to hit 30 miles by Saturday!

As far as this month’s goals, here’s how February’s turned out:

1) Have a new long run goal of 10 miles.

I wasn’t able to reach this goal…actually my longest run this month was 6.2 miles. I know this will need to change if I want to get into half marathon shape, but I think this goal will easily be reached once I get started on my half marathon training schedule…which I plan to begin sometime in March :D….wait, should I be smiling about that?

2) Find ways to motivate myself to run. Same goal of 20-25 mi/week, 30-35 mi/week if really motivated.

This past week was really good for my motivation—nice weather, getting my runs out of the way in the morning, it all worked out so well! Too bad this week and the first week of February were my only two weeks of motivation-driven running! Week 2 was pathetic for me (1 mile!) and even though I picked it back up Week 3, it took some serious pushing myself out the door/wearing heavy jackets in order to get my mileage up.

The main things that kept me motivated (during the weeks I was motivated) were timing my runs before meals, so I would have something to sit down to and chow down on when I completed the run, listening to new music which included some Zumba songs and tracks from Ultra Dance 13, and being able to watch the sunrise and sunset depending on if I ran before school or before dinner. Having that “accomplished/I-did-it! feeling” was a pretty good motivator as well 😉

3) Run a completely different route than usual.

Well…does my race route count? I mean, it was a different route.

I ended up sticking to my normal runs around the neighborhood for the rest of the month for time’s sake and convenience, but I plan to be more experimental with my routes once spring break rolls around…

4) Hydrate more!

To be honest, I totally forgot about this goal :P! I did try to hydrate extra when I remembered (brought a bottle of water with me to school most of the time), and tried to make hydrating more “fun” by microwaving cups of tea in between classes. Sure, I wasn’t exactly littering the campus with Starbucks cups, but my humble $1.00 six-pack paper cups with fun designs were perfect for steeping tea, sweetened with stevia. Not only did I stay hydrated, I kept myself wide awake and away from the 3 o’clock doldrums.

March should be exciting in terms of fitness since my gym should update their class schedule for spring in the next few weeks. I also have two more weeks of classes left, one final, and then a whole week of break to run at whatever time I please and to workout when I want.

My monthly fitness goals for March are to:

  • Rock my races at the end and beginning of this month (7 mile lucky run and a 10k trail on the last day of March).
  • Take advantage of free time during Spring Break to do new workouts, run new routes, etc.
  • Get into gear with a marathon training plan.
  • Tag along with my sis and encourage her to increase her mileage past 1 mile. (She’s been occasionally running 1 mile on some days, and hopefully that will increase if she lets me tag along with her and “push” her along—I need a running buddy! 😉 ).

Will you keep the same workout routine or change it up for spring?

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