Cupcake Caught My Eye

Cupcake Caught My Eye

After getting my fill of Mediterranean food for lunch on Saturday, I couldn’t help but make a pit stop…for cupcakes!

Big Man Bakes

Big Man Bakes is a cupcake store I used to pass on some Sunday long runs when I lived near DTLA. I would sometimes run past it before turning right, back to Figueroa. This time however, I was walking straight towards it.

Just FYI…

Once I got to the small storefront, I gazed into the display case of perfectly frosted cupcakes, and didn’t even know what to pay attention to first.

Cupcakes and gear

The young lady behind the counter was eager to share a bit about Big Man Bakes, and some of their classic and seasonal flavors that were currently available. I was thinking I’d go for the Red Velvet or Oreo…

Utensils and things

…but in the end, I went with a seasonal flavor—strawberry!

Ready to eat!

It was called an “XL” cupcake, but it really wasn’t that big. To me, it seemed like a standard-sized cupcake.

The Strawberry XL Cupcake

The cake itself was moist, but it didn’t stand out in regards to flavor. I was also hoping for a generous serving of cream filling on the inside, but sadly, that wasn’t the case.

At least it was pretty photogenic:

Views of a cupcake…

Are you picky when it comes to cupcakes?

Big Man Bakes Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

January Degustabox

January Degustabox

Having a hefty box of goods from DegustaBox to start the new year was something I was very excited about!

January’s DegustaBox

It was a half miss/half win for me this month in regards to these products. I couldn’t have a couple due to the ingredients, but the ones I could consume were good (despite some of my critiques, haha) on many accounts!

I normally don’t think about buying microwaveable popcorn from the grocery store, but having the option to have it as a snack for three weeknights was a nice change in routine! This kind was lightly buttered, but had quite the kick of salt. It made procrastinating with Netflix a whole lot easier and fun, haha.

Jolly Time – Healthy Pop Butter Popcorn

I also got a small pack of Entenmann’s Little Bites in Party Cake flavor.

Entenmann’s Little Bites ~ Party Cakes

The cakes were super moist and glistened at the top, and took their calorie density seriously. Only four are provided in a pack that’s 190 calories. They are called “little bites” for a reason, but I think only putting in four miniature cakes in a packet is disappointing. And no frosting either…ah well, at least each “bite” was delectable 😛

Soft little bites.

The Berry Good Smart Kids bar I had wasn’t one of my faves. The bar was a cereal-type bar, dusty with berry pieces mixed into the bar. I think the powdery coating is what made me not appreciate this bar. The texture was just too rough for something you’d think would be chewy, especially if berries are involved.

Smart Kids Bar ~ Berry Good

Unfortunately, I had to skip out on trying three products this month. These Organic fruit chews were one of them, as they contained gelatin.

Go Organically Fruit Snacks ~ Fruit Medley

These Welch’s fruit chews might have tasted nice, and while they didn’t have gelatin, they did have confectioners glaze/lac-resin, which is derived from secretions from the lac insect. So I had to pass on these as well…

Welch’s Fruit ‘n Yogurt Snacks ~ Strawberry

Then there were the Cello Parmesan Whisps. Their website was actually very informative about their cheese making process and what types of rennet they use as far as if it’s vegetarian friendly or not. They even had a descriptive FAQ page, but unfortunately for me, their parmesan cheese wasn’t listed under the list of their cheese products made with microbial rennet. So, I had to pass.

Cello Whisps ~ Parmesan Cheese Crisps

I’m pretty fortunate to have always-hungry co-workers though! I brought the packages to lab one day and everything was eaten by the time be day was over. I guess I should also add that one of my lab mates is a six-foot tall guy…”always hungry” is an understatement I suppose!

The ginger sugar was an interesting addition. I think it’s made by the same company as tiger balm because the ginger tea box came with this handy dandy promo flier.

A flier for Tiger Balm?

The crystal packets were packed individually, and contained a generous amount of honey crystals to mix into hot water for a satisfying cup of tea.

Ginger Honey Tea Crystals

The crystals themselves look like rice puffs close-up, but they had a sharp, sweet flavor.

They look like rice puffs!

When I first saw this box, I immediately thought my breakfasts for the month were set…well, if not breakfast, then at least after-dinner desserts!

Hungry Jack Complete Pumpkin Spice Mix

This box is the complete package—you just need to add water to get the mix going. For convenience sake, I scooped a quarter cup out and mixed it into a mug with water until I got a thick batter. I then microwaved it for about 2 minutes. The result was a soft, doughy cake that I then proceeded to top with coconut milk-yogurt mixed with pumpkin spice-flavored greens. Ah, twas delicious!

I absolutely loved the Alo Light drink, and didn’t expect it to be so refreshing! It had aloe pulp, and it had a jelly-like consistency, so it reminded me of those jelly cups or jelly cubes that they add to drinks at boba places. I had the whole bottle within minutes, and shared my love for it on Instagram, even though I was on my way to lab all stressed out. 

ALO Refresh Light

The same day I felt stressed, I came back needing a nourishing dinner. I had the option of using either one of these two spice or sauce mixes.

Time to season and spice things up!

I chose to have the One & Done seasoning mixed in with my crockpot cabbage bowl with squash and red bell pepper. I also added in a grill pressed eggpant wrap from Trader Joe’s. It came with a cup of tahini sauce that I added into the bowl, and with the seasoning + sauce, it was an instant flavor party.

Trader Joe’s Grilled Eggplant Wrap with seasoned cabbage, squash, and pepper

I’m sure when I try the McDonnells Indian Korma Curry Sauce (an Irish product suitable fr vegetarians, based on the package!), I’ll love it as well.

Which of these products would you try to kick off the new year?

August Degusta Box

August Degusta Box

Disclaimer: This post was sponsored by Degustabox. All opinions are my own.

In regards to moving, I was for the most part OK with leaving my old place behind. Yes, it was closer to work and provided a lot of conveniences, but after two years it was time to move on. Funny thing was, I had to come back to pick up a package that couldn’t get forwarded in time…I didn’t mind though, because I came prepared with reusable bags to stuff all of my foodie goodies in!

Degusta Box for August!
Degusta Box for August!

This month’s box featured some portable snacks, great add-ins to my weekly yogurt bowls, and snacks that made me recall my childhood.

One of those childhood-recalling snacks were the Mini Cow Tales. As soon as I spotted them in the box, I literally ripped open the bag and had them as a snack on the train ride home. I forgot how chewy and creamy they were, but after biting into my first one out of the bag, the memories came flooding back! My sis and I loved having these as part of our after school snacks, and even opted for the different flavored ones when they were available.

Loacker Rose Chocolates and Cow Tales

Another snack that was provided in the box, but not reminiscent of my childhood, were the Loacker chocolates. They became instant favorites of mine though, since they had a crisp cookie and caramel-like filling with a smooth chocolate layer over them. All in the shape of a flower 🙂

The Goya Maria Cookies were exactly like the Maire Gold Biscuits my grandmother used to have. It’s interesting how the same type of cookie/biscuit is marketed under a different name on different continents. In India, they’re known as biscuits, and often seen in commercials alongside a piping hot mug of chai tea or next to a cup of milk with a chocolate drink mix if targeted towards kids. I was not a huge fan of these growing up, but the nostalgia that these biscuits brought me now made them more appetizing.

Goya Maria Cookies
Goya Maria Cookies

The box of Honey Bunches of Oats (with strawberries) was a fun find to receive, practically speaking. It obviously makes a good topping for greek yogurt.

Honey Bunches of Oats (with strawberries)
Honey Bunches of Oats (with strawberries)

And this Oregon Chai instant mix…

Oregon Chai Tea Mix

While it’s intended for instant chai when added to hot water, useful for when you are on-the-go, I found it much more useful as a protein-powder sub-in. It added the mix of spicy, but sweet flavor to my greek yogurt, and this combination was a great vehicle for the Honey Bunches of Oats and a side protein bar. I put together this easy breakfast prior to heading for the train station on one of the weekends I had to stop by lab.

I had to restrain myself from eating each ingredient separately since I was craving it so bad. Everything tasted so much better when mixed and paired together!!

After a long run last weekend, I was incredibly thirsty, and I was so proud of myself for storing this bottle of Alo drink, made with mango and mangosteen, in the fridge the night I brought all of my Degustabox goods home! I drank this bottle in less than a minute, while rolling out my muscles (as well as my poor posterior shin splint, ughhh) and watching the women’s Olympic marathon. The drink had just enough sweetness and its icy punch really quenched my thirst!

Alo drink
Alo drink

Some of the savories in this box included a jar of fine-tasting mayo and a new flavor/texture of Pop Chips!

Poppin' chips
Poppin’ chips

Pop Chips has ventured into the territory of Ruffles chips with it’s new Ridges line, and the flavor I tried was Cheddar & Sour Cream. Most of the pieces were broken so I was unable to compare a full-size chip to a Ruffles chip, but the chips were packed with flavor and light on the tongue.

Sir Kensington Mayonnaise - Chipotle
Sir Kensington Mayonnaise – Chipotle

The Sir Kensington Mayonnaise in Chipotle was creamy, spicy, and provided a punchy flavor similar to that of the Pop Chips. Instead of cheese, it was chipotle, but a slather of this spread in between two hamburger buns made for an easy snack while in lab.

So creamy, so simple, yet full of flavor! Also very orange…

The final product in the box that I tried was the White Lily white grape seed all-purpose wheat flower. Since I was visiting my family for a week and would have more flexibility with kitchen space there (my live-in landlords at my new space do not prefer heavy cooking by their tenants), I packed it with me on my trip to Oklahoma.

A new all-purpose flour to try!
A new all-purpose flour to try!

This flour became a staple ingredient for a delicious pot pie crust, and was part of my all-time favorite dinner…a dinner I literally had on the daily when I lived with my family before moving to LA.

Grape Seed Flour Pot Pie Crust/Bread Disc
Serves 1
A hearty, wheat-y bread biscuit, or can be used to top pot pies!
Write a review
  1. - 1/2 cup White Lily Grape Seed (WLGS) all-purpose flour
  2. - Greek yogurt (plain)
  3. - Cumin seeds and/or other spices
  1. - Mix 1/2 cup of WLGS all-purpose flour with enough plain greek yogurt to get a dough-like consistency (I use about a 1/4 cup, and if necessary will add water).
  2. - Add a sprinkle of cumin seeds or substitute with your favorite bread-baking spices.
  3. - Bake at 350F for 10-15 minutes, or until dough is puffed and crisp on the outside.
Will Study for Food
Once the crust was made, I added it to the top of a bowl of steaming hot veggies cooked in a beet (not beef, lol) broth, but you could use the crust/bread disc as a topper for any stew mix.

The second 12/ of a nothing-but-delicious pot pie.
The second 12/ of a nothing-but-delicious pot pie.

I wasn’t able to have the Vermont Smoke & Cure sticks due to them being non-vegetarian, but when I left them in our common room in lab, they were gone within minutes.

You can learn more about Degustabox on their website, Facebook or follow @Degustabox on Twitter/Instagram!

Which of these products would you be excited to try?

Quest Labs – Product Review

Quest Labs – Product Review

Disclaimer: I was not monetarily paid nor given complimentary product by the company to write this review. This review is based on the products I personally ordered from Quest Labs/Quest Nutrition. All opinions are my own.

A couple weeks ago, Quest Nutrition opened up a new site called Quest Labs as a way to test out new products before releasing them to the general public.

Even though I don’t consider myself to be obsessed with Quest bars as much as I used to be, I did want to try these flavors out because of a) FOMO and b) how could I pass up the chance to try new bar flavors?!

Since the website was sold out of the Oatmeal Chocolate Chip singles, I ended up getting a full box. I hoped that I wouldn’t find them disgusting since they would be my “box for the week”, but it ended up being one of my faves! Perhaps it was due to the fact that it was VERY much like its cousin CCCD, except with a little bit more spice and some oat flakes thrown in.

Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Quest Bar
Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Quest Bar

Blueberry Muffin hands down was my all-time favorite. It was like a fruity version of the Smore’s bar, and the golden color of the graham cracker pieces is eye-catching!

Blueberry Muffin

Rocky Road was the third bar flavor offered through Quest Labs, and it didn’t score to well by me. It reminded me of the chocolate and peanut butter bar actually because both have nut pieces. But besides the varied texture, the flavor was a bland protein chocolate one :/

rocky road
Rocky Road

Besides releasing new flavors of the chewy bars Quest is known for, a new type of bar was introduced for testing out…

Strawberry cereal bar with proyo and unidentifiable nut butter 😛

a cereal bar!

I think the first time I ever had a cereal bar was when General Mills made bars from their actual cereals, and they had a “milk”/cream filling or whatever. As a kid, I thought that concept was beyond cool (at first), but then after finding they were too dry and hard to bite into, the novelty died away.

I was able to get a single bar of 4/5 flavors (the waffle flavor was sold out, except for the box).

PicMonkey Collage
Quest Crunch – Strawberry

Strawberry and chocolate were both similar in that both had an iced swirl on the top, and were consistent in tasting like their respective flavors.

Quest Crunch – Chocolate

Cinnamon Bun had some sparkle to it, from the cinnamon obviously, but the bar itself wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be. In fact, it had a slight chewiness to it which I liked.

Quest Crunch – Cinnamon Bun

Peanut Butter and Chocolate was my absolute favorite though. Not sure why…maybe it was the chocolate drizzle? I just surprisingly found myself really enjoying this flavor!

Peanut Butter & Chocolate

If I were to order any of these bars again, Blueberry Muffin and OCC would be my first picks. I could live without Rocky Road, and while the cereal bars were a nice change and a good showing of Quest’s creativity, I wouldn’t necessarily try too hard to make these a staple snack to have around the apartment. Hmm, I wonder what they’ll decide to do after hearing all the feedback from everyone who tried these out 😉

Which flavor would you try?

Are you a cereal fan (regular or bar form)?

Popping In!

Popping In!

Hello everyone!

I just thought I’d pop in for a bit with a relatively short post, since things are happening at light speed. With the half in less than 72 hours, finals next week, and graduation immediately following, I’m gonna have to “force” myself to log off, buckle down, and get some serious work done!

Reviewing food items always seems to keep my sanity in check, so I’ll leave you with a review in regards to some great finds I stumbled upon in Grocery Outlet recently.

Now it’s time to get back to the books—see ya soon ;)!

One of my favorite find this week was a 3 for $1.00 deal on Whole Soy & Co. Cherry Soy Yogurt. Soy yogurt has been growing on me, and it may even be my new favorite over greek! It probably will end up being so unless Grocery Outlet restocks Chobani single cups again! After seeing how low the prices can drop for overstocked yogurt, I can no longer justify spending $1 for a single cup ;)!

Whole Soy & Co. Cherry Soy Yogurt

Unlike greek yogurt, soy yogurt is very runny in consistency, and a good comparison would be a yogurt smoothie. I loved how this flavor had chunky pieces of cherry (despite most of it being blended) and its great compatibility with my dollops of Biscoff and Nutella.

Whole Soy & Co. Cherry Soy Yogurt - Cover


Even though I’m not a kid anymore (being one at heart doesn’t count ;)), I still love eating “kiddie foods”. I haven’t personally tried ordering off the kid’s menu at my age…yet, but who doesn’t love indulging in foods targeted towards kids, and enjoying the memories induced by those beloved childhood foods?

When Grocery Outlet was selling these Stonyfield YoKids Strawberry Greek Yogurts at a clearance price of $0.47 for a 4-pack (~ $0.12 per cup :o!!!), I could not resist.

Stonyfield YoKids Strawberry Greek Yogurt

The little cups have “earth-friendly” messages, this one saying something along the lines of if you turn off the faucet when brushing your teeth, you can save two gallons of water :P.

Planet Protector Tip

They make for a perfect pair with a dollop of Nutella or Biscoff spread, and because they are so crave-able, more than one was consumed!

Biscoff in Stonyfield YoKids Strawberry Greek Yogurt


Speaking of kiddie foods, I was able to satisfy my craving for Choco Tacos when I found this for $1.99!

Choco Taco Peanut Butter ~ Box

I was fooled by the crispy look of the sugar cone “taco shell”, since it was actually quite chewy!

Choco Taco Peanut Butter

What’s better than a regular ol’ Choco Taco? Obviously one that has peanut butter ice cream filled inside of it…with a chocolate shell!

Inside of Choco Taco PB

The ice cream and chocolate shell combination reminded me of another childhood favorite…


Do you like soy yogurt?

What’s your favorite childhood ice cream treat?

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