Spring is Here?

Spring is Here?

I don’t think I ever got the memo that Spring was coming fast this year. I literally woke up on Saturday morning wondering how on earth it was so bright at 6am all of a sudden??

I cam across this sticker on Friday, and while it was a truthful statement, I couldn't help but add that "we can get over them" when I snapchatted it to my sister and friends.
I cam across this sticker on Friday, and while it was a truthful statement, I couldn’t help but add that “we can get over them” when I snapchatted it to my sister and friends.

After getting my blood flowing with a morning run, I proceeded to make the most of my Saturday by showering, putting on a summer-worthy outfit (shorts + a breezy knit tee!), and heading out the door well before 9am. I had to make a stop in lab before heading out for the afternoon.

I had a desire to venture out into DTLA for once, since it’s been a while I had it as a set lunch destination. I ended up taking the train/subway to Pershing Square, a little east of 7th St/Metro, closer to old downtown.


A lot of the places I’ve bookmarked in my foodie bucket list were actually lined up along Main St….as if they all knew I’d arrive one day ready to embark on a culinary tour through downtown! My focus that day, however, was set on having lunch at Spread Mediterranean Kitchen.

Spread Mediterranean Kitchen

There was barely anyone inside when I arrived, and I was shocked. Inside, it was cool, calming, and the decor just brought about a very chill vibe.

Inside Spread Mediterranean Kitchen.

The menu is very simple, and build-your-own style entrees take center-stage. The base can be a flatbread wrap, rice salad greens, or hummus with flatbread. I picked hummus with flatbread.

Pickled things

To top your base, there is everything from falafel to meatballs to chicken to braise to mushrooms. I picked the roasted mushroom medley with garlic, herbs, and sumac.

Roasted mushroom medley with garlic, herbs, and sumac on top of hummus.

Finally, all of this is prepared in a certain style. There’s more of the hummus route, cooling tzatziki, cheesy za’atar, or spicy harissa yogurt. I went with the ‘cheesey & spicy’ style that contained feta lebneh & jalapeno spread, spicy slaw, pickled red onion, and harissa spiked yogurt.

This whole combination ended up with a plate like below:

Everything mixed together.

And of course, my flatbread came seasoned and freshly-folded in a printed paper sheet.

Flatbread, yay!

The mushrooms were roasted in a dark, orange-colored oil that carried so much flavor. This mixed well with the hummus, refreshing dollop of lebneh, and crunchy slaw. The flatbread was just an accessory—if I still had half a plate of hummus left after eating all of the flatbread, I would have had no issue at all!

I had wiped the bowl clean in no time at all, and I would have spent more time mourning over how quickly I feasted on this scrumptious meal, but the gorgeous spring weather outside was beckoning me. I found myself again on Main St., with an interest in keeping this “foodie tour” going. My next stop was going to fulfill a “sudden” cupcake craving I had developed…

Were you expecting spring to come so soon this year?

Spread Mediterranean Kitchen Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Lessons From the Heat

Lessons From the Heat

Happy Friday :)!

I can honestly say I feel super exhausted, but in a good kind of way. I’ve been wanting to sleep all day, every day this week, but I think that can be attributed to a lot of things: midterm studying, more lab hours, sleeping later than usual but still getting up at the crack of dawn, and the HEAT!

80s and 90s...good and bad!
80s and 90s…good and bad!

On one hand, I love warmer weather since it gives me a lot of flexibility in what I can wear, when I can exercise outdoors, and because it’s an overall mood booster! But on the other hand, being in the heat too long can be an energy zapper and leave me very lethargic and unproductive. I guess you could say I was inspired by this onset of warm weather to type out a post that details what the heat has taught me:

1) Cravings for icy desserts are expected.

Sometimes, Skinny Cow Sundae Cups and greek yogurts just won’t cut it. Hawaiian shave ice has been on my brain lately, and ice cream truck treats such as those Tweety Bird gumball pops, or the elusive Choco Taco…


And no, it’s not weird to be craving ice cubes also :P!

2) Don’t run from 3-5pm in the afternoon…unless you want to melt!

I made that mistake earlier this week, and I had to stop after 2 miles cause it was in the mid-80s! Since I’ve been running in 50-70 degree weather until recently, I don’t think my body appreciated the sudden “let’s go for a run during the hottest part of the day!”. For the past few days, I have been waiting till about 7:30pm to go out for 3 or 4 milers, and they have been my best runs to date! I ran my fastest mile at 8:31, and my fastest 5k during this time. I was hesitant at first to wait until very late in the day to go out for a run, since I didn’t think I would be motivated enough to go out so late, but the perks of running faster pushed me out the door. Plus, running at sunset is gorgeous too!

3) Wishing for this hammock is totally understandable.

We have an outdoor swing, but the cushions have gotten so ratty and worn out from the times it rained and we forgot to bring the cushions in. We also used to have a hammock, but it was nothing like this:

Wouldn't this be nice? (source)
Wouldn’t this be nice?

I would totally make use of this hammock, with a canopy! I could picture myself taking many naps here. The only thing I’d be concerned about are the creep crawly insects!

4) I’ve realized I need more than 3 pairs of shorts.

I have five usable pairs of shorts, three of which are denim. But if this heat is here to stay, I may need to stock up. I’ve also been holding on to a Nordstrom giftcard I was given almost two years ago, and was thinking about using it on this pair…

I love printed shorts. Printed pants...not unless their leggings! (source)
I love printed shorts. Printed pants…not unless their leggings!

5) Allergies are a part of (Californian) life.

I am an in-betweener when it comes to springtime allergies. My throat gets those itchy bumps and my nose starts running faster than my race pace, but sneezing is a rare occurrence for me. But a dose of Alavert quickly fixes that! A lot of people swoon over Claritin, but it has never worked as great as Alavert (for me anyways!!). Plus, I prefer dissolvable tablets over bulky pills :/!


What have you learned from the spring-almost-summer heat?

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