Return to London

Return to London

We left Wales on a Monday morning (more like mourning…) with a sad Little M that didn’t even want to come to the train station to see us off because she was upset. I felt the same way—I didn’t want to leave! 
Little P and her Dad accompanied us, and we left the train station back to London around 9. It was a pleasant ride back, and got crowded only one stop before Paddington. People were dressed up in light blue and white, and some sports event was going on (maybe soccer—erhm, football?) so that must have caused the crowds. 
We took the Tube to Euston Station in King’s Cross, closer to where we were staying for our second hotel. We checked in early, and then walked back to the station to figure out where we were off to. Since I never got my vegan fish and chips, I did push for us all to get Cornish pasties. I vaguely remember being fond of the cheese ones as a child. I had to find and eat one for the memories! 
Golden, flaky savory pies!
Luckily for us, The Pasty Shop was right there and so we were able to treat my cravings. We ended up getting a mixed veggie and a mushroom filled one since those were the ones labeled as being vegetarian.
The Pasty Shop in Euston station
There weren’t any seats inside the food stall as the pasties were meant for take-away, so we went to the Starbucks next door and munched on them, haha! 
Vegetarian savory pasties
The crust was super flaky, and of course you could smell and taste the butter coating. The filling was mediocre—I wish I remembered which shop carried those cheese pasties I was fond of!  
After eating, my Dad and sis went off to the Tate Museum. I wasn’t in the mood for museum walking, and thought it would be more interesting to walk around a neighborhood on my own, perhaps do some shopping. Act like a local for a day…and I got away with it until I had to talk to cashiers and my accent wasn’t British…
I ended up going to Hammersmith because there were a few stores I wanted to check out there. 
Primark Euston
My first stop was at Primark, a cleaner, less ostentatious version of Forever 21. I think I spent almost two hours in here, and only bought some basics like socks and layering tanks! 
I then hopped on over to Holland and Barrett’s (a fancy British version of GNC), Poundland (lol like the Dollar Store), and T.K.  Maxx. Yes, T. K. Maxx.  Oh, and were the clothing items better than what could be found at T.J. Maxx. 
And of course…I didn’t buy any more clothing than what I got from Primark, but as far as British brand protein bars and chocolates from Poundland, I got that covered. 
My sis and Dad eventually made their way to Hammersmith as well, after their Tate Museum adventure. It had started to sprinkle, and we weren’t too hungry to go out and find a place to eat. We were all content with going to Sainsbury’s to pick up some snacks and fixings to make a simple meal at the hotel. We had to hurry into the store quickly though, because everyone was closing up shop early due to the Bank Holiday. 
It was tiring train ride back, but once we got back to the hotel, I immediately showered and got into lounge mode. Along with having some hummus with crackers and a half a sandwich, I tried out some of my snack purchases from the day, like this Cadbury’s chocolate bar filled with popping jelly candy. 
Cadbury Dairy Milk Marvellous Creations Jelly Popping Candy Shells
Cadbury Dairy Milk Marvellous Creations Jelly Popping Candy Bar
Can someone tell me why chocolate from the States is NOTHING like this?! Seriously, popping candy and jelly pieces stuffed in the middle of a solid milk chocolate bar?!? Haha. 
I also tried the Toffee Treat flavor of the Nakd Bites I first tried when we first stopped in London, before Wales. 
Nakd Toffee Treat Nibbles
Nakd Toffee Treat Nibbles
All of this while rearranging our stuff for Paris, and watching Britain’s Got Talent. We would leave from St. Pancras (I wanted to say St. Pancreas the whole time lol) to take the Eurostar train to Paris immediately in the morning, so we made sure to have all of our stuff ready to go. 
st. pancras
Walking around in the evening near St. Pancras
I wasn’t sure I wanted to say goodbye to the U.K. just yet, and actually with the way things in France went, I would not have given a mind at all if we had made a decision to complete our trip here. More on that in the next post…

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Little Lab Outing

Little Lab Outing

We recently has a post-doc leave our lab to pursue a new job, and as a result, we’ve been shifting the seating arrangements of our lab personnel…in other words, my lab bestie (E) moved into the office I am in, as well as another person I like talking to in lab! From the two offices our lab occupies, my office became the “loud and fun one” pretty much overnight 😛

To celebrate the new arrangements, me, E, and our other colleague went out for lunch Tuesday afternoon. Azla Vegan Ethiopian was a food court-style restaurant in a mini shopping complex called Mercado de Paloma, but this specific food spot was a place I had on my foodie radar for a while now (like so many places I am realizing, haha)!

Azla Ethiopian Vegan

E and I ended up eating here while our colleague got a quesadilla lunch from one of the other food court stalls. We picked 3-4 side items, and got two rolls of injera with our plates.

Small, but one of the cuter storefronts in the shopping complex.

We were able to pick from dressed lentil salads, curried lentils, greens, cooked vegetables, and spicy tofu to pair up with our injera.


There was also a small assortment of vegan baked goods, but we (well at least I did!) knew our plates would be filling enough.

Savory, and a bunch of sweets.

E’s plate was full, packed and looked delicious! I didn’t get the lentil salad, but looking at E’s plate made me second-guess that decision.

E’s plate

My plate had the curried lentils, boiled potatoes/cabbage/carrot, gomen (cooked spinach), and two rolls of injera. The three of us walked over with our plates of food and found a table to sit at, amongst racks of clothes and in front of other food stalls.

My plate 🙂

We spent the next hour enjoying our lunch and each other’s company. I made this comment on Instagram, but being able to go out for lunch on a Tuesday with lab mates, and not having food be the focus felt so refreshing. It was just another reminder that I am progressing through recovery, and that I’m also improving when it comes to taking advantage of social opportunities. I’m forming relationships, and allowing those to grow while, gradually with each day, I am squashing that eating disorder voice. This is recovery in action, and I’m loving that days like these are starting to occur more in frequency.

We went back to work after lunch, but I felt much more energized from both the food and endorphin burst from all the laughing we did. I’m sure these lunches will become a regular occurrence, and seeing that it took me two years to feel “at home” at work, I couldn’t be happier about this prospect.

Do you hang out with work colleagues outside of work?

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Eggs & Taters

Eggs & Taters

Last Sunday, I ran my second-longest long run for LA marathon training: a 20 miler from Dockweiler to Palos Verdes and back. I was pleasantly surprised with the personal improvements I noticed with this run when compared to how I performed in the past. I used to hit the physical/mental wall between miles 17 and the end, but this time around I actually found myself feeling more refreshed and kicking up speed! I averaged an 8:48/mi pace at the end of the ordeal, and raced the last 0.5 miles back with two of the faster guys on my team. It felt great, and it’s exciting to notice this improvement now…if it’s any indication of how the marathon will go in March, I can only imagine how happy I’ll feel with a solid PR.

After the run, I was able to get dropped off home around 12:30, quickly shower, and then head to downtown SaMo for some late brunch eats at a new spot that opened—Jimmy’s Famous American Tavern (JFAT). I was given an invite to come out for a Sunday brunch, and certainly did not want to turn it down!

JFAT (4)
Jimmy’s Famous American Tavern

I met with the manager Chris, and he was eager to let me know about their mimosa and drink options, appetizers, and featured menu items. A lot of their stuff is intended to please the extreme appetites of bacon/waffle/egg/potato carb lovers, and the vegetarian options are slim, but I was able to find the Veggie Bennie on the menu, and chose to try that for my meal.

JFAT (2)
Time to brunch, hard.

In the meantime, I sipped on some cold water to get myself back on the hydration track, while enjoying the gorgeous sunny weather and view from my patio booth. The restaurant is at a prime location on Ocean Ave., minutes away from the Metro station, 3rd St. Promenade, and of course the Pier.

When my plate came, my eyes grew wide. Everything looks so colorful and the tater tots were a surprise too! When Chris asked if I’d like some hot sauce, I knew it would only enhance the flavors of everything on the plate. Once I added a drizzle of Tapatio’s, I was all set.

JFAT (7)
The glorious Veggie Bennie

The tater tots were the stand-out of this dish. They have an extra crispy exterior and are seasoned with a bunch of salt and thyme. I used hot sauce for dipping, but they tasted out-of-this-world when dipped in poached egg yolk!

JFAT (5)
Tater tots seasoned with sea salt & thyme

And the English muffin-poached egg creation—-man, this makes me wish I had some skills with cooking with eggs. The layering of egg, spinach, tomatoes, onions, and of course the chive hollandaise sauce was perfection. There was no doubt at all that my plate would be wiped clean by the end of it!

JFAT (1)
Perfectly poached

It was, and I actually was pretty full from that one plate. I had no room for dessert/trying other entrees, so I left soon after letting myself digest. I was thankful for the opportunity to have this meal, especially after a 20 mile long run! I can safetly assume that all those fats, carbs, and nutrients from the eggs/veggies were happily taken up by my muscles for post-workout recovery!

JFAT (6)
Tearing into perfection

Earlier in the week, I took advantage of Vitamin Shoppe’s BOGO 50% off D’s Naturals products by purchasing two of their fluffbutters: Vanilla Maple Frosting and White Choolate Mousse. Out of the two, I was infatuated with VMF.

foodz (1)
Vanilla Maple Frosting Fluffbutter

The oil-to-nut butter ratio was perfect. There was some separation at the top, but I was able to easily mix it up so that enough oil got to the bottom of the jar where it was drier. I topped it on yogurt bowls throughout the week.

foodz (2)
Perfect proyo topping

With the WCM flavor, the oil was mixed in more thoroughly. For both flavors, I was able to detect the respective scents, so despite there being no added toppings to make these distinct by appearance, these nut-based butters could be differentiated if placed side-by-side if only through scent/taste.

foodz (4)
White Chocolate Mousse Fluffbutter

I was most excited to try Zevia this week. I picked up a 6-pack of the Cream Soda flavor, and I was so enthusiastic about taking a picture of the can that I dropped my phone. I panicked/had a “can I go back in time?” moment, and basically now my phone looks like it has a permanent gray scale/rainbow stripes across the screen.

foodz (3)
The last picture I took BEFORE dropping my phone :'(

The phone is still functional in all other aspects, so I’m not sure I can justify a new phone purchase…at least not just yet…

Tater tots or French fries?

Have you ever dropped your phone and damaged it in some way? Did you repair it or replace it?

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