Shoutfest at The Spoon

Shoutfest at The Spoon

Last week flew right on by! I took the first three days of the week fully off to recover from the marathon and let my muscles, black toe nail, and heel blister rest. I was able to get back into a running groove with some short runs, and actually felt quite refreshed!

Since E was in lab over the weekend (as was I, haha), we decided to convene for a late lunch in Koreatown after finishing up our work. We left around 2pm, but didn’t sit down to eat until about an hour later, since the restaurant we’d thought about visiting was closed for filming…despite there not being any signs/security guards indicating that the restaurant was closed to the public.

Since we were getting quite hungry, Korean-Italian sounded delicious and we immediately walked towards Wilshire/Western.

The Spoon was actually right across from the Paris Baguette I visited back in September after running a 10k in Koreatown. I remember noticing it at the time and thought how cute it looked…I then promptly forgot about it, until coming here now with E.

The Spoon
The Spoon in Koreatown

Inside, the set-up was sleek, yet adorable at the same time. Two adjectives that can only be used to describe a Korean fusion restaurant I suppose…

Menu and inside-of-restaurant peep.
Menu and inside-of-restaurant peep.

We both were unsure about what entree to get, so we decided to get a 10″ pizza and split it.

We waited a while for the pizza to show up, but in the meantime we sipped on some waters and tried to cool off from the brisk walk we had outside under the hot LA sun. It reminded me of how hot it got during the september 10k!

When our pizza arrived, we were more than ready to dig in. E’s a pescatarian, so it was easy to choose a pizza that satisfied both of us—the “Fresh Garden Pizza” was a thin crust pizza with fresh tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese cubes, onion, mushroom, zucchini, bell pepper, chopped romaine lettuce (that’s a first for me…), and roman tomato. The pizza was sliced up into ten almost-equivalent slices.

I actually like the crisp, cool touch of the lettuce. The cheese cubes were cute too.

Fresh Garden Vegetabe
Fresh Garden Pizza!!!

After devouring every slice but one, we got a waiter over to prepare the bill. As he turned to walk away, I asked that he split it but then E piped in right away instructing him not to do so. From that point on it was shout-fest between me and her, scaring the poor guy and confusing him as to whether he should split the bill or not.

Ultimately, E won since he said they could only put $10 minimum on a card. Our pizza was $18. So E had her way and pizza was on her—this time šŸ˜‰

How often do you like going out to eat with friends?

Are your friends willing to split the bill, or is it always a battle when it comes to whose paying?

The Spoon Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

August Degusta Box

August Degusta Box

Disclaimer: This post was sponsored by Degustabox. All opinions are my own.

In regards to moving, I was for the most part OK with leaving my old place behind. Yes, it was closer to work and provided a lot of conveniences, but after two years it was time to move on. Funny thing was, I had to come back to pick up a package that couldn’t get forwarded in time…I didn’t mind though, because I came prepared with reusable bags to stuff all of my foodie goodies in!

Degusta Box for August!
Degusta Box for August!

This month’s box featured some portable snacks, great add-ins to my weekly yogurt bowls, and snacks that made me recall my childhood.

One of those childhood-recalling snacks were the Mini Cow Tales. As soon as I spotted them in the box, I literally ripped open the bag and had them as a snack on the train ride home. I forgot how chewy and creamy they were, but after biting into my first one out of the bag, the memories came flooding back! My sis and I loved having these as part of our after school snacks, and even opted for the different flavored ones when they were available.

Loacker Rose Chocolates and Cow Tales

Another snack that was provided in the box, but not reminiscent of my childhood, were the Loacker chocolates. They became instant favorites of mine though, since they had a crisp cookie and caramel-like filling with a smooth chocolate layer over them. All in the shape of a flower šŸ™‚

The Goya Maria Cookies were exactly like the Maire Gold Biscuits my grandmother used to have. It’s interesting how the same type of cookie/biscuit is marketed under a different name on different continents. In India, they’re known as biscuits, and often seen in commercials alongside a piping hot mug of chai tea or next to a cup of milk with a chocolate drink mix if targeted towards kids. I was not a huge fan of these growing up, but the nostalgia that these biscuits brought me now made them more appetizing.

Goya Maria Cookies
Goya Maria Cookies

The box of Honey Bunches of Oats (with strawberries) was a fun find to receive, practically speaking. It obviously makes a good topping for greek yogurt.

Honey Bunches of Oats (with strawberries)
Honey Bunches of Oats (with strawberries)

And this Oregon Chai instant mix…

Oregon Chai Tea Mix

While it’s intended for instant chai when added to hot water, useful for when you are on-the-go, I found it much more useful as a protein-powder sub-in. It added the mix of spicy, but sweet flavor to my greek yogurt, and this combination was a great vehicle for the Honey Bunches of Oats and a side protein bar. I put together this easy breakfast prior to heading for the train station on one of the weekends I had to stop by lab.

I had to restrain myself from eating each ingredient separately since I was craving it so bad. Everything tasted so much better when mixed and paired together!!

After a long run last weekend, I was incredibly thirsty, and I was so proud of myself for storing this bottle of Alo drink, made with mango and mangosteen, in the fridge the night I brought all of my Degustabox goods home! I drank this bottle in less than a minute, while rolling out my muscles (as well as my poor posterior shin splint, ughhh) and watching the women’s Olympic marathon. The drink had just enough sweetness and its icy punch really quenched my thirst!

Alo drink
Alo drink

Some of the savories in this box included a jar of fine-tasting mayo and a new flavor/texture of Pop Chips!

Poppin' chips
Poppin’ chips

Pop Chips has ventured into the territory of Ruffles chips with it’s new Ridges line, and the flavor I tried was Cheddar & Sour Cream. Most of the pieces were broken so I was unable to compare a full-size chip to a Ruffles chip, but the chips were packed with flavor and light on the tongue.

Sir Kensington Mayonnaise - Chipotle
Sir Kensington Mayonnaise – Chipotle

The Sir Kensington Mayonnaise in Chipotle was creamy, spicy, and provided a punchy flavor similar to that of the Pop Chips. Instead of cheese, it was chipotle, but a slather of this spread in between two hamburger buns made for an easy snack while in lab.

So creamy, so simple, yet full of flavor! Also very orange…

The final product in the box that I tried was the White Lily white grape seed all-purpose wheat flower. Since I was visiting my family for a week and would have more flexibility with kitchen space there (my live-in landlords at my new space do not prefer heavy cooking by their tenants), I packed it with me on my trip to Oklahoma.

A new all-purpose flour to try!
A new all-purpose flour to try!

This flour became a staple ingredient for a delicious pot pie crust, and was part of my all-time favorite dinner…a dinner I literally had on the daily when I lived with my family before moving to LA.

Grape Seed Flour Pot Pie Crust/Bread Disc
Serves 1
A hearty, wheat-y bread biscuit, or can be used to top pot pies!
Write a review
  1. - 1/2 cup White Lily Grape Seed (WLGS) all-purpose flour
  2. - Greek yogurt (plain)
  3. - Cumin seeds and/or other spices
  1. - Mix 1/2 cup of WLGS all-purpose flour with enough plain greek yogurt to get a dough-like consistency (I use about a 1/4 cup, and if necessary will add water).
  2. - Add a sprinkle of cumin seeds or substitute with your favorite bread-baking spices.
  3. - Bake at 350F for 10-15 minutes, or until dough is puffed and crisp on the outside.
Will Study for Food
Once the crust was made, I added it to the top of a bowl of steaming hot veggies cooked in a beet (not beef, lol) broth, but you could use the crust/bread disc as a topper for any stew mix.

The second 12/ of a nothing-but-delicious pot pie.
The second 12/ of a nothing-but-delicious pot pie.

I wasn’t able to have the Vermont Smoke & Cure sticks due to them being non-vegetarian, but when I left them in our common room in lab, they were gone within minutes.

You can learn more about Degustabox on their website, Facebook or follow @Degustabox on Twitter/Instagram!

Which of these products would you be excited to try?

Talenti Treat

Talenti Treat

Ever since I had my first scoop of gelato, the creamy treat has always had a special place in my heart. I especially longed for gelato during special occasions when my Dad or cousin would treat us to some, butĀ  in the end would deny myself from having a scoop since it was ā€œfull of fat and would only make me fatterā€. Thatā€™s that thought that blocked me from gelato goodness, when I was deeply entrenched with my disordered eating/low-fat regimen.

It has now almost been six months since I stopped counting fat grams religiously, and I am thankful for that since now I do not have a problem consuming things like gelato just because of the fat content. The counting calories issue may still be a work in progress, but fat will not keep me away from this decadent pint:

Talenti Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup Gelato

Fats are goodā€¦especially the chocolate/peanut butter kind. Donā€™t let anybody tell you otherwise ;).

But I digress. The whole point of this post is to share with you a fabulous gelato brand: Talenti. Before hitting fine grocery stores, Talenti started off as a humble gelateria about 10 years ago. Their gelato is Italian, but with an ā€œArgentinian flairā€ , and uses natural and raw ingredients (including pure cane sugar).

Their gelatos and sorbettos come in many exquisite flavors, so it was hard to choose just three to sample even after receiving three free pint coupons!

I did decide on Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup as choice number one, and after scooping into it, I was so glad I did.

Talenti Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup Gelato - 2

After removing the plastic seal around the lid, I was surprised by the fact that the gelato was easy to scoop out. My past experience with store-bought ice cream has led me to believe that I would need to wait 20 minutes or so to thaw out any icicles before being able to scoop out a decent serving without numbing my fingers too much.

That wasnā€™t the case at all with the gelato. I had my serving in a jiffy.

Talenti Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup Gelato - 3

This flavor really hit it out of the park when it came to peanut butter and chocolate. There was literally peanut butter chunks that melted in your mouth, as well as chocolate shaped as miniature peanut butter cups! And yes, I had this scoop as part of my breakfast one morning. Who says you canā€™t have gelato for breakfast :)?

The next flavor up for sampling was Caribbean Coconutā€¦ and believe me, it tasted as exotic as it sounds!

Talenti Caribbean Coconut Gelato

At first glance, it looks like a pint of regular olā€™ creamy vanilla ice cream, but no. After scooping myself some from the pint, I noticed actual coconut shreds which brought out such natural, tropical flavor :P!

Talenti Caribbean Coconut Gelato - 2

But since it did kind of look naked by itself in the bowl, I experimented with some toppingsā€¦like mini mango mochi (new find at a local Asian supermarketā€¦I donā€™t have to get my mochi fix at fro-yo shops anymore!) and chocolate chex cereal.

Talenti Caribbean Coconut Gelato with toppings!

Makes for a super-yum sugar overload!

I originally planned on using my last coupon to try the pistachio or mint flavors, but while visiting a Whole Foods out of town, my eyes landed upon this seasonal flavor:

Talenti Old World Eggnog Gelato

My plans to come home with an earthy, green pint flew out the window when I saw Old World Eggnog flavor! But did my tastebuds follow suitā€¦?

Talenti Old World Eggnog Gelato

Unfortunatelyā€¦not so much, which I am pretty sad to say. The gelato was at the same standard of creaminess and scoop-ability as its brothers and sisters, but the flavor was a bit off for me. Perhaps itā€™s because Iā€™m not an egg yolk fan, and egg yolks are a prime ingredient in this flavor (obviouslyā€¦). I assume it would be a great alternative to egg nog though (Iā€™ve never had egg nog, so I canā€™t guarantee ;)).

Thank you Talenti for the opportunity to sample these wonderful flavors!

Have you ever had Talenti gelato? What flavor do you recommend I try next?

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