Lady Birds

Lady Birds

I wasn’t able to hang out with my sis over the holidays, but we were quickly able to make that up last weekend! With the holiday shopping craze out of the way, she didn’t have to work and was able to spend the entire weekend with me.

We met up on Saturday and drove straight to NoHo for lunch. We had tried to eat at Black Bottom Southern Cafe over the summer, but we came on a Sunday (when they are closed), and so they were off our immediate radar for some time. Six months later isn’t too long of a wait, I’d say…

J'eet Yet?
J’eet Yet?

I wouldn’t even call BB a restaurant. The yellow building behind the “J’eet Yet?” billboard was actually a video store, and the actual “restaurant” was a small square order counter.

My sister and I were greeted immediately and were directed toward the laminated menus. We couldn’t decide what to order right away, and despite being a Southern food restaurant, they did have a couple vegetarian and vegan options that sounded delicious.

CA Veggie Bowl
CA SoulVeggie Bowl

I finally decided on the CA Soul Veggie Bowl, which had a cheesy grits base, topped with pickled black eyed peas (Texas Caviar, lol), greens, and fried okra.


My sister got the Portabello “Sliders”, and I joked that it should be in quotes since her sliders looked like a regular sandwich…it wasn’t even served on a mini hamburger bun like you’d expect.

Portabello "Sliders"...
Portabello “Sliders”…

Rather, it was a sandwich made on a Schiacciata (new word of the day!) roll filled with onion, garlic, cheese, pesto, and balsamic glaze. At least she got some crisp sweet potato fried on the side.

We took our time eating (we found seats outside near the back wall of the restaurant) and spent even more time chatting after we finished all of our food. It was weird dining in with take-out boxes, but I guess BB is primarily used to processing to-go orders, explaining the lack of washable dishwear.

After our lunch we decided to check out a movie and we agreed on Lady Bird. I was mainly intrigued by the plot because the protagonist is a high school girl living in the early 2000s in Sacramento. The movie was particularly relatable to us since my sis and I spent most of our lives growing up in Nor Cal, in a city very close to Sacramento. Actually, we unapollegetically call it Suckramento because it really was the most boring place ever, haha! But I will admit that we have a lot of good memories growing up in our small-town city.

We ended up watching the movie in an overpriced theater in Santa Monica, and getting out of the parking garage was a nightmare. Before heading home, we made a quick Target stop in Westwood to pick up some items for a care package my sis is making for her BF. She’s planning to give it to him for Valentine’s Day, basically a box containing all sorts of “care” things he may need but doesn’t have around, like first-aid kit items, cough drops, ibuprofen, etc. When she told me about it, I was literally dying from the cuteness of it all, haha!

Eventually we made it back home but I was dog-tired. Maybe it was sitting in the dark theater, but I just could not keep my eyes open. My sis was skyping her BF and told me the next day that even though she was talking pretty loudly, I was pretty much unconscious. I get serious when it comes to sleep, lol.

The next morning, we agreed to find a coffee shop close by and get some work done. She’s been doing some summer internship research and so I helped her polish off her CV.

Love Coffee Bar
Love Coffee Bar

We parked ourselves at Love Coffee Bar which was a coffee shop I’ve been wanting to check out ever since I moved to SaMo. I’ll admit it was overpriced, but I loved my spiced latte with almond milk.

Spiced Latte Love
Spiced Latte Love

And having Emmy’s Organics Lemon Ginger Coconut Cookies on the side made for a perfect pairing.

Cookies on the side.

My sis had yet another sandwich, but it was that cute, cafe-sized mini baguette sandwich that went well with a huge cup of coffee.

Sunday coffee mornings.
Sunday coffee mornings.

We were working right outside the coffee shop for a while, and surprisingly didn’t get too distracted by the people coming and going…when it came to well-behaved, regal-looking dogs however…that was another story.

Later on we moved inside, and then in the early afternoon decided to walk to another place close by for lunch.

We walked through Santa Monica College to get to good ol’ Pico, in order to cross another place off my foodie list—Grey Block Pizza!

Grey Block Pizza, literally in a gray building.
Grey Block Pizza, literally in a gray building.

To be honest, the interior of the restaurant was quite depressing (I mean, it was gray after all…), but our pizzas weren’t.

Pizza at its finest.
Pizza at its finest.

My sis and I got a 20″ slice each. I’m not sure exactly which veggie-friendly flavors we got, since it was whatever they had on display. Mine had cheese olives, onions, and tomatoes while my sister’s looked to be like a slice with mostly mushroom, onion, and spinach. I was a fan of the crust, which was thinly rolled but, had a sesame seed coating at the edge.

After our bites of pizza, we walked back, and my sister drove me to Sprouts for a quick grocery stop before dropping me off and heading back to the OC.

I was glad to spend the first weekend of the new year with my lady bird 🙂

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‘Ello London!

‘Ello London!

We left for London bright (oh so bright…) and early on a Wednesday. There wasn’t time for a decent breakfast so I had some coffee and then helped pack all of our luggage into the car. The hour drive back to KEF seemed to go by quickly, perhaps due to the fact I pretty much dozed off for a good portion of the drive. Actually, I woke up right as we were pulling into Avis. 
Going through security was a chore. They took my bag for “examination”, but literally only took a piece of paper to “swipe” it, and then let me go. I guess I couldn’t have been be too surprised by this happening, considering the things going on, but I just found it very odd and unnecessary to hold up my time for no explicit reason. 
After making our way through Duty Free, we found our gate. We were flying with EasyJet, a British-based airline that had a very retro feel. The inside of the plane was literally transplanted from the 1970s. 
Before boarding, I had to do something about my gnawing stomach. Snacks were going to cost us on this flight, so I picked up a European candy bar to try. 
Lion candy bar!
Lion candy bar!
This Lion bar had a thick chocolate coating, nougat, and crunchy nut pieces. It could have totally been a breakfast bar…I mean, you’ve got your nuts…and then chocolate and caramel for taste 😉 
The flight was about 3 hours long, and my face was getting more oily by the minute. I arrived in London in much more of a tired-looking state than when I arrived in Iceland! 
We flew into Gatwick, and from there took an express train into London.
Gatwick Express
Gatwick Express
When we got off, we found a black cab to take us through the city up north to West Hampstead. What should have only been a ten minute drive took almost an hour due to traffic. With the heat, humidity, and dust, it was pretty tortuous. 
Seen on my ride.
Seen on my ride.
Good thing there were enough landmarks and people to watch to keep us somewhat distracted during our drive. 
We stayed at a hotel in the area for our first two nights in London. For dinner, we didn’t want to travel too far so we walked a few blocks over into the food/shopping neighborhood of West Hampstead. 
West Hampstead, London
West Hampstead, London
We were about to have Lebanese, but then I spotted Nando’s from afar. I had been wanting to go there since learning their only US locations were on the east coast and Illinois. Funny thing was, Nando’s practically ruled the U.K.—it was pretty much in every neighborhood! 
Nando's menu
Nando’s menu
There were a good amount of veggie options to choose from. I went for the quinoa salad topped with feta crumbles. My sis and dad got veggie and portobello mushrooms.
Nando's famous sauces.
Nando’s famous sauces.
My sister also got a side of mash that we were all intrigued by. My dad even asked one of the employees if he could know what was in it and they brought over a recipe book!
Yum, yum, YUM!
Yum, yum, YUM!
I was a fan of the halloumi cheese, and gobbled up the leftovers of my Dad and sis. 
The next morning, I decided to go for a run, even though I knew the weather wasn’t going to be the best…and of course, it wasn’t. I ran 9 miles, but the entire my time my legs felt heavy, I was sweating profusely, and I was craving water. I can’t imagine how London runners do it, but if I ever want to live here in the future, I have to keep this in mind…
Running through hot and muggy London in the morning!
Running through hot and muggy London in the morning!
I made it back in one piece, quickly showered and got ready, and then headed out with my Dad and sis. We took a double decker bus into the heart of the city since a stop was near our hotel. We got off on Bond Street, and found a Selfridges to walk into. 
Selfridges Food Hall!
Selfridges Food Hall!
I headed straight towards the Food Hall, but had no idea what to get given the food stalls present. Ultimately, we decided to pick out some things from a bakery in the corner right near the entrance. Honestly, I wanted EVERYTHING. 
Oh. my. what. to. choose.
Oh. my. what. to. choose.
I was able to pick out one thing for myself, while my Dad and sis split a huge loaf of olive focaccia and a mini cake. My heart was full just looking at the pink-glazed, pistachio-topped chouxnut that lay before me. The texture was chewy,  and the cream filling had a vanilla flavor. My only regret was that it was tiny, and it was gone within a handful of bites. 
Strawberry and pistachio chouxnut
Strawberry and pistachio chouxnut
After breakfast at Selfridges, we began our tourist adventures. Our first stop was Trafalgar Square, and we made it there successfully via the Tube. If there’s one thing I learned from this trip, it’s to “mind the gap”, haha! 
When we reached TS, my Dad immediately noticed how there was a scarcity of pigeons. Apparently they used to rule the grounds, but there wasn’t one in sight. Also, there are a number of Bollywood movies that have had the romantic meeting of hero/heroine here. 
What pigeons?
What pigeons?
After taking some touristy pics of statues and next to them, we decided to go inside the National Gallery since it was right there. I was feeling very exhausted, and my legs felt super sore, so I sat out the exploration part. I was also very hungry, and found it was best to listen to my body even if it meant “missing out on art and culture”. 
But I was embracing the culture, in a way, by snacking on these U.K.-based Nakd Bites. I was expecting crunchier pieces, but each mini bite was soft and flavorful! I tried Coconut Bliss and Salted Caramel, both of which were rich in their respective flavors.
Nakd Nibbles
Nakd Nibbles
When my Dad and sis were done, our next destination was the London Eye. We were able to get advance tickets and save some time not standing in line. Ultimately, this spot is hyped up more than it should be. It was like riding on the slowest ferris wheel ever. The views were great, but the constant Coca-Cola plug wasn’t. 
London Eye
London Eye
When we reached the ground again, the three of us were more than ready for a late lunch. Out lunch plans turned out different than planned, but we ended up making a very popular choice in the end…
London: love, hate, or indifferent ?

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After running a 10k race in Hollywood on Saturday morning, I figured I would head a little up north to NoHo to get voting out of the way. 

Waiting for what I eventually realize will be SIX HOURS.
Waiting for what I eventually realize will be SIX HOURS.
You’d think that for a place like LA, the second most-populated city/county in the US just after New York, there would be multiple opportunities to vote before Election Day to accommodate the schedules of so many. Well…not exactly. There’s one location (in Norwalk) that was pretty much open everyday, but that didn’t do much for people who live/work in the city.  The weekend of the 29th-30th and November 5th-6th were proclaimed early voting weekends, but only four locations were open on both weekend dates: polling places in NoHo, West LA, West Covina, and Lancaster. 
I arrived at the Amelia Earhart Library around 9am, but after I saw the line that wrapped multiple times around the library AND giant park next door, I was not to enthusiastic about my prospects to be in and out in an hour… You’d think that there would have been plenty of rooms set up with booths, knowing that crowds of people would show up, but nope. Planning ahead is too much work so it seems :/
I was literally in line for SIX HOURS, from 9am to 3pm. There were no free refreshments, and there were only a few rows of foldable chairs near the entrance of the library. At one point I honestly thought about giving up and just making out to my local polling place on Election Day, but then I figured I already spent enough time waiting and might as well get it all done! 
After filling out a form and waiting inside a community room in the library, in seats arranged as if we were at the DMV, all of us that finally made it into the room now just had to wait for our number to be called to get our ballots. My number was called about a half an hour after arriving into that room, and I couldn’t have been more relieved! I had read about the propositions beforehand, so I was done with voting within 10 minutes. As soon as I left, I was on the hunt for food! 
Rodini Park, North Hollywood
Fortunately, Rodini Park was a few blocks away from the library so I could count on getting a good meal in me to refuel from all that stress. The set-up was like a Chipotle for Greek food, and you could make a bowl, sandwich, or wrap with added proteins and veggies. 
Chipotle for Greek food!
Chipotle for Greek food!
I chose to get a bowl (of course) and had fries (yes fries!) as my base instead of rice. On top of that I had all the veggies, alongside half a slice of white pita bread cut into four triangles. I skipped out on the falafel since the fries would be filling enough , and had babaganoush topped on everything. 
Is it bad that I wanted to climb over the plexi glass and stuff that pita bread in my mouth in 5 seconds flat?! #PostVotingFeelz
Is it bad that I wanted to climb over the plexi glass and stuff that pita bread in my mouth in 5 seconds flat?! #PostVotingFeelz
I literally scarfed down everything so fast that one of the fries poked my gums! Haha. The fries had a special seasoning on them, and I even had some extra crispy gems thrown in. The babaganoush was ok, nothing spectacular, but having it serve as a substitute for ketchup was hardly a poor choice. 
Literally wanted to plant my face in this bowl!
It took me about an hour and a half to get home, and despite feeling frustrated that my day was wasted waiting in a serpentine line, voting for a candidate who faced a depressing loss, it felt good to exercise my civic rights. 
Fries and feta and all sorts of goodness
The next day, I was running 10 miles with my marathon team as our weekly long run, so I was understandably exhausted when I got home Sunday afternoon. A nap was absolutely necessary, and I spent the rest of the day napping/unwinding from my overactive Saturday (and week for that matter) along with diving into a jar of YouFresh Naturals Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Muscle Frosting. I wasn’t too fond of it after the first couple spoonfuls. The ghee had solidified at the top (hence the dark, pale chocolate-looking layer at the surface), and the rest of the “frosting” tasted like grainy cashew butter. It wasn’t reminicent of frosting at all, so I doubt I will buy this again in the future. 
YouFresh Naturals Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Muscle Frosting
Going back to the voting/politics portion of this post, I honestly am not sure how the world is going to be after Tuesday night’s debacle. I do sincerely hope that it makes us all more active, aware, and attentive individuals when it comes to protecting our natural born rights from anyone threatening to take them away from us. We may have to face a larger obstacle now to eventually get to a world worth living in, but I think these recent events will make us stronger to do that…if they have not done so already…
Are you involved in politics beyond Election Day?

What kind of cuisine would you like a restaurant to “Chipotle-fy”?

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Seattle Adventures – Part I

Seattle Adventures – Part I

I can’t believe it’s been a week since I returned from Seattle! The trip was a blast…and man do I have so many photos! It’s going to be exhausting writing up posts, but I guess it’ll give me some consistent content for the blog while I think of some other “creative” things, haha.

I flew from LA into Seattle early in the morning on the Tuesday before Memorial Day Weekend. My sis and friend were arriving four hours after I landed, so I set up a standing work station where I worked and snacked on vegetarian sushi until their arrival.

Once my girls arrived, we figured out how to work the public transit, and got ourselves some Orca passes (the transit card used for the Metro system there).

It took us about an hour and a half to get to our Airbnb, and after dropping off our things, we caught a bus headed towards downtown to walk around Pike St. for a bit.

Pike's Place!
Pike’s Place!

We were all getting to the point of hanger since it was past six and pushing 7pm. Our original destination was El Borracho on 1st and Pike, since they had some tasty-sounding vegan nachos, but we were “kicked out” because my sis was underage, and they apparently don’t serve minors—not even food (!!!)—after 6pm. Um…okay, we’ll take our $$$ somewhere else??

The phrase that is on repeat through the minds of three hangry girls roam around Pike's Place...
The phrase that is on repeat through the minds of three hangry girls roaming around Pike’s Place…

A lot of the places were already closed surprisingly, but we did find Virginia Inn too be open, and while they were far from being a vegan-friendly restaurant, they did have some vegetarian options and it seemed to be something all three of us hangry girls could agree on.

They did have this though...lentils?!
They did have this though…lentils?!

The inside of the restaurant reminded me of a bar from the 1980s…like straight out of Cheers or something, haha.

West Coast Cheers set?

My friend got a beer while my sis and I had waters (she is of age, haha). With her order of salmon, she got a plate of fries that came with ketchup and a flavor-less white sauce…as well as a side of complimentary bread because, carbs. My sis was able to get a vegetarian sandwich that they normally only serve at lunch.

Friend’s fries, sis’s sammie, and extra buuurrrrreaaaddd.

My dish was the curried lentils, which I did take a photo of, but must have accidentally deleted through the transfer and uploading of things! It wasn’t anything spectacular though, as it was sooooo small and definitely not worth the $16 price 🙁 . Obviously this meant I needed to pick off my friend’s fry plate for added nourishment 😉

But I did take a picture of the back of their coaster because it was an odd thing...
But I did take a picture of the back of their coaster because it was an odd thing…

After dinner, we had enough in our replenished stores to walk around Pike’s Market (literally, we didn’t go inside until later in the trip).

Walking around Public Market.
Walking around Public Market.

We took the bus back and rested at our Airbnb for the remainder of the evening. I brought my running things just in case I’d feel like running Seattle in the mornings, but I ended up taking those days I was on vacation “off”. And man did it feel good to sleep in!!

The next morning, we took our time getting ready, and headed into Fremont District for some brunch at Silence-Heart-Nest.

The chick paintings reminded me of marshmallow Peeps.

I read beforehand they had a delicious-sounding sweet potato biscuits with mushroom gravy…and that the owners are part of a cult (??). Maybe that’s just a local rumor 😛

Outside of SHN // Menu

Unfortunately, they only serve the sweet potato biscuit dish on weekends, so I had to get something else. I was initially thinking I’d get an eggs benedict dish as my back-up, but the vegan tofu scramble seemed to catch my eyes on the menu.

They truly caught my attention once they landed at the table.

Vegan Tofu Scramble

My sis and friend both got egg dishes that were absolutely drool-inducing. And my friend being the total random that she is, got a side of fruit that my sis and I ended up eating 😛

Eggs, potaaytoooes, and strawbs (friend’s dish)

After brunch, we continued our Seattle adventures from the evening before onwards toward Green Lake! More on that in the next post 🙂

Have you ever visited Seattle?

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Race Recap – Rotary Ten Chocolate Run (& More Food)

Race Recap – Rotary Ten Chocolate Run (& More Food)

While I was visiting my sister in Fresno, we didn’t just eat, but when we did on Saturday night an Sunday for lunch, we had some amazing burgers, fries, and pretzels.

But before all that, I was able to run in a local race on Saturday morning: the Rotary Ten Chocolate Run. My sis had to be present for a writing exam to get out of an upper-divison writing requirement, and so I drove myself to the race. It was in the same location as the half marathon I ran in September, but this time, I had to walk even further into the park. I barely made it before the starting time, and I was already warmed up!

Rotary shirt.

There was a 2 mile walk, 2 mile run, 5 mile run, and 10 mile run. I chose to register for the 5 miles run because I didn’t know how I would feel almost a week after the marathon! Despite some lingering foot and inner thigh tendon pain, I managed to run at a solid 9:10/mi pace. The course itself was only 4.3 miles, and much shorter than 5 miles. Because of this, our paces were calculated to be much faster than what they should be. They posted my pace as being 7:56/mi (!!) Wouldn’t that be nice??

race stuff
Race goodies!

Even though they said my pace was much faster than what my watch reported, I still ended up winning first in my division (and it was still legitimate with my Garmin time, 😛 ).

The race was a good way to slowly get back into running again after an arduous marathon. My walk back to the car was a very long cool-down walk, but once I met up with my sister again around 12pm, we had lunch, went shopping for a bit, and then retreated to the newly-built Campus Pointe for dinner.

mad duck
Mad Duck Bistro

My sister was excited about taking me to Mad Duck Bistro, and I could tell it was a popular pick among the locals and students because it was CRAZY PACKED. Like the night before at Yard House, we waited a little over an hour for seats.

Mad Duck interior

Mad Duck is known for their hand-crafter burgers and pub food. My sis got a custom-made burger subbed in with a juicy veggie patty. I was considering getting a burger as well as there were a variety to choose from, but I felt like getting a pub pretzel instead. Because that was just what I was in the mood for.

custom burger
Custom veggie burger!

Along with her burger, my sis got the kettle chips with ranch sauce as a side. I took some of those, and was glad she made the decision to get them and was thoughtful enough to share 😀

kettle chips with dip
Kettle chips with ranch.

My pretzel was perfect! It was brushed lightly with oil and sprinkled with salt. It came with some spicy mustard and cheese sauce on the side. The size was just right and I wasn’t too full or too hungry afterwards.

A Mad Duck pretzel

After dinner, my sis and I watched some episodes of Lisa Ling’s documentary series on her computer, while snacking on two of Arctic Zero’s new chunky flavor pints.

Banana Pudding was not a favorite of mine. Thinking that the banana flavor would die down after a while, I thought I would find this flavor eventually tolerable, but that was not the case…

Arctic Zero Banana Pudding

I did fall in love with Brownie Blast however. My sis did too, and I urged her to visit her Sprouts more often (where I actually bought these two) to get some and treat herself after her exhausting days of school! She seriously works around the clock—I don’t know how she does it but I am super proud of her 😀

Arctic Zero Brownie Blast

I went to bed (in a sleeping bag on the hard carpet floor…) around 10, and had a restful night’s sleep despite waking up at 2am needing to use the bathroom, a fire truck driving by in the middle of the night, and shifting myself around trying to find the right position to sleep so as to avoid the most amount of aches in the morning!

On Sunday, my sis and I took it easy getting ready in the morning, but hurried as it got closer to 11am so we could head over to another popular Fresno lunch spot—The Dog House Grill.

Dog House Grill menu

There was seriously already a line out the door minutes before the restaurant opened.

Really high ceilings.

Even though the restaurant looked small on the outside, there were high ceilings that made the eating space look larger than life. No wonder this place is always busy during all business hours!

Ordering our food was an efficient process though. After simply making a purchase at the counter, we were given the freedom to find seats, and once our orders were ready, all we had to do was bring back our receipts to the side counter for our food.

My sister tried their veggie sandwich for the first time, which had all the fixings of the veggie burger, but instead of buns was sandwiched between two slices of sandwich bread. She wasn’t a fan, but I was certainly a fan of the veggie burger.

veggie sandwich
Veggie sandwich

It was piled high with sprouts (!!), melty cheese, a golden veggie patty, onions, tomato, and lettuce. Each bun also had mayo and BBQ sauce spread delicately on the insides.

Veggie burger

The bun was so soft and chewy…I think my sis told herself never to get the sandwich again after being reminded about the burger buns!

garden burger
Inside of veggie burger!!

We also split a basket of fries with ranch and BBQ sauce. It was a mighty big basket, and we felt STUFFED when we were done. It definitely kept me satisfied (and sleepy) on the train ride home!

Fries with ranch and barbecue

Quick, what would you pick from these options: burgers, fries, or pretzels?

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Burgers in Chinatown

Burgers in Chinatown

It’s hard to believe that the LA Marathon is about a month and a half away! I bring this up because I’m running it again with my marathon team, and this Sunday marked the day we get back into increasing long run mileage. We did run 20 miles as our longest run prior to the holidays, but now is when things are getting serious 😉

I had to run today’s 14 miles alone since our team is only going to resume group practices next week, but prior to my run, I fueled up in the very best way—even though it wasn’t my birthday!

Muscle Butter Birthday Cake!
Muscle Butter Birthday Cake!

Despite not being a true fan of the glazed donut Muscle Butter flavor, I picked up this jar along with two boxes of birthday cake Lenny & Larry’s cookies since I had a $50 rewards certificate to redeem from Vitamin Shoppe. I found that both combined together is a combination beyond words. Colorful sprinkles go a long way!

For lunch later that day, it was only a short bus drive away to Chinatown for some burgers!

Chinatown's #1 Burger
Chinatown’s #1 Burger

I’ve walked through Chinatown before to get to a race, but besides that, I never set aside time to explore Chinatown itself. Even so, I find the area charming, and one day I’ll devote a day exploring it fully.

Quaint seating area
Quaint seating area

I ordered my burger at the counter, and went for the vegan cheeseburger because why not have an extra cheese slice? I’m not sure if the cheese slice was vegan, but at least it was vegetarian! Once I made my order, I was given my order number and waited until my box of burger and fries was prepared.

When my number was called, I took my In-N-Out style meal over to the seating area.

Vegan cheeseburger and fries
Vegan cheeseburger and fries

It’s funny how it looks like an In-N-Out burger box, since there was another restaurant patron nearby who commented on how Burgerlords was a “more expensive, less tasty” version of In-N-Out. 😛

Vegan cheeseburger with fries.
Vegan cheeseburger with fries.

The burger was soft, and layered with tomato, cheese, onion, and lettuce with a burger tucked in between two buns spread with thousand island dressing. I attacked the fries with a fork, after squeezing some ketchup on top of course! It came with a cute food flag, and at the bottom of the box, I was reminded where I was 😉

Burgerlords in a box.
Burgerlords in a box.

The location is spot-on as well, right in the heart of Old Chinatown where countless stores are aligned. It makes total sense for hungry shoppers to take a break and purchase a burger to quickly eat before hopping over to the next shop. Since it was getting colder, I didn’t stay too long, but like I said, Chinatown is still a spot I plan to explore thoroughly in time 🙂

Fries & Friends

Fries & Friends

I originally didn’t plan to have much of an exciting Halloween weekend this year. While this year’s festivities didn’t include a Halloween-themed race or an excuse to buy a costume, I at least had the opportunity to meet two fabulous bloggers for a “Halloween Eve” dinner on Friday night.

My FriDAY included the usual things—lab from morning to evening, but leaving an hour before the dinner meet-up so that I would have enough time to get to Los Feliz by bus. Surprisingly, there wasn’t much traffic for a Friday night, and the bus wasn’t too crowded either!

 It wasn't quite Halloween, but it was starting to feel like Christmas with the lights out and all!!
It wasn’t quite Halloween, but it was starting to feel like Christmas with the lights out and all!!

It took me about 10 minutes to walk from the bus stop over to our restaurant destination, and once I arrived, I waited outside.

 Outside of Spitz in Los Feliz
Outside of Spitz in Los Feliz

To be honest, I was a bit nervous about meeting these two ladies, but when I finally met them, I realized I had nothing to be worried about. Britt and Gigi were all smiles, and after a quick set of easy-going intros, we all proceeded inside—straight towards the restrooms, haha.

 Menus outside
Menus outside

After freshening up, we gravitated towards the counter so we could order food. Gigi is an expert on all things Spitz, so she knew exactly what to get. Brittany ordered a vegan-friendly plate with one (adorable) falafel on the side, and I decided to chow down on the Street Cart Fries. I think the words “garlic aioli” are what caught my attention on that one 😉 !

 Can you guess what I got? Not sure if the arrow helps ;)
Can you guess what I got? Not sure if the arrow helps 😉

We found a table at the back of the restaurant, and quickly got into conversation. Our conversation naturally focused on food, running, blogging, and anticipation about B’s and G’s trip to Disneyland the next day, so there was no room for awkward silences 😛

 Street Cart Fries - fries topped with garlic aioli, feta, onion, green pepper, tomato, olives, and pepperoncinis
Street Cart Fries – fries topped with garlic aioli, feta, onion, green pepper, tomato, olives, and pepperoncinis

The only exception would be was when our food arrived. We were all so hungry, so it was understandable. Plus, food >>> spoken words, it’s a well-known fact.

 Close-up of fries. Yum yum!
Close-up of fries. Yum yum!

I ended up getting the happy hour portion, which was supposedly smaller than the regular portion. The cashier recommended that it would be enough food, and even though I found that to be true, I felt like I could have cleaned out the regular-sized basket. The fries were that good…probably because of the aioli and feta. I was also blown away by the roasted chickpeas Gigi ordered and kindly shared with the table.

Our meet-up was only ~ 1hr long, and my only regret was not being able to spend more time with these lovely ladies! After being dropped off at the closest Metro, we exchanged hugs and wished each other well. Hopefully there will be more chances in the future to get to know these two more 🙂 !

My first-ever bloggers meet-up was a success, and hopefully it won’t be my last 😀 !

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