Time Flies When You’re Living Life

Time Flies When You’re Living Life

Ahhh, no post for about two weeks! I kind of needed the break, and life has been “much too distracting” to find the time and patience to put a post together. I haven’t even been perusing through the ‘gram much lately either. It makes me happy that I’m busy/engaged enough with life right now to not be glued to a screen.

I didn’t even go out for lunch or dinner over Easter weekend. That Saturday, I was extremely exhausted and ended up taking naps in the afternoon in addition to “sleeping in” until 7:30am. I did get some new flavors of bars to try and a jar of D’s Naturals spread…

Post run noms from this morning! Got around to trying the Salted Caramel Oh Yeah! One bar and thought it tasted fantastic! Definitely has a salty kick, but the caramel-flavored shell coating and fudge-like center of the bar helped to balance it all out. And there’s something about that purple-colored wrapper that’s just so eye-catching. 😜👍🏽

I did force myself to get out of the house to go see a critically-acclaimed anime movie called Your Name. I went to a late afternoon showing at an indie film place in Santa Monica, and did not regret it! The movie was fantastic—the animation, storytelling, plot twists—critics say the director of this movie is the next Hayao Miyazaki and if they are coming to that conclusion based on this movie alone, I feel they are right on the money!

This Maple Glazed Donut Oh Yeah! One nutrition bar definitely hits you with the scent of maple syrup when opened, but the flavor is quite bland in comparison to the other new flavors I tried in my previous recent posts. Be wary of delicious sounding flavor names!

Because I felt so exhausted on Saturday, I moved my long run workout for the week to Sunday. My coach usually has me doing Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday workouts as my “key” workouts, while the rest of the days are easy aerobic recovery days. So on Sunday, I set out to do a mix up long run that was 30k in distance, with fast intervals thrown in. Since the workout was broken up in 5k chunks, it was mentally manageable.

This Blueberry Cobbler Oh Yeah! One nutrition bar may be one of my new favorites. Served cold, it tastes like a blueberry ice cream bar. 🍦

Obviously, I was ravenous and smelly by the time that was over. I quickly showered and took the train over to E’s place since she invited me to her landlords’ Easter brunch. I didn’t have pics from the event since I wasn’t in a phone picture-taking mood, but we were fed well. I was also introduced to the delicious treat that is a Ferrero Egg. Where can I get more of them??

On Saturday, I felt dead exhausted 💀 sleep 😴…the kind of tired that makes you feel like staying in bed ALL DAY is a very good idea…but I did manage to have this Cocoa Glazed Cinnamon Roll @dsnaturals Fluffbutter from Vitamin Shoppe. After snacking on this, and taking yet another nap, at least I had enough energy to go see @yourname.movie ! Loved this cocoa scented jar that had a soft butter texture just as much as I loved the movie 💕

Afterwards, E and I spent the rest of the day in downtown SaMo, walking down the pier and laughing at a sign that said “Weed Week” that was flying through the sky attached to a plane. We then walked in circles around the promenade only to sit down for coffee and later Pinkberry. When I got home, I crashed and fell into a glorious night’s worth of sleep!

The following week kept me busy—I honestly can’t recall all of the things I did, but there was so much done, yet so much left to do! #LifeofAResearcher . I was so exhausted by Friday night, and a new pint flavor was exactly what I was craving:

justlike a milkshake
This legit tastes like a {vegan} melty chocolate milkshake with cream-filled cookie chunks. Sometimes it pays off to try a new flavor—I was about to buy Snickerdoodle (which I know I love), but felt a little daring on a recent trip to Ralph’s. Now I think I may have another new So Delicious favorite…

It was also an interesting week for my training program too! My coach had me try a double run on Saturday…15.5 miles in the morning and 10 miles in the PM. It sounded daunting at first, but I was also looking forward to the challenge! I ran the morning run with one of my marathon team teammates, but the weather was not in our favor. It got hot really quickly, with temperatures reaching the 80s by 8AM. It was a tough workout for sure, but having someone to run the longer run of the day with certainly helped!

I noticed that my upper left calf started to feel sore, so I made sure to spend some time rolling it out/massaging it when I got home. Before getting in some hours of rest and recovery, I stopped in Culver City to address the other “R”: REFUEL.

Tender Greens seems to have locations all over So Cal, and in my two and half years living here I had yet to visit…somehow a Saturday that got into the 90s persuaded me to walk through the doors of their Culver City location…

Tender Greens, Culver City
Tender Greens, Culver City

The set-up was ordering at the front, and then walking towards the back to pay and get your meal. I found it odd that you had to pay in the back, and then even more awkward waiting around the front to pick up your meal, since they could have easily handed you a number placard to place on your table and have them find you. At least there was ample, spacious seating at this location, and some spots out on the patio as well.

Very spacious

The unusual set-up didn’t bother me too much in the end though, because the giant Falafel Plate I ordered hit the spot and vanquished my hanger.

falafel plate
Falafel plate with side kale salad (garlic dressing + parmesan), a green dollop of hummus that looked like guacamole, tahini sauce, and a crisp crostini bread.

After eating everything though, I wondered how it would affect my PM run. When I did go out for my 10 miler in the evening, I was relieved that the temperature was much cooler. It helped that it was a beach run and that the sun was setting. I felt great for the first half, but then tummy issues slowed me down for the last half. I did make it home in one piece though, and was proud of myself for conquering my first long run double.

Close-up of everythang.

After talking to my coach, he affirmed that practice makes perfect and that I’ll get used to these the more I do them. He also recommended that I try refueling with foods that are simple in carbs, some fats, and low protein no more than two hours before the PM run—recommendations that I’ll definitely put into practice for the next time!

Tender Greens Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Race Recap – Double Road Race 2013

Race Recap – Double Road Race 2013

At the beginning of this year, I had set a personal goal for myself to run twelve races for the year, one for each month. While I didn’t run one race per month, I am pleased that I was able to run twelve races total, and that my 12th race for the year was the Double Road Race.

Double Road Race 2013 Intro Image

It was an event that lasted from 5:45am to about 1pm for me, including commuting time.

I arrived around 7:00am, and promptly picked up my racing bag, bib, and shirt.

Registration Table
Registration Table

The sizes of the shirts were in Men’s sizes, so I was sort of disappointed with how boxy my dri-fit shirt was. I wasn’t as enraged as one person though, who was lamenting to a volunteer that she wouldn’t have registered as a medium if she knew it was men’s sizing. Even though the volunteer suggested that the racer could exchange it for a smaller size during the recovery period, the racer just walked away angrily. Rude much?

Since the race was based out of a middle school gym, the gym was set-up to be the recovery zone. They had everything from foam rollers to masseuses, and it looked like a mini expo!

Double Road Race in Pleasanton (1)

I sat on the bleachers for a little bit warming up.

Double Road Race in Pleasanton (2)

And then made a couple trips outside to the snacks table, where they had mini Larabars (!!), bananas, energy gels, energy drinks, and these rice puff things.


They even had a stage set up for a band to perform later.

Double Road Race in Pleasanton (9)

While others foam rolled…

Rollin' Out

I got on an eliptical bike and did a good fifteen minute warm-up.

On the Bikes!

Around 8am, we assembled near the start line to run the first leg of the race, a 10k. The Christmas 5kers also ran with us, but ended sooner, after the first loop of the course. The 10k course was ran in two loops, and from the map view looks like a sitting brontosaurus!

The course for the race.
The course for the race.

I didn’t find the course to be exhilirating, but running the loop the second time made it easier to picture the finish. As soon as I made it over the mental 3 mile hump, I reached the finish in no time.

At that point, we had forty-five minutes to recover back at the gym. I signed up for a massage, and since the Christmas 5kers had to wait until the 10kers were on the road again to receive their massages, I was able to receive a fifteen minute sports massage that was not rushed for time. Even though I didn’t particularly need it, I felt great afterwards.

Free Massages!

After 45 minutes in the recovery zone, we headed back out again for the second leg, a 5k along the same loop. This was when I started to feel some nagging pains near my knees and inner legs.

It had to be the longest 5k ever, but the two-sided medal was a fun treat to get at the end!

Double-Sided Medal

We left the race around 11am, and when I came home I laid out all of the goods I captured!

Double Road Race in Pleasanton GOODS

At this point, I guess you could say my 2013 racing schedule is complete, and what a way to finish. Overall, I enjoyed the unique set-up of this race, and was glad how it was a 10k-rest-5k versus the other way around. I was annoyed with how there weren’t any recycling bins around to get rid of water bottles and paper products, but hopefully they consider that in their future races.

What was your last race for this year?

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