Hot Weather Shenanigans

Hot Weather Shenanigans

The day after my first double run, I granted myself a rest day and enjoyed the extra hour or so in bed resting my sore head (later on in the week, I had my first migraine, and I’m thinking the trigger might have been the extreme weather change). Surprisingly, my leg muscles felt fine (probably due to the rolling I did!), but my head felt heavy, which I’m assuming was due to spending so much time exerting myself in he heat.

Needless to say, the rest day was absolutely necessary. I went into lab later in the morning, but since E was also in, we decided to head downtown together for some lunch. It was unbearably hot outside though, and the walk from 7th st. all the way to Grand Central Market had us feeling like we were melting. I was even in a tank top and shorts and felt like I was burning!

It was my first time visiting GCM (and I call myself an Angeleno!), and seeing all the foodie shops clustered in one place like that reminded me of a more crowded, packed version of the Tustin Marketplace. We first thought about checking out Eggslut, but the line was so serpentine that we thought it’d be best to try it out some other day. Instead, we opted for meals at two different stalls.

Berlin Currywurst at Grand Central Market

I found my meal of choice at Berlin Currywurst. The last time I had a vegetarian currywurst was ages ago, so I was happy to be able to have it again.

Small space, crowded counter.

My options were limited, but I was able to get a medium spicy tofu kielbasa currywurst plate. It even came with half of a crusty bread roll to mop any of that excess thick tomato-based sauce!

Spent a hot Sunday trying to keep cool at Grand Central Market. It was my first time visiting the place too! Eggslut had a serpentine line, so I hopped on over to Berlin Currywurst, and chowed down on this spicy Tofu Kielbasa Currywurst with a hearty chunk of bread 😋😋

E found a stall selling avocado toast that came out with such beautiful presentation. My side beet salad was nothing in comparison. I’m not even sure why I got it…I had assumed it was part of the meal but then I realized I had to pay extra for it 😛

Why did I get this excuse for a salad?

After lunch, I hurried on home to catch up on sleep and just chill. I also tried another flavor of D’s Naturals Fluffbutter—Brownie Batter! Now I only have one more new-to-me flavor left to try…

Brownie Batter? This flavor from @dsnaturals is more like Brownie BUTTER. The texture was smooth, yet each spoonful was dense. There was a strong cocoa taste that was the defining feature of this flavor. My only complaint—with all of the D’s Naturals Fluffbutters actually—is the oil separation. It’s always so difficult to make the oil mix through evenly, even though I attempt to do so with each jar. The last couple tablespoons at the bottom of each jar are always the driest as a result.

Overall, I thought it had a very sharp cocoa taste, and quite a thick texture. I still have issues with mixing up all the oil thoroughly in the jar—it just has a tendency to pool up on top!

I also managed to order four new The Lion’s Pack cookie dough flavors to try during the week. My favorite of the four I purchased was this “Teddy Dough”.

"Why HELLO there TEDDY DOUGH 🐻 🐻 🍪 🍪!! It's been a while since I placed a @thelionschoice cookie dough order---long enough to get a four pack of flavors I haven't tried yet! Teddy Dough is one of them, and I actually kinda love the more grainy texture this one has in comparison to the stickier consistency the other ones have. But I was expecting some broken teddy grahams to be mixed in...guess they just ground them down 🐻 😧"
Why HELLO there TEDDY DOUGH 🐻 🐻 🍪 🍪!! It’s been a while since I placed a @thelionschoice cookie dough order—long enough to get a four pack of flavors I haven’t tried yet! Teddy Dough is one of them, and I actually kinda love the more grainy texture this one has in comparison to the stickier consistency the other ones have. But I was expecting some broken teddy grahams to be mixed in…guess they just ground them down 🐻 😧

I thought this cookie dough would have crushed teddy graham cookies, but I think they were all finely-ground because the texture of the cookie dough was so smooth. It was like a crumbly sunflower butter jar with a mild cinnamon flavor. I could even detect a taste of honey.

The one I was most surprised by was Red Velvet. I had much higher expectations for this one, but the jar I got had dough that was too sticky, and with a texture that was reminiscent more of cake than cookie dough.

I have to be honest—wasn’t a huge fan of @thelionschoice Red Velvet Cake cookie dough. My batch at least had the consistency of a gooey sponge cake, rather than a thick, paste-like cookie dough which I was expecting. The flavor was quite bland, and the chocolate bits did little to help enhance the flavor profile. Ah well, I have to admit I can’t complain about the quantity I got—my jar was literally full to the brim!

Butterscotch Maple Cookie didn’t come across as a flavor worth remembering. Sure, there were a decent amount of butterscotch chips thrown in, but the flavor base was quite bland.

Butterscotch Maple Cookie: not sure what’s so “cookie” about it!

Finally, there was Cran-Orange. The mix-ins definitely overpowered the cookie dough base with this flavor, and it was definitely the frutiest of the bunch. It even had some white chocolate pieces thrown in so that was a plus!

Honestly, this flavor (and its colors) reminded me of Fall…

Has the weather drastically changed where you live?

Do you get migraines?

Berlin Currywurst Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

LA Living, Week 1

LA Living, Week 1

If I were to describe my first full week in LA as far as how things went, I think “pretty chill” would be the correct phrase. It’s definitely been a city living experience so far, but Los Angeles has a more relaxed tone to it.

Monday – biding goodbye to the fam / training for my grad program / walking back home from campus after a too long day

The view from up here.

Tuesday – really taking the time to realize where I am and the beginning of my “new life” / afternoon workshops / cooking a healthy weeknight dinner for in apartment kitchen for the first time

(Top to bottom) Realizing I’m living the city life I’ve always wanted to experience ~ a peek of the Metro Rail after walking back after a run ~ keys to the apartment! ~ cooked vegetables with cooked almond meal

Wednesday – No school-related events = time for me / staying @ home / cooking experiments

Coming up with a good almond bread recipe using minimal ingredients (to save $$). This one came out alright, but gotta do more experimenting! Had this with a crockpot-cooked bowl of veggies.

Thursday – going for a run downtown (too many stoplights!!) / meeting my roommate / socializing

Fried mozzarella stick, mac n cheese ball, and white cheese pizza with tomatoes—food from an early evening social. All while (attempting) to play pool.

Friday – morning run along a new route finding my roomie’s classes on campus with her + getting lost in the parking garage / grocery shopping + Friday night spent in with another crockpot dinner while doing some pre-reading for a class

Morning {milk} coffee from my coffee press ~ awkward stoplight while grocery shopping ~ crockpot meal ~ produce haul from Trader Joe’s

On Saturday I woke up and made myself some coffee while contemplating what I should do for the day. Even though I didn’t have anyone to go venture out with me (my roommate went home for the weekend), I decided I should be the city nomad I’ve always wanted to be and just make an adventure of my own! So after a morning of cleaning chores and a workout at my apartment complex’s gym, I put on the perfect sundress, some sandals, and rode the Metro over to Beverly Boulevard.


It took me about an hour to get to my destination, which at first was Vitamin Shoppe (so I could get a box of cookies and cream Quest bars to last me through the academic craziness that starts next week!!), but after doing some exploring on Google Maps and Yelp, I decided to visit the Currywurst that was next door.


Despite the awkward construction happening outside, I thought it had a cute appearance from the sidewalk.

 Awkward construction
Awkward construction

I guess I may have had that “deer-in-the-headlights” look when I walked inside because that’s when the cashier asked if I had visited before. After replying no, he broke down their menu items and I decided to go with a Currywurst made with Vegan Apple Sage sausage.

 He also gave me this card---buy 7 times, get the 8th free. I'm only gonna pass because I've got to use my weekend time to explore other LA eats ;)
He also gave me this card—buy 7 times, get the 8th free. I’m only gonna pass because I’ve got to use my weekend time to explore other LA eats 😉

I chose a seat by the window, and stared at the Deutschland-themed collage on the wall as I waited for my food to arrive. The same cashier who took my order also came over to clean off the table when he saw me reach for a napkin to do it myself. I thought that was pretty nice 🙂

Inside Currywurst

I was in amazement when my food was ready 15 minutes later.

 Hoagie roll with fries, and vegan currywurst underneath (tomato curry sauce was made spicy!)
Hoagie roll with fries, and vegan currywurst underneath (tomato curry sauce was made spicy!)

I tackled the currywurst first, and then used the fries and bread roll to soak up any leftover sauce. I was also given an extra sauce with my order so I picked BBQ.

Getting to the Details

After finishing my meal entirely, I walked over to Vitamin Shoppe to pick up my week’s worth of Quest Bars, and then walked eastward to check out The Grove about two blocks away.

 Total demolition of food.
Total demolition of food.

I walked by the LA Holocaust Museum entrance, that was also near a park.


So glad I was a pedestrian, and not an at-risk-of-road-rage individual.


The area was full of summer energy, color, and tourists—but the atmosphere was like that of an outdoor carnival.


Walking through the Farmer’s Market made me wish I had not bought groceries the day before…these are lessons you learn along the way!


But I didn’t worry about it too much since I had a feeling I would be visiting this place more than a couple of times 😉

After checking out the Whole Foods across the way to get some change for bus fare, I headed back home in the late afternoon.


Saturday night was again spent indoors, since I had to make sure I didn’t get behind on my pre-readings for my first lecture next week! But at least there was an outdoor concert nearby to keep my ears occupied, and it was fun jammin’ to some tunes from my balcony 😛

Hopefully LA stays this good, cause I’m lovin’ it so far.

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