Carbs, but No Loading

Carbs, but No Loading

I didn’t go out of my way to carbo-load the day before the marathon, but I did eat throughout the day, kept hydrated, and stuck to foods I knew wouldn’t throw me off.

I was sent two vouchers for a free bread item and a drink to use at one of 85C Bakery’s newest locations—in Glendale. Since E and I have been hanging outside of lab together more frequently now, I asked if she wanted to make a day out of it, and she happily agreed.

We met in downtown and then took a bus that stops close to the Galleria. From there, it was a short walk to the bakery.

85c Bakery – Glendale

The inside of the bakery was clean, and the baked goods were organized in a similar way to that of a bakery I visited a while back in Koreatown.

Ah, what to choose??

E and I both got trays and walked through the aisles, seeing what lovely little bread creations we’d come across.

Baked goods

I decided to get a cranberry cream cheese yudane roll, while E got a wild mushroom cheese bread loaf.

Cranberry Cream Cheese Yudane Roll

For my drink, I opted for a hot green milky tea. E ended up going for a cold lemonade. We found seats by the window, and as soon as we had our food and drinks, we settled in.

Hot green milky tea (or rather, water)

My cranberry cream cheese yudane roll had a rough texture on the outside, but this was completely opposite of its interior texture. The roll had a sufficient amount of cream cheese and cranberries (though both of these ingredients tended to separate from one another) and was quite chewy. The milky green tea on the other hand was watered down in my opinion. There was a faint taste of tea, but overall, it just tasted (?) like warm water.

E’s mushroom bread

After our bread/tea break, we walked over to the Galleria and made a round inside the mall. Both of us did end up buying something to add to our wardrobes, but we didn’t spend too much time shopping.

Taking a break before heading back.

We soon walked over to the Americana at Brand right next door, and stopped to sit down and hydrate with some water. As it approached 4pm, I felt like it would be wise to head back and rest up for my race the next day, so we made our way to the bus stop for the ride home.

Do you prefer sweet bread items (danishes, sweet rolls) or just go for the 100% sweet stuff (cakes, pies) ?

85°C Bakery Cafe Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Race Recap – The 6th Childhood Obesity Awareness Month 5K/10K

Race Recap – The 6th Childhood Obesity Awareness Month 5K/10K

This past week started off a bit stressing, but then ended on a surprisingly pleasant note. Our boss in lab decided to drop by the lab unbeknownst to us (he’s on sabbatical right now), which caused some anxiety among everyone as far as putting together reports just in case he asked for them. Turns out he was busy with other things, and even though I did end up having a meeting with him, it turned out better than I thought!

I have been loving these RX Bars lately! I've only tried two flavors so far, one of which was Blueberry. And the chunks of this particular bar was quite photogenic.
I have been loving these RX Bars lately! I’ve only tried two flavors so far, one of which was Blueberry. And the chunks of this particular bar was quite photogenic.

This left me feeling more relaxed going into the weekend, and actually feeling more motivated with my current projects as well. I did get home late though, and had a late (though delicious) dinner. I also had some Halo Top, and went to bed with a stomach that still needed time to digest. It was a frustrating situation: I wanted to sleep, and catch up on all the hours I missed this week, but I couldn’t fall into a deep sleep because of all the food that needed to be digested.

I even almost thought about missing the 10k I signed up for only because I wanted to sleep in. Fortunately I didn’t, otherwise I wouldn’t even be writing this post!

Waiting for the race to start.

I missed getting up at the time I set originally on my alarm, but I still had enough time to assemble my things and get out the door. I caught a bus that’s final destination was my destination: Wilshire/Western. The location of Saturday’s 5/10k run was in Koreatown, and benefiting a Korean organization I believe. I wasn’t actually sure because I signed up for what I thought was “The 6th Childhood Obesity Awareness Month 5K/10K”, but there was no word of childhood obesity or the Let’s Move campaign. The race was benefiting some charitable Korean organization…I just didn’t know what it was 😛 ?

I spent some time warming up, but not as much as some other runners. There was a father-son duo, and they were stretching/warming-up so much that they were sweating by the time it was time to start the race!

We were supposed to be off by 8am, but of course things got delayed, and we didn’t get the signal to go until at least a half an hour later. The race course was a straight out and back, but done twice to account for the 10k distance vs. the 5k distance.

Unlike running in Santa Monica, running in the more urban areas of Los Angeles can definitely feel much warmer. I was running at a comfortable 8:20-8:30/mi pace, but my pace dipped into the 8:40-8:50/mi pace from miles 4-5. My legs felt heavier at this point, but at least my pace didn’t dip too much!

Finisher medal…for LoveShare?? Lol didn’t say that was the name of the race when I registered!!

When I reached the finish, I was handed the medal which looked pretty cool, and I think helped me figure out what this event was exactly…

A Ginseng drink samples I didn’t get to have because I accidentally broke the bottle inside my bag when shopping afterwards!

There was lots of water, ginseng drink, and Yakult/probiotic drinks to go around.

Keeping it cool!

And several tables serving up watermelon, popsicles…and compression socks?? I’m talking about those leg mannequins, haha.

Grab some watermelon and…socks??

After the race, I walked over to a small courtyard mall that was right across from the Wilshire/Western Station. It was there that I found Paris Baguette Cafe, the perfect place to replenish my glycogen stores!

Paris Baguette Cafe

When I stepped inside, I was immediately overwhelmed by the selection! There were fresh savory baked goods stuffed with cheese, cold sandwiches, beautiful cakes, and cute confections (the array of macaroons though)!

So much selection…

After much pondering and wandering up and down the aisles, I grabbed a wooden tray, a thin sheet of paper along with some metal tongs that they had near the entrance, and placed a cheese pretzel on top. One thing to note about this pretzel—one of the main ingredients is white chocolate! The bread has white chocolate added into it, so the bread part of the pretzel was actually sweeter than what you would expect of a cheese pretzel.

A cheese pretzel…with white chocolate?

The cheese wasn’t off-putting at all, and overall was a unique savory confection. Even though I refueled, I felt very tried and physically drained, so much so that I took a two-hour long nap the minute I got home. Guess I needed some catching up from waking up early every day this week? Whatever the reason, it felt amazing putting in so much effort into my runs this week, and the completely crashing for the rest of the weekend!

Have you ever had a savory food item that was changed to taste sweeter?

Paris Baguette Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Neat & Sweet

Neat & Sweet

I believe the best gift anyone could give a (grad) student is a crock pot. It’s simply the best vessel to get the cooking job done when a weekday schedule is just too busy. 


While I do have interest in using my stove top a bit more than for just hard-boiling eggs, most of the time it is just easier to just chop out exactly what I need, throw, and go. Even so, these Neat Meat Replacement mixes did help me venture out beyond the slow cooker boundaries…at least in the latter part of this post 😉

Egg substitute, mexican mix, & original mix.

The mixes come in powder form, and consist of ingredients like garbanzo flour, ground pecans, and chia seeds (in the case of the egg substitute).

 Mexican mix.
Mexican mix
 Egg substitute
Egg substitute

On the back of each bag, it gives instructions as to how much water to add per bag of mix. You have to do the math for anything less 😉


I tested out the original mix using both the egg substitute and real eggs. I ended up cooking both “experiments” with a crock pot since I was curious about how that would turn out…

The patties I made using real eggs turned out more dense, almost reminiscent of a brownie, but of course not sweet!

Crockpot Neat Burger Patties with Shredded Cabbage and Quinoa Salad
Crockpot Neat Burger Patties with Shredded Cabbage and Quinoa Salad

The patties I made with the egg substitute and original mix turned out to be much softer, but I think I may have added an extra tablespoon or two of water!

Crockpot Neat Burger Pattie with Green Beans and Lentils
Crockpot Neat Burger Patty with Green Beans and Lentils

Again, I couldn’t help but conduct some more crock pot experiments with these mixes, so I continued to do so with the Mexican Mix.

Neat Mexican Mix with Egg Replacement
Neat Mexican Mix with Egg Replacement
 Patty ready for cookin'!
Patty ready for cookin’!




But I did save enough in the end for the “recommended” cooking instructions, and was able to get a crisp patty out of it!


Which complimented the veggies that were simmering all day in my crock pot of course 😉


Since my Dad and sister were visiting me for the weekend, I felt like it would be a good idea to whip up something for them, baked-goods style. When I saw this in Trader Joe’s pumpkin-themed section while grocery shopping one weekend, I picked it up with the intention of baking them using the Neat Egg Substitute.

 Trader Joe's Pumpkin Bar Baking Mix
Trader Joe’s Pumpkin Bar Baking Mix

With some alterations to the recipe provided on the side of the box, the result was something that all three of us couldn’t get enough of! I told my roommate she could help herself to some, but unfortunately, I don’t think she reached for them in time, since my Dad, sis, and I pretty much feasted on what seemed to be the entire pan!

Tahini Pumpkin Bars
Yields 20
Replace butter with tahini, and you have a nuttier, fudgier pumpkin bar!
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Prep Time
10 min
Cook Time
55 min
Total Time
1 hr 5 min
Prep Time
10 min
Cook Time
55 min
Total Time
1 hr 5 min
  1. 1 box of Trader Joe’s Pumpkin Bar Baking Mix
  2. 2 Neat Egg Replacement “Eggs” (or two regular eggs)
  3. 4 oz. of Tahini
  4. Optional: extra chocolate chips or chopped nuts
  5. Water
  1. Preheat oven to 350°F.
  2. Mix wet ingredients (tahini and eggs) together.
  3. Add wet ingredients to dry mix in a bowl.
  4. Add chocolate chips or nuts (if you prefer, this is optional)
  5. Mix all ingredients together until you get soft dough. Add ¼ cup of water as you go, so you add just enough to get a dough-ball consistency. (I ended up using about four ¼ cups of water in the end).
  6. Pour batter into a baking pan lined with parchment paper. Use non-stick spray if you prefer (I used a parchment paper that didn’t require it) and spread the dough into a flat square that is thick enough to cut into bars later on.
  7. Bake for about 55 minutes, checking every 10-20 minutes to adjust for variances in ovens.
  8. Cool bars before cutting. Enjoy!
Adapted from Trader Joe’s Pumpkin Bar Baking Mix Recipe
Adapted from Trader Joe’s Pumpkin Bar Baking Mix Recipe
Will Study for Food

Using the Neat Egg Substitute and replacing the butter with tahini caused me to feel trepidatious at first, but when my sister went back for seconds, I knew I had done something right, and for once, it wasn’t something made using a crock pot (but I do wonder how that would turn out…)

Cooling off before digging in!

Have you used any of Neat’s products?

Do you often find yourself sticking to a certain appliance most of the time when it comes to cooking?

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