Studying has been a part of me (whether I like it or not) since I was old enough to start kindergarten. From a young age, I drilled with flashcards, ate my way through chocolates and cheese crackers to understand fractions, and memorized state capitals in order to earn a scoop of cookie dough ice cream from Baskin-Robbins (how else can you get a third grader to memorize anything ;)?).

In middle school, I studied for spelling and geography bees, placement tests, and was even a Mathlete—studying my least favorite subject…out of recreation. High school was my prime when it came to studying, the time when AP classes and SATs came to taunt me with perfect 5’s and 2400s…scores I knew I would never achieve, but studied for nonetheless.

In college, studying was a way of life. Being an undergraduate student was a full-time job, so I  was known by family and friends to spend copious amounts of time studying for challenging upper-division biology classes. I learned to accept that being a study-smart student comes with sacrifices, such as a limited-to-no social life and increased stress, but from the three years I spent in my undergraduate program, I like to think that I was able to (mostly) keep all things in balance—including studying and school.

Now as a graduate student in biomedical sciences, I am in the process of building my knowledge base on the academic front, in addition to learning how to ask the right questions to challenge myself and the current information accepted in our society. This is the point I am currently at in my “studying” journey ;).

Here are some pages that contain study/school-related posts:

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