Newton Womens Fate Running Shoes

Newton Womens Fate Running Shoes

When I ran the RNR Las Vegas Half with Team Challenge, and trained in the months prior with the LA chapter of the team, our chapter manager did her best to organize post-run brunches and giveaways…one of which I won 😉

It was a ticket to a local running store, and they even had a foot analysis machine that one of the employees asked if I wanted to use to “find my right shoe”. (Funny this is, I didn’t wear this “perfect pair” until after my second marathon, even though I picked up this pair mid-December of last year!)

I ended up going with another pair of Newtons since when I asked the employee that was helping me if she recommended the Nikes, she vigorously shook her head, haha!

shoes (1)

shoes (2)

shoes (3)

These were the Women’s Fates in pink, so at least I actually got a pair of Newtons marketed towards women this time around (all though, my “men’s” pair certainly feels softer and firmer in comparison).

shoes (5)

These shoes felt lighter and flatter, had skinnier laces, and much more vibrant-colored fabric and applique.

shoes (6)

When I first took them for a run, they felt extremely light, as if I had thin slices of cardboard under my feet.

shoes (4)

They didn’t need to be broken into, perhaps because they were so light.

shoes (7)

I’ve put in about 200+ miles on them up until this point, since I’ve also been interchanging them with my men’s pair. So far, still good…I’ll just have to see how the next 200 miles fare on these!

What was the most expensive thing you’ve won from a giveaway?

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2 thoughts on “Newton Womens Fate Running Shoes

  1. Ooh taking this to heart because I generally go with Nikes- other shoes never feel *quite right to me. But maybe this brand will be my next purchase.. I’ve never heard of it! The most expensive thing I’ve ever won in a giveaway would probably be this giiiiant box of Love Grown Foods products. Yum!

    1. That sounds like a super delicious prize! I think Nikes look like they’d be great shoes for weightlifting or anything that doesn’t require repetitive pounding of the feet, haha! It would be nice if they were suited for running because they look so cute on!

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