Hot & Cold

Hot & Cold

After a whirlwind, busy week last week, I was left with a weekend with no commitments and I didn’t waste any time thinking about it!

I originally wanted to take the bus over to the mall in Century City, but the bus I ended up taking stopped too short. I turned out to be more convenient just walking along Fairfax, eventually stumbling upon the grocery stores I have come to know well.

Before shopping, I stepped inside Kaya Street Kitchen for the first time, since I was very hungry and I needed to rest my feet from walking the extra distance the bus stopped short at.

Kaya Street Kitchen Front
Kaya Street Kitchen Front

It’s hard to believe that Kaya’s been at this spot for more than a year now…maybe close to two? I remember when I first moved to LA, it was a Currywurst that was next door to the Vitamin Shoppe…


At the counter, I was able to easily place my order for a Happy Tofu bowl. I had green tea noodles as my base (though I could have picked rice or greens), mixed with sambal tofu, garlic kale, tamarind slaw, corn, scallions, and a sweet soy glaze.

Happy Tofu = happy bell-eh :)
Happy Tofu = happy bell-eh 🙂

After grabbing some water, I sat by the front window and dug into my bowl. Say it was refreshing would be an understatement—the top layer with all the fresh veggies was so crisp and sweet, and the noodles underneath surprisingly kept their warmth. The perfect balance between hot and cold. The entire portion was perfect for lunch, and allowed me to go about my day.

I ended up going to Whole Foods for groceries, and did not end up spending my whole paycheck which I was relieved by! I even made out with some tempting goodies too, like these three pints I enjoyed over the course of the weekend:

I tried the lemon and vanilla flavors of Halo Top many months ago, but I had to try the other two classics…chocolate and strawberry. It made no sense to wait any longer!!

The chocolate-flavored Halo Top ended up being much tastier than I expected! I’m not the biggest chocolate ice cream fan (I can tolerate it as seen with my past B&J’s posts, but that doesn’t mean it’s my fave)! It helped to put a full-sized Lenny & Larry’s B-Day cookie on top!

Halo Top - Chocolate
Halo Top – Chocolate

I absolutely fell in love with the strawberry flavor however! It tasted like frozen strawberry whipped cream! Ahh…it was that delicious! Tell me again why I took so long to try these Halo Top flavors again…let alone Halo Top anything?!?

Halo Top - Strawberry
Halo Top – Strawberry

I also decided to try on the So Delicious non-dairy frozen desserts for the first time. After reading so much praise for the Cashew Milk snickerdoodle flavor, I had to see what all the fuss was about.

Snickerdoodle :D
Snickerdoodle 😀

And obviously there was a reason for all the fuss, because it was just that good. It had chunks of snickerdoodle COOKIE DOUGH mixed in, and tasted like a mildly sweet, frozen cinnamon bun. Remember how I raved about Ben & Jerry’s Cinnamon Buns flavor? Well, this pint right here is major competition 😉

Do you like to mix hot and cold foods in one meal?

Kaya Street Kitchen Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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5 thoughts on “Hot & Cold

  1. ONCE AGAIN – you were legit next to my apartment! ha ha ah ah! And um, it’s a good thing you didn’t go to the Century City mall because… IT IS NO LONGER!!!!!!! Seriously, it has been completely torn down except for the movie theater, the food court and Gelson’s!!!

    1. I will text you next time I’m at the grove haha. I saw your last comment after my recent grove visits lol.

      And really?! I thought they were going to open up a Shake Shack there soon??

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