When you have the chance to take it easy on a Sunday morning, you force yourself to sleep until 10AM (even if it means waking up three times between 6AM and 10AM, and having to read while lying down in order to get sleepy again) and obviously take advantage of Sunday brunch.

My train/bus back to LA was leaving at 2PM, so my sister and I wanted to have one more meal together before I had to go. We soon learned that a lot of restaurants and cafes are closed in Fresno on Sundays, at least the ones we wanted to go to, but there was an ample selection of breakfast/brunch destinations. Benaddiction was one of them (a brunch place that actually began as a food truck), and we ultimately decided on them based on their variety of Benedict plates.

Strip mall location…

It was another strip mall find, but based on inside appearances, you probably wouldn’t guess that.

…But cozy and perfectly-themed on the inside!

We found booth seating by the wall, where we also had a great view of this music-themed collage.

Music album wall.

The tables were also chalkboard-style, and there were small buckets at each table with chalk. The chalk sticks were too large for drawing fine artwork though, I tried! When we asked for water, we were given two large, open mason jars filled with ice.

Chalkboard table and mason jars filled with water.

There were a couple of vegetarian options for us to choose from in the Eggs Benedict—I mean, Eggs BenADDict—section. Each option also could be served as a closed sandwich (Benaddiction) or open-faced (Benaddict). I chose to get Blaze of Glory while my sister got the delicious-sounding Alive, both of us opting for the Benaddict plates.

Blaze of Glory & Alive on the menu.

Even though we were in a semi-time crunch, our orders were prepared and received promptly. My sister’s Alive plate was to die for. Those crispy hashbrowns alone made me second guess my decision to go with fruit as my side…

Alive Benaddict ~ Crimini Mushrooms, Peppers, Onions, Avocado, and Tomato

My plate was pretty gorgeous too, but looking at all of the sauce already spilling on the plate, I realized that a side of roasted potatoes or bread would have helped 😛 . But, you can’t go wrong with grapes, watermelon, and (one) strawberries!

Blaze of Glory ~ Pesto, Fresh Mozzarella, and Tomato

The stacked layers impressed me the most: tomato -> mozzarella -> tomato -> egg (with runny yolk), all perfectly placed atop a crisp English muffin.

Those layerzzzz tho.

My sister and I wished we could have the time/patience/and skill to make such a filling, nutritious, and delicious breakfast everyday, but at least for our last brunch together for a while, we chose wisely to have it at Benaddiction.

What’s your favorite way to eat/cook eggs?

Benaddiction Brunch on Wheels Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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