Pizza & Eggs

Pizza & Eggs

The day of my first grad school exam (last Tuesday) was pretty much a blur. I woke up pretty early (probably from the anxiousness of wanting to just get it over with!), and I was dropped off on campus for my morning class. After class, my study group got together and had a working lunch while cramming our heads with details, details, details. About a half an hour before the exam, some of the girls were having a minor anxiety attack, but I surprisingly felt pretty calm. I was going in with a “whatever happens, happens” kind of attitude, and just hoping for the best!

We had four hours (eek!) to complete the exam if we needed it, but after double/triple/quadruple checking that my ID number was on every single page, I turned in my exam after 2 hours and 43 minutes of straining my neck and cramping my right hand. (I seriously woke up with a sore neck the next morning!).

So obviously I was more than ready for dinner, and the thought of stuffing an entire pizza in my mouth didn’t seem too gross at the time. And if it’s entirely vegan, why not?

Entrance to Cruzer Pizza.

I entered Cruzer Pizza with my stomach insanely growling.


There was a couple who came in just before us and managed to grab the only table and chairs in the small space—which means we had to eat at the counter on stools. I guess the place was designed for mostly delivery, and the seating choices for dining-in was an afterthought.


They had so many different combinations and flavors to choose from, like the basic (Vegan) Pepperoni and (Vegan) Meat Lover’s, as well as the gourmet selection which included things like Indian Kima and Ratatouille. 

My Dad and I split a (Vegan) Hawaiian Pizza. I have always been a fan of pineapple on pizza, but whenever Hawaiian was an option at birthday parties or get-togethers, I’d always have to pass on a slice since HAM got in the way. This time I didn’t have to worry since it was fake ham. 

So yeah, my Dad and I split it, but I ended up engulfing 3/4 of the pie. I loved every slice though! And I couldn’t even tell the difference between the Daiya cheese that was used and regular cheese. I guess perhaps the only difference would be that this pie wasn’t dripping in excess orange oil unlike the pies of certain, well-known pizza chains 😉 ? 

Tomato Base, Vegan Ham, Pineapple and extra Daiya Cheese. Requested onions as an extra topping!

The next day, I woke up early again. It was probably due to the day-after-the-exam anxiousness! Wednesday was a half day for me, so my study group and I studied for the exam taking place next week in our other class. After study time, I met up with my Dad around 2:30pm so we could squeeze in some final hours together before he had to catch his flight.

I was able to do some mid-week grocery shopping at Sprouts (had to get my crockpot ingredients together 🙂 !) and then have a late lunch/early dinner at a bakery I’ve only heard rave reviews about:


I learned about Euro Pane Bakery after watching an episode of The Best Thing I Ever Ate. To be honest, half of my foodie bucket list comes from that show, haha.



I also felt like I had to listen to Adam Gertler’s advice and try their famous egg salad sandwich. That doesn’t mean I wasn’t tempted by their other items though…

All the bread.
All the (sweet) bread. And macaroon samples 🙂

The macaroon display case was totally calling out to me.


So much so, that I actually went for it and bought my first ever macaroon.


And after the first bite, I had to wonder why had it taken me forever to get a chance to eat this?! I thought it would be one crispy cookie, so the soft inside really took me by surprise. I got the blackberry flavor, and it stayed true to its name!

Dad got a cheese stick and a bran muffin to-go. He didn’t enjoy the cheese stick as much (even though they warmed it up) since it was sitting in the display case all day.


What about the egg salad sandwich though? Totally worth it. If you are a lacto-ovo vegetarian, this is definitely a dish worth having! Even though it looks simple, it is quite filling (don’t underestimate the power of the egg!).  I picked the olive bread for my base, but I could have also chosen baguette, ciabatta, rosemary currant, multigrain, sourdough, or cranberry walnut. The bread was just a vehicle though, along with the tomato tapenade-like layer and leafy greens. The egg salad was the true star.

Maybe I should eat this the day before a long run!

The watermelon slice—though totally random—was quite refreshing too!


Given that we were in Pasadena, we were a bit concerned when we had to fight traffic to get back into the heart of the city. My Dad was fortunately able to make his flight though, after dropping me off at my apartment. Though I felt a bit glum having to say good-bye, I reminded myself that it would only be a couple more weeks until I got a visit from him and my sister. I know that I at least have one thing to look forward to next month 😀 .

Are you an egg salad fan?

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4 thoughts on “Pizza & Eggs

  1. Girl teach me your ways! I was always *that* girl who has a panic attack right before a big exam. My test anxiety was the worst in college…I’m still surprised I did well haha.

    Eggs are the way to go. Aren’t they so delicious? I eat at least 2 per day and have never felt better. Needless to say, I’m a crazy egg advocate haha. Glad you had a great time with your dad!

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