Feetures High Performance Socks

Feetures High Performance Socks

Seeing as though my only fitness product review to-date is this one, I felt like putting the spotlight on something fitness-related that wasn’t edible—even if it meant blogging about a pair of socks I received as part of my swag bag from this race.

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These socks were part of the ZOOMA race swag bag for the Napa Valley race, courtesy of Feetures. The company was started in 2002, and since then has been manufacturing socks for active lifestyles (and even the injuries caused by them, as evidenced by their therapeutic and plantar fasciitis sleeves).

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In my swag bag, I was given a pair of Electric Pink High Performance socks.

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 They are perfect for runners at least by the description, since they are described to hug your feet, prevent blisters, and keep feet from getting bogged down by sweat.

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A little picture demonstrating the “sweat-free technology”.

They even provide a lifetime guarantee—but I wouldn’t be surprised if they did wear out after some time of hard core running. I mean a runner’s socks do eventually have to give in…

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I wore my pair for my first run after the ZOOMA race. They felt snug when I first put them on, especially around the ankle, but I liked how they had a no show tab. I’m a fan of ankle socks, so this fit the bill in that regard. 

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As far as material is concerned, I wish they were softer. I like my socks snug, but it’s also nice to feel like there are pillows under my feet. Perhaps I should check out their Elite Merino+ pairs if I want a more cozy pair next time.

What is your favorite pair of socks for running and other workouts?

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12 thoughts on “Feetures High Performance Socks

    1. I guess they are a lot more well known than I thought. Glad to hear they are recommended by running experts like your coach πŸ™‚

    1. Cotton socks really don’t. After the constant washing and wearing, they really do lose their shape and form, and can be a hassle to work with :/

    1. A great pair to add to any sock drawer that can’t help but be overflowing πŸ˜›
      Yay, a Nor Cal buddy! Even though I will be moving to the more southern area of this state in less than month πŸ˜›

    1. I often forget how important socks can be—I focus more on tops and bottoms, but since feet do most of the work when running, you’d think as runners we would give them the most outfitted priority πŸ˜›

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