Cooking Cozy

Cooking Cozy

Disclaimer: I was not monetarily paid to write this post. This post is based on the information I received from Cozymeal. Pictures used in this post, and more information on the company can be found on their website. Any opinions expressed are my own.

I remember a while back when cooking classes and demos were an ubiquitious feature of health food markets and even many chain grocery stores, but in recent years, they have not been offered spotlight attention—at least in my neighborhood.

But there are still options for those who still want a live cooking experience, whether for entertainment or to add-on to one’s cooking repertoire. Cozymeal is one of those options, and I was recently contacted by Samad, CEO of the company, to share what Cozymeal is all about and to highlight some of its features.

Cozymeal is described as bringing a community of foodies together, where food lovers can book meals or classes hosted by other food lovers (chefs or home cooks) who have unique and flavorful recipes to share. The company likes to describe itself as the “Airbnb of dining”. 

Succinctly put, Cozymeal’s premise is explained in these three short paragraphs:

Cozymeal is a trusted community of people who share the same passion for food. Whether you love eating, cooking, or both, you’ve come to the right place. Together, we’re reimagining the whole social dining experience and concentrating on what’s most important.

No more getting bogged down by ridiculous wait times, noisy restaurants, or trouble splitting the bill. Just eating delicious, authentic food cooked by a fellow food lover in the comfort of home.

And if you are traveling and using Cozymeal, expect to get a truly local experience by enjoying authentic local food while dining with locals.

The site opens up to this homepage, where you can preview the different classes, hosts, dinners, and their prices:


After clicking on your choice menu, you can book the date & time and learn more about the meal and host:


Your host will then confirm the reservation, and you’ll receive a confirmation e-mail.  From there, it’s on you to go out for a food-filled adventure ;D ! 

Right now, Cozymeal features chefs in the Bay Area, but they are looking to add more chefs and home cooks as the site grows. What a great way for talented food bloggers who have oodles of recipes up their sleeves to make a little pocket change on the side—am I right 😉 ?

Have you ever hosted or attended a cooking class?

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