Apartment Hunting Makes Me Hungry…

Apartment Hunting Makes Me Hungry…

In two months, I will be taking the next step in my [academic] career…and, you could say, my life. I’m looking forward to my move in a few months to this amazing city…


Last month, I had to make a quick trip down to Los Angeles in order to make my final decision on apartments. My first choice was trying to find a studio or 1-bedroom through university housing, but those units quickly filled up and so I had to look at some privately-owned properties.

In the first day of my visit, I was able to tour the apartments of two different companies, and both each had their pros and cons. It made making my decision a lot harder than I expected, and I was going back and forth with reasons why/why I should not pick one apartment over the other.

All of this apartment talk was making me hungry, and I made myself treat dinner as my “break”. I knew I wanted dinner to be at a Veggie Grill that night, since SoCal has quite a few in the area. My visit to the one in Santana Row last year clearly wasn’t enough. The closest one to me at the time was in El Segundo, so that’s where I trekked to around 6pm. 

The El Segundo location was hidden away in a shopping plaza—I almost missed the sign too!


Like it’s discrete sign on the shopping plaza pillar, the restaurant was tucked away in the far corner of the plaza. At least there was plenty of parking on the side, and the front sign was bigger.


There was outdoor seating, but since a breeze was picking up in addition to the already cloudy weather, sitting inside was the better option.

 The 'Veggie Grill orange' dining set.
The ‘Veggie Grill orange’ dining set.

Deciding what to get at VG that night felt just as difficult as choosing which apartment to rent! I finally decided on going with one of their newer, intriguing items: the Bombay Bowl. My Dad chose to go with the Papa Portabello burger with a side of sweet potato fries, as well as some tortilla soup.

deciding  menuboard

It was a 15-20 minute wait, and that time was spent discussing apartments. Yup, I couldn’t resist not using that time to continue weighing my options, even though dinner was supposedly my “break time” from apartment talk…

 drinks // ambiance // indoor seating
drinks // ambiance // indoor seating

But like I said, apartment talk makes me hungry. When the soup came out first, I helped myself to some of the side crackers.

Tortilla soup with crispy crackers.

The server also let me know that they had run out of roasted veggies that were supposed to be a part of the Bombay Bowl. Actually, they were pretty much the starring role of the dish. At first I thought how could a place like Veggie Grill run out of roasted veggies? But when she said they could sub in kale, I said that was fine.

I didn’t even notice the roasted veggies’ absence when my bowl arrived. I was more focused on the super grains buried at the bottom of the bowl, and the coconut-milk curry sauce!

Bombay Bowl – Herb-roasted veggies -> they ran out so they just added more kale, haha, super grains, steamed kale, cannellini beans, cilantro/green curry sauce with coconut milk, almonds, hemp seeds

Dad’s burger looked appetizing also…

Papa’s Portobello – Grilled mushroom, chopped tomato, basil and garlic pomodoro, caramelized onions, cilantro pesto, lettuce, red onion, chipotle ranch

Overall, I found the Bombay Bowl to be top-notch in how it was crafted and presented, especially the addition of the almonds as a garnish. My Dad thought the portabello burger was pretty decent, but he found the soup to be more of his favorite.

After dinner, I researched more apartments to look into in the area. I found an extra large studio that I planned on looking at the next day, and also thought it would be a good idea to practice using the Metro since I will be without a car once I move. So even though I went to bed with a full belly, I still had a major decision to make, and a busy schedule planned for the next day.

Veggie Grill on Urbanspoon

Do you like making decisions, or find the process frustrating?

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8 thoughts on “Apartment Hunting Makes Me Hungry…

  1. Good luck with the apartment hunting! I had to do that in March and it was fun but a little stressful. At least my decision was pretty easy, since one apartment complex really stood out from the rest for me.

    Veggie Grill looks so good! I’m always jealous of LA-area bloggers who get to visit it regularly because it reminds me of Native Foods, which I also love and miss.
    Ashley recently blogged…Why I Like Not Working the 9 to 5My Profile

    1. Thanks Ash! It’s good to hear that you had fun with your decision and found something you really liked.
      You won’t believe how excited I am about finally moving to a place that has a number of good vegan food places in the nearby area!

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