One Week

One Week

In one week, I’ll be up at 4:30AM, excited/anxious/nervous about the 13.1 miles ahead on the streets of San Francisco.


So not quite the marathon, but the half is challenging enough for me right now anyways ;)!

They were hosting early bib pick-up at locations all over the bay this past weekend, and I managed to grab my bag on Saturday, which included some cool stuff like a trial size of dry shampoo, my pace wrsitband, and some food samples (trail mix, Luna bar, somersaults!!)

NW(H)M Pre-Race Swwwag

Training-wise, I haven’t put in the amount of LSD runs as I planned/wanted to. To be honest, I was feeling bored with my “training plan” and often didn’t meet my weekly mileage goals. On the plus side, my pace has significantly gotten better since wearing better (and newer shoes), as well as with the cool fall weather (my summer runs were killing me!!). I hope this doesn’t go against me, but the way I see it, if I can keep a 10:00-10:30/mi pace, I will be on track for a new PR…for sure taking place of my current 2:22:00.

Food-wise, I have been enjoying these awesome seasonal flavors of Clif bars:

My most favorite flavor is pumpkin, followed by gingerbread, and lastly pecan pie (even though it is new)! Nothing beats pumpkin spice :)
My most favorite flavor is pumpkin, followed by gingerbread, and lastly pecan pie (even though it is new)! Nothing beats pumpkin spice 🙂

They were on “sale” at Raley’s for a $1.00 each. Considering Raley’s, I guess that it counts as a sale ;).

I also ordered and munched away at Quest Bar’s new flavor—Double Chocolate Chunk!!!

Quest Bar Double Chocolate Chunk

Look at it…

Quuuest Bar!!!

…not the prettiest bar in the world, but when microwaved, it tasted like a super-warm, fudgy lava cake!

And they threw in a free bar as a bonus. How did they know I’m in love with their cookie dough flavor?

Free Bar! And Sticker!

Thoughts-wise, I’m feeling somewhat pumped since I did watch Spirit of the Marathon last night. At the same time, I just want it to be over. I’m also bummed that I can’t make it to the expo this weekend (work and stupid Bay Area/SF toll are my primary reasons…), but in the end, it may be best since I should take it easy the day and night before the big race.

For this week, I would like to get a decent amount of mileage in (and possible a good, long 9 mile run), but I won’t beat myself up if it doesn’t work out. As long as I’m ready to go on race day, that’s what counts right?

Pre-race expos: yay or nay?

How strict are you with your race training?

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14 thoughts on “One Week

  1. I’m so excited for you! You’re going to rock the half-marathon. There’s a 10K coming up on November 2nd right near where I live and I’m tempted to sign up…even though it’s last minute. I’m nervous though because I’ve run farther than that on my own lots of times but never in an actual race!

    And I definitely need to order more quest bars asap! I’ve been buying them at GNC but it’s waaay more expensive that way!

    1. GNC is convenient but you are right in that it is cheaper to buy in bulk. I prefer ordering the variety pack from Julian’s Bakery for the regular flavors, but for the newly released kind, I don’t mind having 12 of the same flavor on hand at the same time 😀

  2. I’m not too strict about my pre-race training. I try to keep it all in perspective and just enjoy the process and race day. I know I’m not going into the Olympics or something, so I don’t put pressure on myself. With that said, I do like to try and get new PRs and stuff haha.

    I am jealous of you having the seasonal Clif Bars. YUM.

  3. You’re going to be amazing at your half! You’ve done all the training correctly and everything, so I’m seriously so excited for you! I can’t wait for the recap (there is going to be one righttt? 🙂 ) I love quest bars too. I’m a huge fan of microwaving them for a dessert. They can’t be beat!

  4. Ahhhh I’m so excited for you–I know you’ll do amazing in your half!

    I still haven’t tried a Quest bar. I know they’re not vegan but I’d like to try one at least once to see how I feel about them–I like that they’re a more natural protein bar but I’ve heard mixed reviews on certain flavors. I think their newest 2 flavors are some of the more popular ones though so if I ever come across them I might just have to check them out!

    1. They do have a simple list of ingredients, and while some may be milk-based, it is a bar worth trying! The chocolate ones are my favorites, but I do want to order two classics (cinnamon roll and pb&j) in the near future.

  5. Even though I know deep down I will be ok if I don’t follow my half training schedules perfectly, I get a big anxious if I miss a run or two! AHH you are running this race!! SO EXCITING I cannot wait to hear how it goes. Also, those holiday clif bars…so good.

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