Be There or Be a (Chocolate-Covered) Square

Be There or Be a (Chocolate-Covered) Square

A week and a half ago, there was a triple-digit heat wave that I mentioned in a previous post. During that time, I felt like I could only eat things sitting cooly in my refridgerator (or colder), but I did make an exception when it came to these chocolate-covered squares known as Squarebars.

Three awesome chocolate squares to try!
Three awesome chocolate squares to try! Don’t mind the binder paper and shadow πŸ˜›

The company itself is really small and relatively new, the brainchild of a husband-and-wife (Andrew and Sarah) team who wanted to market a product that was gluten, dairy, and soy free, since Sarah realized she could handle her asthma better without having to deal with these potential allergens.

Squarebar was launched in March of 2012, and they are based in the Bay Area…which means the Whole Foods stores in my area sells them (yeah!), but they are online as well. They believe in selling a product that is nutrient-dense, and place emphasis on ingredient quality over nutrition facts.Β Going back to the bars, they come in three flavors: Cocoa Almond, Cocoa Coconut, and Cocoa Crunch.

When I received my bars during that intense heat week, I noticed this ironic label on the front:

Heat Label

I thought oh boy, it’s probably all melted…

And it was.

Cocoa Almon.

Cocoa Almond

But then I thought isn’t melted chocolate better tasting?

Instead of popping them in the refrigerator and waiting till morning to pop these into my mouth, I gave into my cravings and had all three squares, melted chocolate and all.

Cocoa Almond may have been partially melted, but it was my favorite flavor overall. Perhaps it was because of the blend of almond crunch and hint of cinnamon…

This wrapper was wiped clean!
This wrapper was wiped clean!

Cocoa Crunch was next, and it sure was a double dose of chocolate!

Cocoa Crunc

Cocoa Crunch

There was a subtle crunch between the melting chocolate from brown rice crispies, and even though coconut is not part of it’s name, its sweetness is derived from coconut nectar (I believe all of the bars derive their sweetness from it).

Told ya I wiped the wrapper clean!
Told ya I wiped the wrapper clean!

Last up was Coconut Crunch, with the main ingredients obviously being coconut and chocolate. “A match made in snacker island paradise” as they like to call it!

Coconut Crunch

Coconut Crunch out of wrapper

Coconut Crunch Side View

The bar looks a bit peeled in the pictures because the chocolate peeled off onto the wrapper :P. No worries though, it was still fun to eat!

Despite the heat debacle, I loved how these bars were square-shaped, making it easy for on-the-go eating. Obviously they don’t stand up to very warm temps structure-wise (so probably not ideal in a warm purse either…), but their flavors were unaffected, at least to me. Each bar is loaded with 11-12g of protein, vegan friendly, and are manufactured in an organic and gluten-free facility.

Overall, I think the cute square shape is what sold me on these bars :D.

Melted chocolate: a pain or perfection?

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14 thoughts on “Be There or Be a (Chocolate-Covered) Square

  1. Those are some awesome protein numbers for a bar that looks and tastes like chocolate candy! As soon as I saw the pictures of them unwrapped I had flashbacks to enjoying a number of melted kit-kat bars at heat-laden sporting events. Nothing says watching someone else sweat like eating a candy bar πŸ˜‰ Haha.

    1. Haha! I actually don’t mind melted chocolate if the bar itself has some crunch (like kit kats and this one), but if you give my a melted hershey’s bar, I’ll cry, haha!

  2. I love how much protein these little bars have! Maybe that could justify eating them for breakfast? πŸ˜‰
    I honestly don’t really care if chocolate is melted or solid – chocolate is chocolate! I love it in any and all forms πŸ˜€

  3. I actually do notttt like melted chocolate like this!! I mean I could go for hot fudge on ice cream, but melted chocolate bars are NOOO go for me. I like my chocolate cold!! These look SO good!

    1. Yes, I prefer the actual chocolate bars (like Hershey’s or Cadbury’s) in nice, cold, solid form. If it’s all melted, what’s the point of the pre-cut squares :(?

  4. I won’t lie…I am not a fan of melted chocolate AT ALL! I love my chocolate COLD, which explains why I store all my bars in the freezer! That being said, the flavors sound fab- and the protein content even more so πŸ™‚

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