Post-Race Fueling, Ethiopian Style

Post-Race Fueling, Ethiopian Style

I plan to post a recap regarding my first half marathon soon, but I’m eager to share what my post-race fuelage was ;)!

Ethiopian cuisine is one of my favorites, and being a runner, it makes sense to replenish my glycogen stores with a wholesome Ethiopian meal. After all, the country is known for its abundance of elite runners…


And if their agility and endurance is all thanks to some stewed lentils and soft, pancake-like bread? Count me in, cause the stuff is delicious.

Since my race took place in the Bay Area, we were able to take a detour into Oakland where there are bunch of Ethiopian restaurants. So many in fact, that I don’t think the city would notice if we transplanted one of those establishments in my hometown (a place that, in comparison, can’t seem to think outside of the box cuisine-wise, besides Taco Bell :P!).

We ended up at the restaurant where we first tried Ethiopian food with my cousin a couple years ago, Addis Ethiopian Restaurant.

Addis Ethiopian Restaurant

My appetite was surprisingly not as raging as I thought it would be (I guess the samples I picked up at the post-race tents had to do with that…), but I went with a tried and true favorite nonetheless, the Vegetarian Combination Special.


The dish offers a sampling of gomen (collard greens), yemeser wot (spicy red lentils…my favorite!), ater kik (yellow split peas), and alicha denich (cooked carrot and potato chunks mixed with spices). It’s also usually made to feed one, but from prior experience, my Dad and I knew that it could keep two people full!

My Dad also ordered some lemon ginger tea, though it wasn’t anything extraordinary.

Ginger Lemon Tea, not yet stirred

We also came in just as they were opening up for the day, so the restaurant was completely empty—perfect for not-so-discreet phone pictures.

Empty Restaurant...

Including one of the table top…

The Table

There is even a hut in the corner! It would be perfect for evening dinner parties…

The Hut

Our order came out in about fifteen minutes, which was not a bad wait at all. I also like to think we got the freshest cut of injera, although I am not 100% sure about that…I’ll just assume that’s true ;).

Looks fresh to me!
Looks fresh to me!

I think I prefer cylindrical rolls of injera over these flatter square shapes, but the chewy consistency and sponginess were perfect for absorbing the yummy samplings on our platter.

Vegetarian Combination Plate

It may not look like a lot of food for two people, but trust me, it was. I think it’s because the lentils are so filling, and I definitely had my fill of yemeser wot.

Almost Finished It!

But we did pretty good, right?

I think I’ve had plenty of vegetarian combo plates, and while I can’t get enough of them, it would be nice to try some other vegetarian items. After perusing their online menu, I was intrigued by tofu tibs, veggie fir fir, and timatim fit fit. Even if you aren’t a fan of Ethiopian food, you gotta admit the names are fun ;)!

Have you tried Ethiopian food?

Addis Ethiopian on Urbanspoon

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17 thoughts on “Post-Race Fueling, Ethiopian Style

  1. That’s so crazy that you did a half marathon! You must be so so proud! I’ve actually never tried a lot of Ethiopian food, which is surprising! I really need to broaden my horizons!

    On another note, thanks for commenting on my blog! I LOVE yours! Food, fitness, and lifestyle in one? Yes please! Do you mind if I add you to my Blogs I Love page on my blog?

    1. Hi Katherine, thanks for stopping by! If you do get a chance to try Ethiopian food, jump on it! Haha :)!
      And I do not mind at all, thanks for adding me…I appreciate it!

  2. I’ve really wanted to try Ethiopian food for awhile, and there’s a place in my city that has it but I just haven’t gotten the opportunity to go there. It sounds really good though, and I might try making injera at home!

    1. I tried homemade injera once, but it came out thicker than I wanted (perhaps I used too much teff flour)? Either way, will need to experiment again for sure!

  3. Despite living in Africa for 14 years, I’ve never tried Ethiopian food. Correct me if I’m wrong but a lot of it reminds me of Indian food? I especially like the sound of injera…let’s be honest, pancakes are almost always a win :)!

  4. I love Ethiopian food!! It’s just so much fun to eat and tastes pretty amazing too šŸ™‚ I wish the Ethiopian place near where I live had bigger portions. Last time my family and I ordered this huge platter, and we all left hungry! Oh well, at least we had more room for dessert. šŸ˜‰

  5. Oh yum! Everything looks and sounds so delicious! I have never tried Ethiopian cuisine, but I do love vegetarian-based ethic foods like Indian… Yum.

    I can’t wait to read more about your half!

    1. Oh yes! I’ll try anything that’s vegetarian and delicious, but if it helps with running, that’s a major plus :D.

  6. Congrats on your half marathon! I can’t wait to read about it

    I’ve never tried Ethiopian food before, but it’s definitely something I’ve been wanting to try. My city doesn’t have any Ethiopian restaurants though, so it makes it more difficult. šŸ˜›

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