Vegan Paradice

Vegan Paradice

Last weekend, my family and I finally got a chance to visit a local vegan-friendly establishment, and spend the Sunday of our three-day weekend eating out. Our appetites were certainly raging!!

Our restaurant of choice? Vegan Paradice. Yes, spelled with a “c”.
Vegan Paradice Menu

The place opened up about a year ago, and I discovered its location last summer and promised myself that I would make time to check it out. That promise was fulfilled last Sunday.
Vegan Paradice Decor

Vegan Paradice is a mom-and-pop establishment, and is literally run by two people: a husband-and-wife team. The menu has a good variety of burgers, wraps, chili dogs, and desserts. Everything that is served at the restaurant conveniently fits on a singular sheet of paper, front and back, so deciding on what to eat is relatively simple…unless you come in wanting to eat everything!

We found some seats under a tree (no, really!)…
Vegan Paradice Tree

…and studied the menu.

The menu is (mostly) resonably-priced, but I felt better about spending the money anyways since we were supporting a local business.

Once we ordered our food, we had to wait about 20 minutes for all of our dishes to get ready. Even though the wait was long, I could understand that there was no way around it since there were only two people cooking, cleaning, cashiering, managing—you get the picture.

Even so, our meals came out presentable and ready to be devoured.

I ordered the Surprise Me! Chili Dog, and was drooling on the table (okay, not really) by the time it was ready for pick-up.

I was in amazement at how filled-to-the-top it was…I had to attack it all with a fork!
Surprise Me! Chili Dog

The dog is basically a grilled (and fantastically seasoned) juicy carrot in a sprouted whole wheat bun, topped with meatless crumbles, vegan cheese (or cheez), onion, vegan mayo, ketchup, relish, and this yellow rice topping which I found irresistible!
Surprise Me! Chili Dog 2

My sister really took a bite out of the Ranchy Chik’n Wrap, one of the more popular items of the establishment. It’s basically chik’n, avocado, ranch sauce, lettuce, sprouts, olives, tomatoes, and onions that are wrapped up in a hefty whole wheat tortilla.
Ranchy Chik'n Wrap

Sis let me have a bite, and even though the flavor combination was amazing, the winning dish for me was still my chili dog.

Which was totally demolished with the power of a plastic fork! (Don’t worry, the soaked bun was scarfed down too…the best part ;)!)

My Dad had the All Beafy: a burger with everything BUT beef.

All Beafy

Thanks to my Dad’s super awesome phone ninja photo-taking skills, he was able to get a pic of the burger behind the counter :P. I also had a bite of this packed burger, and to be honest, it didn’t strike me as an exemplary burger. I do appreciate the time and care that was spent in crafting this burger however…you can tell by the subtle addition of the olive on top ;).

And you bet we didn’t leave without having some dessert!
Carob and Raspberry Vegan Donut and Vegan Cupcake

Vegan Paradice is also well-known for their vegan softserve, which I was hoping to try during our visit. Unfortunately, the machine wasn’t up and running so I would have had to wait another 10 minutes for some good ol’ vegan ice cream.

But the donut/cake display was very tempting. So tempting, that each of us decided to get a different donut/cupcake and split them among the three of us. I picked out the carob donut, Dad the raspberry donut, and Sis the nut-paste (most likely walnut) frosted cupcake.

Everything was bursting with sweetness, and while it was a bit much, it wasn’t too overpowering. My favorite was the raspberry donut because I could truly taste the flavors of raspberry and visually see the specks of raspberry gleaming through the glaze.

The overall visit was a wonderful one, since I got to spend a lovely Sunday afternoon with my family eating delicious and nutritious comfort foods that were all prepared for the vegan appetite. The restaurant had a small, local feel to it, and even though it wasn’t as elaborate as say, my darling love Native Foods, just having this restaurant in the vicinity makes me feel like I can indulge in vegan restaurant meal cravings anytime.

Plus, I have an excuse for coming back…I still need to try the soft serve ;)!

Vegan Paradice on Urbanspoon

Have you dined at an all-vegan/all-vegetarian restaurant?

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22 thoughts on “Vegan Paradice

  1. What a great review! It looks like such a nice find. I love checking out new and locally run restaurants – I’ve never been to an all-vegan place yet though!

    That Ranchy Chik’n Wrap looks very, veeeeeeery good!

    1. I think all-vegan places are woth being scoped out. From the few all-vegan places I visited, I never had any complaints about the food :)!

  2. What a great experience! There are a couple of vegan restaurants in Chicago that I’ve been dying to try but can’t seem to find anyone to join me 🙁 I love seeing the creativity of chefs as they attempt to recreate a delicious traditional dish in vegan form. Desserts are my absolute favorite though!

    1. Awww, I would go with you :P!
      I love how chefs have gotten more creative with vegan dishes. It’s no longer just raw veggies stereotype!

  3. Your chili ‘dog’ looks amazing, and it’s so cool how they used a carrot instead of fake meat! I’ve only been to one vegan restaurant that’s in my college town, but I’ve been there a few times and I could eat there weekly. Even my non-veg family loves it, so it’s our go-to place now. And it helps that they have delicious vegan desserts too 😀

  4. Whoa! That place sounds awesome! Unfortunately most of the vegan places in NYC so I tend not to hit them up very often. This place sounds like it was worth any extra expense though!

  5. I know the owners of the restaurant, and it’s so lovely to see others enjoying their food! I finally got the chance to dine there (because I’m always in the area during Fridays and Saturdays when they’re closed). It was the first time I have ever had Vegan food, and it is absolutely amazing! I also had the All Beafy burger, and it got me so full! What truly makes me happy is that it isn’t one of those burgers I regret eating because of all the oils and fats. I was satisfyingly full, but not bloated. And the cheez is super creamy and compliments the burger well. What binds it all together is the refreshing sauces they top the burger with, especially their homemade “must-have” sauce.

    I hope you and your family can stop by again and support my friends! Spread the word! 🙂

    1. Hi Rose! Thanks for commenting. My dad and sister have been able to stop by a few times since this post, but I have yet to make a second visit…I know I need to though! I love supporting local establishments that cater to vegetarian and vegan tastes :)!

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